Daddys angel phone sex

daddys angel phone sexThe minute I heard Mom’s car back out of our driveway I knew Daddy would be in shortly.  I get so excited waiting as the anticipation builds between my tiny little thighs.  My Daddy knows that I will always be here, especially in the summer time now that school is out.  When Mom’s puss is out my kitten is in and Daddy is always ready for a little sinful daddys angel phone sex to take that cock right to heaven.

I’m a good girl and do whatever makes my Daddy happy.  Usually he enjoys having me take his long dick out of his pants.  He has me go “fishing”  *giggles.  I love catching the biggest and bestest cock between my tiny little hands. My tiny girl hand jobs are always the best and his long, hardy dick gets even bigger than it does for Mom or so he says.  Then it’s on to whatever Daddy wants next, usually a nice cock sucking which I LOVE to do because Daddy says I am so good at it.  It’s really up to Daddy though if it’s my hairless cunt he wants..that’s what he gets.  I am so eager to please my Daddy let me be your angel.  I promise it isn’t a sin to play with this Daddy’s princess!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Mindy.
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Panty Worship Phone Sex

daddy phone sexI ran into the house after getting off the bus really needing to pee and to hope like all hope my Daddy didn’t notice that I was aroused. I had bought a pair of slutty panties at a friend’s urging. She told me boys liked them. When I sat next to Billy on the bus and showed him my panties I found out that she was right. Billy fondled me the WHOLE way home and now there was an incriminating wet spot in my slutty red panties.

To make matters worse the wind caught my school girl skirt and blew it up over my backside. I pushed it down quickly and looked at the house to make sure daddy wasn’t watching. I didn’t see him so I thought I was ok. When I made the bathroom I thought I could just get these wet panties off and Daddy will never know. I reached into my backpack to pull out the plain cotton panties my daddy buys for me to wear. As I was sliding them off mid-pee Daddy busted into the bathroom, BUSTING ME.

Do you want me to take your cock in a slutty place like a proper slut should? Have dreams of playing with my rosebud anus and allowing me to succumb to my womanly desires for the first time? There is nothing like daddy phone sex with me. Give me a call and you will see!


Mindy 866-998-6944


This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Mindy.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Mindy at 1-866-998-6944
Here is a direct link to Mindy’s web site
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I can smell him

I curl up in a little ball, grabbing his picture from my night stand and drift asleep. I awaken to feel like i am floating. I recognize that scent, its him. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my nose in his neck to endure his full scent. His arms are so strong. The touch of his hand on my bottom makes me quiver. I feel so free and lifeless. I hear the door close. I begin to sway back and forth. I love it when he rocks me. He whispers in my ear you were a bad girl and you didn’t wait up for me. He said i am sorry babe but i must punish you. I am going to punish you by dropping you. It might hurt some, but i will pick you up and make it all better.

I feel myself begin to slip. I land on something soft but firm. I hear his heart beat. I feel his palm rubbing all over my small bottom. I feel him inside me. I began to whimper. He tells me to open my eyes. He’s caressing my face. Then our mouths meet. My tight little pussy is so full. He grabs my hips, rocking me back and forth. My legs begin to shake. He is lifting up and down. Taking me deeper and deeper. I cant take it any more and i explode around him. He lets out a huge gasp as he fills me full of his creamy cum. I fall onto his chest. Daddy always makes his princess happy.

Daddy wears my panties

accomplice phone sexMy daddy “K” loves to call his little teen phone sex sweetie. My young sweet voice can get daddy to do anything, including wear my pretty little pink panties. He loves how my silky smooth lingerie feels against his big daddy dick.   When he calls me to rub his cock he makes sure he always has a pair of my pretty pink panties with him. I love knowing he strokes his big cock with my dirty panties after I wore them all day. He loves to sniff their sweet sweaty goodness, some times he even puts them in his mouth. I like to walk around the house for him while I wear them. But its not long before he pulls them right off me. Can you imagine me jerking you off in my cute little young bikini bottoms too? All that sweet cream of yours shooting into my panties while you watch my perky young tits bounce around? Want to have some sticky fun daddy?  I can be a really good girl girl for you and dress you up if you want. Then I can walk around the corner and catch you. Oh no what would mommy say? Dirty daddy, Now I have to punish you! You better bend over or I’m gonna tell! You know what that means huh? Smack smack right on your but! Now hold still while I move your panties to the side and finger your tight ass. I know you like it when I am dirty. I might act all innocent but we both know I am a cute little slut for you. Oh do you like my young fingers in your ass? Should I stick my tongue in there too? Maybe get you ready for one of mommies toys? I wonder if you can take the entire thing. Maybe you are a bit cock curious and want to play with my boyfriend. Should I bring him home for us to play with too? Want  me to indulge all your accomplice phone sex fantasies daddy? I could bring my boyfriend and you could watch him fuck me. Or maybe your the one who wants to get fucked *giggles.

Panty worship phone sex

Daddy’s phone sex princess

Daddy's phone sex princessI love knowing that daddy is always watching me to make sure I’m safe, sound, and happy. I know there are many times that daddy stands outside my bedroom door thinking I am asleep. He peers in to see my head turned to the right on my plush pink pillow and he takes out his cock. He slips quietly into my room, taking notice of the day’s dirty aquamarine panties. He picks them up quietly and puts them to his nose. The scent of filth fills his nostrils as he lowers the panties to his cock and rubs the place my pussy had been all over his dickhead.

Daddy doesn’t know that I am really awake in my bed and that I have been waiting on his nightly visit. I have been watching him for a couple of weeks now and find what he does with my panties and his private place very curious. As he gets into his routine I say to him in a small, innocent voice, “What’s that you’re doing, Daddy?” He is startled but knows if he makes too much noise the whole house will wake up and catch him. I giggle and coo. He leans down and says, “you’re supposed to be asleep, princess.” He fumbles as he tries to put his cock away, but I stop him with a dainty little hand and a coy little smile. I bite my lower lip and raise up out of the bed in my white cotton nightie. I lean forward and open my mouth.

Daddy stands there as if he doesn’t know what to do. Silly Daddy, even I know what to do and I start to suckle on the end of his prick. I use my tongue on his cock hole and then before ya know it daddy’s full intention kicks in and he has my face planted in his pubic hair and his cum spilling down my throat.

Need a naughty, soft spoken daddy’s phone sex princess? Well if you’re reading this and trying not to pick up your phone then I encourage you to let that lust drive kick in full gear. I’m YOUR girl!

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Age Play Julia needs you, daddy

age phone phone sexI know its hard being around your favorite little girl. The way she walks and talks, that sweet smell and her innocent voice. All the naughty things you could do to her tight little body! Your dick is dripping just thinking about it, isn’t it? I am here to help you live out all those fantasies in your head!  I can be your little girl that you  dream about. My young sweet voice will drive you crazy. Want to tuck me in daddy? I bet you would love to tuck me in every night. You know how ticklish I am. Maybe you tickle me everywhere, even between my legs. Oh my….did you go under my nighty? I don’t know why my little hairless pussy is so wet! You want to tickle me there too? Oh daddy I didn’t know you could give massages. But why do I have to get naked? Are you getting naked too? Maybe we can rub  each other. I promise not to tell mommy. When you rub me there it makes me feel funny. My little pussy tingles. Your pee pee is so much bigger than mine. It squirts? Can I see? Oh you want to save it? You use that big pee pee to make babies? I want a baby in my tummy daddy. Show me how you and mommy make babies. Is it going to hurt? You want me to cum climb on your pee? Your pee pee goes in my little pee hole like this? Oh daddy its so big! Is this what it means to be your young tight slut? Does this make me a big girl now? I like being a big girl daddy. Please daddy put a baby in me. Your going to love my sweet pussy. Call me for age phone phone sex daddy I love you.

Age play phone sex makes Julia wet.

Family fun phone sex

family fun phone sex

Do I look innocent? I think I do, and that’s what makes me perfect for family fun phone sex. I know way more than I should but looking like I do, well that just makes you want me even more. I like wearing daddys T-shirt when I go to bed. He always comes in at night to check in on me after work. There I lay on top of my bed in just his shirt, daddys always has a hard time resisting me. I act like I’m asleep as he slowly pulls it up and sees I’m not wearing any panties. Then he kisses my pussy and the rest is history.

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