Young Bush Phone Sex

Young Bush Phone Sex



Are you one of those young bush phone sex freaks? Are you wanting to run your fingers through my natural bushy undergrowth? I love the feel of my bush as I lay on my bed, legs wide and twirling my hairs around my fingers, the way my bushy pussy gathers all my moist juices and clings onto them. Don’t you love the way a young bushy pussy smells when you dive into it with your nose and suck on that clit. My pussy lips are extra large and my bushy hair just clings to those big pussy lips. I find more and more of you young guys want to suffocate yourself with my hairy bush. There is so many fantasies we can play, call me baby and let’s experience young bush phone sex together.

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Debra Is Ready For Dirty Incest Phone Sex

Dirty Incest Phone Sex



Having you move into the family trailer with mom and me was a dirty incest phone sex secret I have had for a long time. I have always had a thing for you ever since I found out you were my half brother. The way we used to look at each other and play tag when we were younger and the way my pussy would tingle when you would touch me while we wrestled in the pool all makes sense now. I have felt the sexual tension for you for a long time and I know you have too, I can tell by the way you hurry past me in the hall of the trailer as I get out of the shower, I bet you found that hole our dad made in the wall of their closet that looks into the bathroom. I found out about that hole by accident when I was cleaning the closet out one day for my mom, I never said anything because it thrills me to know my dad was watching me when I take a bath or shower and stroking his cock. Now since you have moved in we can have dirty incest phone sex as often as you want.

Debra 888-763-2309
This Phone Pleasers blog post is written by Debra.
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Bisexual Phone Sex Teen

bisexual phone sex


I love women as much as I love men. The curves of her beautiful full ass as it meets the small of her back. The sensual fullness of her breasts phone sex and how hard her nipples get. The way a woman walks in a room and looks you straight in the eye Continue reading

Pantie Pervert Phone Sex

panty phone sex



Of course I am available for a pantie pervert phone sex call, I am so happy you called me again, I remember how much fun we had last time you called me and you had that dirty pair of your girlfriends panties with you. Remember how I had you wrap Continue reading

Katelyn Has Public Masturbation Phone Sex With You

Public Masturbation Phone Sex


I love a good public masturbation phone sex call, what about you? Finding somewhere nice and quiet, getting naked and pulling out my vibrator and fucking my tight pussy is so much fun. I have been known to be at a party and sneak off somewhere that I Continue reading

Thick Cock Worship Phone Sex

cock lover phone sex



I am like a lot of other girls, I am a thick cock worship phone sex gal. I think it’s because when you have a long skinny cock with my skinny body frame it feels like your going to drill a hole right through me as you pound me. When it’s thick it fills up Continue reading

Angel Becums A Cum Dumpster Phone Sex Whore

No Limits Phone Sex


Sometimes I really feel like being a dirty slut. A couple of my girlfriends and me like to go out on a weekend and hang with friends, we always end up at a party or two. Cum dumpster phone sex always happens before the night is over. I have gone home Continue reading

That Look Of Just Fucked Phone Sex

Dirty Phonesex


Oh no you caught me, you can tell I was on a just fucked phone sex call. I am a total phone sex slut and like to live out all my fantasy calls in real time eventually. Living so far out in the country I can play naughty outside and no one will ever catch us. Let’s wander up this mountain road and you can bend me over that downed tree and fuck this young juicy cunt of mine, no one will hear our screams or moans. If you like I can lay back on the hood of your car and you can stand in front of me pulling me close and wrapping my legs around your neck so you can pound this young pussy, careful we wouldn’t want to dent your hood. Fuck all that and we can just do it inside your car in the back seat, pull your jeans down, raise my dress and slide that hard dick of yours inside me and let me ride you, once your ready to blow, I will wrap my lips around your dick and gobble it all up. There is so many ways to do it that I always look like I had just fucked phone sex.

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