Teen Debra Loves Joy Juice

joy juice phone sex


I know everyone has a different name for the reward you get when you have great sex, I call it joy juice. It’s fun to participate in joy juice phone sex because that means your both gonna cum. Most of my phone sex callers want me to cum with them, they want me to use one of my favorite dildos and spill my juice for them. I love to give a nice slow blow job and build that up in those balls, feeling them full and them feeling how that joy juice travels up that cock to the shaft and finally explode in my mouth or on my little titties. Guys just love to watch it land on my titties and then take their cocks and rub it in, I do have guys that like to be kinky and shoot their juice on my face to watch it drip all over my tits. Whatever your kink maybe to do with it, call me for joy juice phone sex and we will take care of it.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Debra.
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