I Love Being Daddy’s Twisted Phone Sex Accomplice

twisted phone sex


Twisted phone sex is a lot of fun when you have a nasty accomplice. Let’s go back to my school days, I’ll wear my catholic uniform, the one that barely covers my ass cheeks. Every time you see me dressed in it you get an instant hard on. I like to strut my cute ass back and forth in front of you daddy, drop my book and bend over to pick it up. This makes you so excited that you must take your daddy cock out and stroke it, you know I can’t stand to see you stroke it without me sucking it. I love how we get so excited when were playing twisted games that you take my panty’s off and gag me with them, then I can let you rape this little catholic girls ass. Sometimes you just want me to be your little princess and shower me with gifts, kisses and hugs. I love how you like me to pretend I am sleeping and you spread my legs and crawl up between them so you can practice your oral skills, suck that clit, finger fuck my pussy while you drink my juices. Don’t you know daddy, I will do anything for you, especially when twisted phone sex is involved.

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My perverted phone sex

Daddy, it turns you on so much to see me walk around the house in my tank top and booty shorts that you are actually thinking about doing some Age Play Phone Sex with me.  After all I am so petite and my titties so small, pussy bare, I look just like a little girl.

You can’t help but think about your underage daughter while you stroke your cock in the bedroom.  You imagine what I look like underneath my clothes and that get’s you even hotter.  One time I needed something and walked into your bedroom and caught you with your private body part in your hand!  Daddy, what are you doing with your private part in your hand?  You know this is wrong but feels so right, that you are thinking of inviting your daughter into the bed with you and stripping her down to see that bare tiny twat.

So you get up the nerve and tell her to come into the bedroom, you invite her over to your side of the bed so she can see your hard cock.  When I get over to your side, I ask, Daddy why is your private sticking up so high?  Well you do this to me sweetie because you walk around in skimpy clothing.  Do you want to learn some things sweetie?  Yes Daddy!  So you tell me to get undressed and climb in the bed with you.  Oh yes sweetie, I need this young girl body to look at for my Perverted phone sex thoughts and wow you look better than what Daddy thought!  Oh no, I don’t know if I can do this, but looking down at your bald twat I HAVE to do it!

I can go to the extreme with my age play fantasies, so I have No Limits phone sex, baby!

Daddy I Was Phone Sex Raped on Campus

Daddy I was phone sex raped on campus! Remember the rape crisis group I formed this year to help the girls on campus?? Well daddy, some frat house decided it was not good for their image!! <3 crying <3 Daddy last night as I was closing up the building guys grabbed me and put a pillow case over my head! <3 sobs <3 Daddy they told me if I made a sound they would kill me, but I had to be a rape survivor in order to give other girls therapy all the time they laughed.

Then when they grabbed me and took me inside of a dark and cold building I seen the girls on the missing fliers around campus!<3 scared <3 Daddy they were tied to beds and getting raped too! When the boys cut my clothes off they blew a powder into my face and when I woke up I was surrounded by cocks! They were taking turns covering me in cum and double penetration in my ass and my pussy!!

But daddy the worst part of it all was, when I looked up and saw you there! Playing with your cock while you seen the look of fear and dried cum on my face. Daddy I was phone sex raped on campus, and you was the master mind the whole time? <3 giggles <3

<3 kiss, kiss <3

Fantasy phone sex princess wants you

princess phone sexThis Teen Princess is wet and ready to play, I love older men best, they know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it and they have such hot fantasy! Makes me wet just thinking about it! I am feeling really Naughty today, I am in the mood for some hot fantasy play with some hot horny men, that’s right I said men I adore older men, they love to adore my tight teen body and it makes me so hot.

I am a daddy’s girl, all dressed up in her naughty red panties ready for some hard mature cock to play with, you wanna be my sugar daddy? I love to be adored and spoiled, and I will treat you real well in return. *wink* So what you wanting for big daddy, let be your age play princess, and make your naughty fantasies a reality! Cum tell me your fantasy big daddy, I am ready for you. My last boy toy use to call my pussy candy, cause it was so sweet, what well you call it? Cum take off my little damp red panties and lets find out.

Princess phone sex

Good little phone sex girls do it all!

age play phone sexAll your barely legal young girl fantasies wrapped up in a sweet tight young package. I love Extremely taboo role play fantasies like the ones you want to tell me. Maybe I am a college coed slut who gets drunk and wakes up to find myself the only girl getting fucked in a gang bang you set up? Is this what I get for teasing the entire team?

Or maybe I am your age play slut who loves your big daddy dick as soon as mommy walks out the door . Lets face it daddy, Mommy could never fuck you like I can! I love controlling your dick and making it all mine!  I can be your student, your daughter or your wicked little whore.

Daddy phone sex

Daddy needed for hot age play

age play phone sexI love talking to my daddy on the phone for age play phone sex with my young sweet voice. Of course I do have a lot of daddies but one in particular is my absolute favorite. He knows a sweet girl like me needs to help him pick up other young fuck toys like me. Do I help my daddy trick sweet young things in the car? *Giggles, maybe….I mean I do promise to introduce them to my furry friend and share some ice cream with them. They get to do both but what they don’t know is my furry friend is very special because he likes to lick little hairless cunts. I remember the first time daddy brought him home for me. I wasn’t sure what to do but daddy showed me how good that sand paper tongue would feel on my little young cunny.  Now I find other little friends for papa to play with. Of course I play too. Daddy likes to watch me lick and finger them for the first time.I have to get their little tiny holes nice and wet for his big daddy dick. But we always have ice cream first. Their ice cream is different then mine because it makes them sleepy. Once their asleep I can undress my sweet new friends just like their living breathing dolls …That we can fuck. First I rub my cunny all over their lips and pussy. I like to grind my little cunt on theirs. And my friend takes his long tongue and licks it all up. Then after I rub his pointy pecker and pull it all the way out  daddy helps me make him fuck her.  I love how he mounts up and gets kinda stuck. He pants a lot as he moves up and down and fucks her. Then when he is done I put cotton balls in her pussy so all his cum stays inside. Then we give some special ice cream to my buddy and when he gets sleepy daddy has me put him on his back. Daddy likes to fuck his tight warm furry hole. He gets cotton in his butt to. Daddy likes knowing they walk around with cum inside them all day. But it makes me so horny that I still need someone to play with. So daddy says I can be a young phone sex slut and talk to all the dirty daddies who call me. When I cum sometimes I might call you daddy, I might even say no. But thats ok…It turns me on if you demand I take it for daddy. Would you like to hear a sweet young girl cum for you like that? I have a toy right here and I really want to cum today. Please call me, My tiny little pussy is so swollen and wet!

Daddy if you ask me really nice and give me your email I will send you a picture of my pussy after our call. That way when you call me next time you can look at it and touch yourself. I really like knowing my little hairless pussy gets you off ;)

I’ll fulfill all your naughty needs daddy Julia

My bestest Daddy! Aimie loves the Daddy/Daughter Thing

Daddy/Daughter phonesexSo I know my bestest phone Daddy will read this before we talk again, but I am SOOOOO fucking happy to have talked to you again.  I love it how we can talk about anything, like shooting bears and buying houses and long nights on OR we can go down that very slippery, wet and oh so hot path that gets both of us going.

I can’t wait to talk again.  Most of all I know you’ll read this blog and get excited knowing we get to talk about forbidden fruits and creamy, hairless, tight little slits.

Family fun phone sex

family fun phone sex

Do I look innocent? I think I do, and that’s what makes me perfect for family fun phone sex. I know way more than I should but looking like I do, well that just makes you want me even more. I like wearing daddys T-shirt when I go to bed. He always comes in at night to check in on me after work. There I lay on top of my bed in just his shirt, daddys always has a hard time resisting me. I act like I’m asleep as he slowly pulls it up and sees I’m not wearing any panties. Then he kisses my pussy and the rest is history.

The best in family fun phone sex is here for all daddys everywhere!

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