Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex

Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex

I just love being the sweet naughty Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex. I have had the biggest crush on my neighbor’s husband he is so hot, and I have wanted him for so long. I spotted him the day they moved in, he had his shirt off and was lifting heavy things, sweating, muscles protruding, I wish I could say that I could say no to him but that is far from the truth. I would have never thought for a minute about being with him but I noticed he was looking at me too so I figured, what the hell, I will go introduce myself to him, I know he wants me just as much as I want him.

The next day when my parents went away, I went over and knocked on my perverted neighbor’s door and told him that I needed to come in for a little while that I was locked out. He, of course went right for it. When the door closed, and I knew, we were all alone. I said to him I saw the way you have been looking at me and know how bad you want me. He tried denying it but when I looked down and noticed something was sticking straight up in his shorts, I said well there is no denying you want me with that. He tried to turn away from me. I walked over and reached in front of him and grabbed his cock. When I felt how hard it was, I knew he wanted me then.

Soon as I touched it, he admitted it right there on the spot how bad he had wanted to fuck me when he saw me standing in my yard in my string bikini. I said well then let’s do it. I bent over pulled my thong to the side and let him shove that rock hard cock deep inside of me. He had me squirting on his cock fast because he was pounding me so damn hard! Now that is how two hot neighbors fuck!

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