Catching Brothers Friend Jerking Off With My Panties

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I was so into my self pleasure that I didn’t hear you open the bathroom door, of course my brother had dared you to cum spy on me. I didn’t know you were still here when I

decided to get in the shower and have some fun with myself and the new pulsating shower head. We ended up having brothers friend phone sex for a while. All I could think about was catching you jerking off with my dirty panties last night when I walked in the bathroom, you could have locked the door! I am sure I was moaning so loud right now that I didn’t hear you walk in, the water pressure was pounding my clit as I put one leg on the side of the tub, imagining it was your tongue on my clit. Just as I was about to cum, I could tell someone was outside the shower watching and listening to me, I opened the curtain and saw you with those same dirty panties and jerking off again. I yelled “don’t just stand there and jerk off, cum in here and eat the real thing, I need to get off” “I need you to get me off”. As soon as your tongue touched my clit I creamed all over your face. I think you’re ready for your phone sex call now, brothers friend phone sex is much fun, watch out I may catch you next.

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