High school crush phone sex

high school crush phone sexI was never popular in high school. I was always a little geeky and my tits (believe it or not) were a source of ridicule as they made me look big and awkward. I was always jealous of the girls who had no problems with boys, but I did. I only attracted the geeks and dweebs, but this didn’t stop my phone sex desires for the more popular guys. The jocks mostly. There was a guy who I really had a crush on. And as luck would have it, the source of my young girl affection had to be dating the most popular girl in school.

He was the homecoming king and she the queen. Slighted but I still fantasized about fucking this guy over and again. Imagining his dick being the first to break my cherry was the source of my first orgasm.

Then, as time went on and I graduated. I ran into him a few years later and I had changed for the better. It was he who started to pursue me. I decided to draw this out. Showing up at the coffee shop we loved. Flaunting my big tits. Crossing my legs and uncrossing them to give him glimpses of crotch.

The sexual tension built to a crescendo because I did have high school crush phone sex with him. His dick felt better than I imagined as it made my pussy cum in waves!

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