I can smell him

I curl up in a little ball, grabbing his picture from my night stand and drift asleep. I awaken to feel like i am floating. I recognize that scent, its him. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my nose in his neck to endure his full scent. His arms are so strong. The touch of his hand on my bottom makes me quiver. I feel so free and lifeless. I hear the door close. I begin to sway back and forth. I love it when he rocks me. He whispers in my ear you were a bad girl and you didn’t wait up for me. He said i am sorry babe but i must punish you. I am going to punish you by dropping you. It might hurt some, but i will pick you up and make it all better.

I feel myself begin to slip. I land on something soft but firm. I hear his heart beat. I feel his palm rubbing all over my small bottom. I feel him inside me. I began to whimper. He tells me to open my eyes. He’s caressing my face. Then our mouths meet. My tight little pussy is so full. He grabs my hips, rocking me back and forth. My legs begin to shake. He is lifting up and down. Taking me deeper and deeper. I cant take it any more and i explode around him. He lets out a huge gasp as he fills me full of his creamy cum. I fall onto his chest. Daddy always makes his princess happy.

Age Play Julia needs you, daddy

age phone phone sexI know its hard being around your favorite little girl. The way she walks and talks, that sweet smell and her innocent voice. All the naughty things you could do to her tight little body! Your dick is dripping just thinking about it, isn’t it? I am here to help you live out all those fantasies in your head!  I can be your little girl that you  dream about. My young sweet voice will drive you crazy. Want to tuck me in daddy? I bet you would love to tuck me in every night. You know how ticklish I am. Maybe you tickle me everywhere, even between my legs. Oh my….did you go under my nighty? I don’t know why my little hairless pussy is so wet! You want to tickle me there too? Oh daddy I didn’t know you could give massages. But why do I have to get naked? Are you getting naked too? Maybe we can rub  each other. I promise not to tell mommy. When you rub me there it makes me feel funny. My little pussy tingles. Your pee pee is so much bigger than mine. It squirts? Can I see? Oh you want to save it? You use that big pee pee to make babies? I want a baby in my tummy daddy. Show me how you and mommy make babies. Is it going to hurt? You want me to cum climb on your pee? Your pee pee goes in my little pee hole like this? Oh daddy its so big! Is this what it means to be your young tight slut? Does this make me a big girl now? I like being a big girl daddy. Please daddy put a baby in me. Your going to love my sweet pussy. Call me for age phone phone sex daddy I love you.

Age play phone sex makes Julia wet.

Family fun phone sex

family fun phone sex

Do I look innocent? I think I do, and that’s what makes me perfect for family fun phone sex. I know way more than I should but looking like I do, well that just makes you want me even more. I like wearing daddys T-shirt when I go to bed. He always comes in at night to check in on me after work. There I lay on top of my bed in just his shirt, daddys always has a hard time resisting me. I act like I’m asleep as he slowly pulls it up and sees I’m not wearing any panties. Then he kisses my pussy and the rest is history.

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