Be The First To Pop Debra’s Cherry Phone Sex

ageplay phone sexOne of my favorite callers loves to play “cherry popping” fantasies when he calls me to do ageplay phone sex. He loves my young sweet teen voice, especially when I ask him to put his cock in my super tight pussy. He has taken my virginity like twenty five times already and it’s always a different roleplay scenario so we never get bored. Sometimes he likes my young pussy full of my natural pussy hair and sometimes he likes it bald like a new born baby. When he called me a few days ago he was Mommy’s forty year old pervert boyfriend that lusted after me all the time and finally talked Mommy into letting him pop my pink cherry.

Mommy said she had a big surprise for me tonight and that she wanted me to dress in something really sexy and that showed off my little ass and nice legs. My skirt was so short, my ass cheeks hung out of the bottom, it kinda made me feel like a little slut.

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I know you want it and I know how to give it to you

edge play phone sexWhen you want to be teased to the edge and back again find yourself a girl who knows her way around a cock.  Even though I’m young and full of kink I know that you need a slutty teen tease to get that cock rock hard.  I enjoy teasing you until your head is filled with all the nasty and perverse ideas that drives you to call a young, sweet girl in the first place.  I know all about those things sweetie, and I am here to rub them in your face for as long as is necessary until you are begging me to end your suffering with a ball busting load that will coat everything within shooting radius.

I know you want it and I know how to give it to you.  Interested in a slutty teen tease who will give you a great edge play phone sex call?  Well, look no further.  Giggles.

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Slutty Coed Phone Sex

Slutty Coed Phone SexThis is the month of gratitude.  Do you want to know what I am grateful for?  I am grateful that I don’t only have to rely on my brain to get the A grade I need in my math class.  I have been given the body and tits that give me extra insurance.  When I fail a test I can go right to that perverted teacher and do what is necessary for extra credit to get myself that A.

Slutty coed phone sex serves me well in so many other areas as well.  I am probably invited to more frat parties than any of the other girls at school because of my willingness to be the ‘life’ of the party.  I plan to graduate cum laude no matter what my performance on my exams because I have a body, big tits, and a wet little pussy to pay for that grade if I have to!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Ashlee.
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My Black Friday Deal Phone Sex

My Black Friday Deal Phone SexI did the naughtiest thing this Black Friday! I had been looking through all the sales ads for days and I was in need of a new surround sound for my new house and found that Walmart had one just like I wanted. Doors were going to open at 6pm and I was there at 4pm waiting. I was going to make sure I picked one up before they were all gone no matter what it took. The doors opened as I looked behind me and there must have been two hundred people waiting to barge in the store. We all piled in through the doors and I made a beeline for the electronics dept. I searched and searched and it was a mad house in there, finally I spotted one up on the shelf all by itself. I pushed my cart over to it and reached up to grab it when there was something stopping me, I kept pulling and finally I was able to see a short, balding, chubby man on the other side of the isle trying to grab the same surround sound as me. We both pulled and I yelled “please let go, I must have this for my new house”. He said no you let go. I told him how about if we make a deal, I told him I would make it worth his while phone sex. He let go and walked around to my isle and said and just how will you do that?

I whispered in his ear and he said I will follow you to pay to make sure I get my part of the deal. I paid for my surround sound and he followed me to my car, I told him to get in my backseat. I joined him in the backseat.I had told him I would give him the blow job of his life if he let me have the surround sound. So I knew I better make this good, unzipping his pants I took out a monster ten inch cock! He already had a full blown hard on, taking it in my hand he brushed his cock against my smooth face. I eagerly took his dick in my hand and started to stroke it. I went back and forth the length of his cock choking and gagging. He moaned and rocked his hips back and forth pushing against my mouth. I stroked and sucked as if her life depended on it, I just wanted it over so he could get out of my car. I started to daydream about listening to a nice move on my surround sound tonight and before I realized it he was shooting is load all over my face. Using his t-shirt I reached up and wiped my face clean. Out he went and off I drove, never wanting to remember what I had to do for black Friday phone sex.

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Who just can’t stop jerking off to young voice phone sex?

Some of the most nervous pervs I talk to are the age play phone sex pervs. They get so nervous because they think that because they want to jerk off to the idea of fucking a sweet bald cunny that they are some sort of real life child molester or something. Well, Miss Aimie is here to alleviate your concern, baby. Did you know that so many men enjoy jacking off to that little girl next door–they enjoy her coy attitude and the opportunity to mold her into the perfect little sex kitten. Some guys like the young girl to be very forward and almost begging for a fucking she’s never had. And it’s all safe and ok right here in the world of age play phone sex.

It doesn’t make you a perv to have those thoughts or to pick out a sweet, young cunny to jerk off with while you’re in the fantasy. Just choose wisely–I have the young voice to carry off almost any of your naughty fantasies and I am available on a daily basis to drain the dicks of you shy pervs who just can’t stop jerking off to young voice phone sex.

The dirty phone sex chat

phone sex chat

I knew immediately that my iPad had been tampered with!  I could tell because it was laying open and I never leave that way.  I wouldn’t want my Mom or step-Dad to see all the dirty phone sex chats I have while we’re watching TV as a fucking family (sarcasm).  Pissed thinking it had to have been my pesky little brother I turned it on, typed in my passcode and there was video cued up for me to watch.

It was from the waist up, but I could see the dick was nice and fat!  Shaven balls bounced as he beat it off–I could hear him breathing.  No sounds.  No moans.  Interesting.  Then I saw a telling mark on his hand and knew immediately it was my step dad.  He was jerking off FOR ME.  My pussy pounded as I watched stream after stream of white hot cum shoot from step dad’s cock.

This is a true no limits phone sex story only the ‘step dad’ in the story is a real guy who I play with on the phone regularly.  I love being his step daughter because he has the cock that satisfies all of my Daddy issues.  He even tells me I am better than Mom with a tighter cunt and a more eager little mouth!

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Concert Dancing & Fucking Phone Sex

Concert Dancing & Fucking Phone SexHave you ever had concert sex, let me tell you about the best concert phone sex night I had. A couple weeks ago I went to a concert with my Brother and his friend Tom, we took a cab there and snuck in booze and got wasted before it started. I wore a short little shirt and a halter top that had my tummy showing. My brother and his friend Tom stood behind me while the band played. We danced and sang along with the bands and we were really getting into the music. I could feel Tom’s erection poking me in my ass as we all danced and jumped around. I pushed my ass against him and grinded my ass Continue reading

Tight cunt phone sex

tight cunt phone sex

Guys prefer young girls like me for many reasons, but the married guys are my favorite!  Why, you may ask?  That’s simple.  Their wives are either prudes or so stretched out and worn out that they no longer satisfy.  I’m definitely no lay there and take it type of girl.  I love being involved in all our phone sex action.  Looking for the perfect little school girl to make you pop, big daddy?  Well dial my sweet ass up and I’ll take care of you more than once.

And what’s more–I’m tight.  Always ready.  And never too worn out to drain your dick.  I have an angelic and seductive young voice that fits any barely legal or teen taboo phone sex role.  I get into older guys especially–I never grew out of the Daddy’s little princess role.

Anyway, if sweet and young–is your phone sex poison let me pleasure you tonight and I promise you’ll want more of that young girl nectar that flows freely between my bald little pussy lips!

Tori 877-508-6367


This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Tori.
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