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Daddy I was phone sex raped on campus! Remember the rape crisis group I formed this year to help the girls on campus?? Well daddy, some frat house decided it was not good for their image!! <3 crying <3 Daddy last night as I was closing up the building guys grabbed me and put a pillow case over my head! <3 sobs <3 Daddy they told me if I made a sound they would kill me, but I had to be a rape survivor in order to give other girls therapy all the time they laughed.

Then when they grabbed me and took me inside of a dark and cold building I seen the girls on the missing fliers around campus!<3 scared <3 Daddy they were tied to beds and getting raped too! When the boys cut my clothes off they blew a powder into my face and when I woke up I was surrounded by cocks! They were taking turns covering me in cum and double penetration in my ass and my pussy!!

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You need some hot naughty daughter phone sex today! I know that when moms asleep you sneak into my room with all kinds of devious thoughts and a rock hard cock. That must mean I do it better than mom right?

You sit on the side of my bed and start rubbing my leg. It wakes me up and my eyes try to focus on you in the dark. But the only thing you really want me to focus on is that boner in your boxers. You put your hand over my mouth and tell me to “Shhhhh, we don’t want to wake mommy now do we?” Then you slide your hands under my blankets and find my young smooth cunt, tracing my pink lips over my panties. “Pull them off” I whisper. I hear you groan, and then I match that groan when you slip your finger inside me.

“Be a good girl and do what Daddy loves.” I lean forward and open wide. You put your hand on top of my head and push it down, way way down. I know I cant choke or gag on it right now because we have to be quiet. I do my very best to please you, because I love you and I always want my Daddy to be happy!

You climb on top of me and force that big Daddy cock into my bald tight snatch … with out a rubber. You see the concerned look on my face and you explain to me that it’s perfectly OK, you has always dreamed about getting me pregnant!!!

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We literally grew up together

Kissing cousins phone sexMy cousin came for a visit over the holidays, I was very excited to see him. We literally grew up together. I had always thought he was hot. I even thought about coming on to him a few times, since I was a few years older. I often dismissed the idea though thinking that even kissing a cousin in a sexual way would be wrong.

When I saw him again though I was shocked at how good he looked. I offered him to stay with me and I knew having this hot man on my couch, cousin or not, would create a very big temptation for me. We hung out and watched some movies. We went to our Grandmother’s for Christmas and had a little too much to drink.

When we got back to my place we had more wine. We were sitting on the couch talking when he looked at me with those big brown eyes that made my pussy drip for years. “Remember when they used to call us kissing cousins?” He said and started laughing. My cunt hole winked with want though and it wasn’t too long before I redefined kissing cousins with my body, pussy and tits.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Ashlee.
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daddys girl phone sexDaddy and I love playing dirty girl games together. Sometimes Daddy will have me kneel in the middle of the room with my pretty white panties on–and nothing else. He will have me simply smile my dimpled, innocent girl smile. Then he will take his enormous penis out of his pants and jerk it off all over my face and chest. Sometimes he will jerk it off and shoot it up in the air and see if I can catch it like popcorn in my cum eating mouth.

Daddy cum is the best cum of all and all good Daddy’s girls LOVE eating as much of it as they can. I know that my Daddy’s cum is the sweetest and also there is more of it because Daddy stopped sharing it with Mommy and saves it all for me. I just love being the sweetest Daddy’s girl who will do whatever she is told to please Daddy’s gorgeous penis. Can I be your little girl? Do you love sweet, obedient daddy’s girl phone sex? If so you’ll love fucking my young cunt.
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Come in my room tonight daddy

age play phone sexWhen the lights go out at bedtime that is the best time for Daddy to cum slip into bed with me. I love the feel of his warm hands as he hugs me tightly against his chest. I love my Daddy’s chest hair because it makes me feel warm and safe. I feel those strong hands slip around to find my budding breasts that are just barely swollen with puberty. You start to play with them lightly. This gives me a tingle down there, Daddy *giggles.

I guess when I get all tingly that’s when Daddy knows the time is right to pet me on my private spot. His big fingers feel so huge against my small, swollen cunt lips. I used to think that when the tickles started down there that it meant I was gonna pee. Daddy set me straight he said it was called a cumming and I have come to enjoy the cumming. I press my bald, under-developed pussy into my Daddy’s big fat fingers and he makes me have that cumming. I am supposed to keep quiet. Daddy has told me that Mommy would be really mad if she knew he was making me feel so good.

Daddy has taught me that it is only fair to give back when you receive. I let daddy rub his penis between my thighs and up against my slit. He said I am not quite big enough, but one day he’ll put it in. I can’t wait to be a big girl so Daddy puts his thing in me. I know that the cumming from that will be very, very hard! I love being Daddy’s naughty age play phone sex princess!

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spanking phone sexI have been naughty and need a spanking. Bend me over your knee daddy. I want to feel your hand striking my tight teen ass over and over until I beg you to stop. You won’t though will you daddy? You will keep spanking me until you are ready to stop. Then you will fuck my little ass hard and show me just what a little slut deserves!

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princess phone sexThis Teen Princess is wet and ready to play, I love older men best, they know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it and they have such hot fantasy! Makes me wet just thinking about it! I am feeling really Naughty today, I am in the mood for some hot fantasy play with some hot horny men, that’s right I said men I adore older men, they love to adore my tight teen body and it makes me so hot.

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