Full Bladder Phone Sex…You Know What That Means

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I have a problem holding my pee and have had to take my callers in the bathroom with me many times before. Are you a guy that is into full bladder phone sex? When I was younger I could hold my pee until I almost wet my panties. I think my bladder is the size of a walnut so if I drink a lot, it wont be long before I have to go pee. I have been in some places before where I couldn’t go to the bathroom and had to just cross my legs and doing a little dance in my chair, hoping I didn’t wet my panties. I bet you want to call me now and make me do something like drink a lot of water and making myself go pee. You just want to hear me say, “please let me go pee now”. I think this is why I don’t wear panties a lot, I can just squat and pee outside if I need to. I am needing to relieve myself now, call me for full bladder phone sex, hurry!

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Twisted Submissive Teen Phone Sex

Twisted Submissive Teen Phone Sex

I love it when you and your girlfriend include me in your Twisted Submissive Teen Phone Sex. I see how excited she gets when you tie me up and spank me. It turns her on to see you cause me pain. It turns me on to see her so turned on.

It makes my cunt throb when you grab me by the pigtails and fuck my face until I almost cant breathe. Then when you force your cock into my tight asshole and make me scream, I see her pussy drip. I love to be your foreplay.

Hearing you make her cum over and over makes me envious and I want to touch myself but I can’t because my arms are bound behind my back still. I am really grateful for the opportunity to lick that cream pie out of her pussy once you are done tearing it up. Use me and abuse me, that’s what I’m here for Call me for your own Twisted Submissive Teen Phone Sex.

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Piss Play Phone Sex

Pissing Phone SexI have been getting a lot of you horny older men calling me and wanting to do Piss play phone sex. It’s kinda new to me, I didn’t think I would enjoy peeing for a guy so much, but I do. I love to even climb up on your hairy chest and just sit down and let go of my bladder, it will splash all over your face and soak down your bed my new Piss Play Phone Sex whore! I would love to pee in my panties for you and no telling what I would do with them next. I would love for us to be in the shower and when you slip your dick inside me from behind I decide to let it flow, why get out of the shower when it has a drain? Everyone pissed in the shower at some point!

Did you ever have a fantasy to piss on your partner or have them piss on your while taking a shower together? Did you ever want to be peed on by someone demanding it? Or piss on some slut? Remember you CAN drink your piss if you need to, its more sterile than you think. For you guys out there that have fantasies about pissing, or any kind of toilet play. I would love to hear from you!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Angel.
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I am the perfect girl for you!

young voice phonesexDoes the sound of a sweet young voice make your cock grow? I bet it does *hehe* Do you love barely legal phone sex? If the answer is yes to either of these questions (and I hope it is) then I am the perfect girl for you!

I love being naughty for you, and pleasing you in ALL kinds of ways no taboos or limits. The best part along with my tight little body, is I have a sweet sounding voice to match with just the right amount of innocence to fulfill your innermost desire for naughty, young phone sex.

So what you waiting for cum share your secret young fantasies and we will make them a reality with some young voice phonesex. *kisses in your naughty places*

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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Personal phone sex nanny

Babysitter Phone SexI really love kids so at one time I decided to become a nanny. It took awhile, but I finally found a family with which I fit so nicely. The father of the family especially liked me. He said it didn’t matter to him that I was just slightly younger than his wife wanted. He said that in time she’d learn to love me and he knew the kids would. So as time went on, Cal and I would spend more and more time alone. It seemed like I never had the kids. I was so confused cause I thought I was the nanny and that my job was to take care of the kids. Cal told me that I was the nanny, his personal phone sex nanny and that the type of care I’d be giving is totally different than what I am trained for. The type of care I was to give was to totally worship Cal’s cock. I had my own room, away from the family. Cal would come and spend time with me and it was my job to take care of his stresses with my cock sucking mouth. Need your own phone sex nanny?

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No limits phone sex virginity

There many first-time moments in a person’s life. Getting a drivers’ license is one of those moments. I am sure you remember getting your own drivers’ license and the very first time you got behind the wheel all by yourself. You feel like an adult as you crank up your parents’ stereo and roll down all the windows. It’s one of those special moments that you can ONLY have once. Just like losing your no limits phone sex virginity or your first taste of alcohol. So I am the young girl of the story, you are a man divorcing your wife for fooling around with the student body. Your wife is unhinged and chasing you, you find me–freshly licensed to drive a car and I save your ass–then you take my cherry.

Fisting Phone Sex

fisting phone sexMy friend Tori gave me quite the unexpected orgasm last night. She was over and we had a few drinks which always leads to a little bisexual fun. We’ve had sex a ton of times…Tori gives great oral sex. The best, well better than any Daddy and I am sorry to say that to all my favorite Daddy fans. Anyway, we’d had a bottle or two of wine and I was feeling hot. Tori had me lay back on the bed and she started to kiss me, fondling my tits and getting me uber wet as usually. She took off my panties leaving my tube top on and before I knew it she was trickling mouths full of wine down my already sopping slit. The coldness and the warmness sent me to another place and then I felt very full down there all of the sudden.

I guess when I was in my reverie Tori started to slip one, then two, the three, the four fingers into my very pliant pussy. She sucked on my clit as she did it. I had no idea she was going to go for the gold though! She balled up her hand and fed the entire thing into my cunt! I was cumming very hard and Tori didn’t stop. I could see the trails of pussy juice running down her forearm and I couldn’t wait to return the favor.

I had no idea I loved fisting phone sex and now I am very eager to try it with a much larger hand. Daddy are you game? Do you want to reach up inside this little girl twat and get me off harder than Tori did?

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Come in my room tonight daddy

age play phone sexWhen the lights go out at bedtime that is the best time for Daddy to cum slip into bed with me. I love the feel of his warm hands as he hugs me tightly against his chest. I love my Daddy’s chest hair because it makes me feel warm and safe. I feel those strong hands slip around to find my budding breasts that are just barely swollen with puberty. You start to play with them lightly. This gives me a tingle down there, Daddy *giggles.

I guess when I get all tingly that’s when Daddy knows the time is right to pet me on my private spot. His big fingers feel so huge against my small, swollen cunt lips. I used to think that when the tickles started down there that it meant I was gonna pee. Daddy set me straight he said it was called a cumming and I have come to enjoy the cumming. I press my bald, under-developed pussy into my Daddy’s big fat fingers and he makes me have that cumming. I am supposed to keep quiet. Daddy has told me that Mommy would be really mad if she knew he was making me feel so good.

Daddy has taught me that it is only fair to give back when you receive. I let daddy rub his penis between my thighs and up against my slit. He said I am not quite big enough, but one day he’ll put it in. I can’t wait to be a big girl so Daddy puts his thing in me. I know that the cumming from that will be very, very hard! I love being Daddy’s naughty age play phone sex princess!

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