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This Juvenile Delinquent Phone Sex

Juvenile Delinquent Phone Sex

So I took a chance and IM’d a former Daddy of mine and he messaged me back! I love knowing that I am never forgotten, even if I seem so far removed and hard to catch. This Daddy–well he’s always known how to make my kitten purr–and squeal–and scream–and BEG for mercy. I had forgotten how good we played together. It was high time that he took that frustration out on me with some juvenile delinquent phone sex.

Daddy picked me up from school and then ordered me into the house. He was inconvenienced by being called from work because I wore clothes that were far too tight, short and revealing. I was suspended from school. Daddy thought this would be the perfect time to teach me the dangers of dressing this way around boys and men. He made me suck his cock–wash my mouth out with it actually. I took it all down and teared up but Daddy was only excited by my tears. He was so excited in fact that he made me get completely naked and bend over for an anal spanking. Then he fucked my dirty little cunt with his cock. He didn’t want to cum in me–not yet so he made me drink down all the juices that my behavior had caused. I just love my Daddy M–so good and thank you baby! I hope we can connect again soon!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Tori.
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Mutual masturbation phone sex fucking with Daddy

phone sex DaddyWhen a certain someone, a certain phone sex Daddy calls me I go completely insane with lust. There is something about this Daddy that drives my pussy into a lather. It gets so slick, so wet. I find myself unable to stop touching it. Teasing the lips apart. Putting my fingers into myself. I love it when I connect with a no-limits phone sex caller in this way. To me that is what good phone sex is all about.

And it doesn’t just begin on the phone usually. After several calls an amazing thing happens. We start to fantasize about the next call. We start imagining the many things we can do to get off together. We imagine cumming over and over and losing ourselves in the web of lust. I love it when orgasms flow so naturally between me and a caller.

And this particular phone sex obsession of mine should read this and know that over the weekend, when I’d had a few too many he got me off HARDER than I’ve gotten on with him before. I couldn’t stop thinking about eating his ass, fucking his ass and pushing his cum out all over my smiling face.

So the bottom line with me is, no matter your fantasy, no matter your kink if we connect GOD we are gonna explode. Right phone sex Daddy?

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Tori.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Tori at 1-877-508-6367
Here is a direct link to Tori’s web site
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Age play phone sex Tori

Sweet little phone sex girl dressed in pink with no undies shows up at your door.  What do you do?  Well you grab her up and take her deep into your place where you kiss her deeply on her lips and tell her how much you’ve missed her while you were on the road.

She holds up those thin arms–and you slip that pink nightie over her head.  Don’t you just love the flat chest and purple-pink dollops of nipples that you behold.  You can’t wait, so you stick your tongue out and flick one–it’s hard–even though this young phone sex girl is so young you know you’d get into trouble if anyone knew.

Yet the taste of the young nipple is too intoxicating.  You need more so you whisk this age play phone sex princess into your master suite.  You teach her young mouth how to take that older man tongue of yours–your teach her how to tongue dance and that getting wet without peeing is ok.  As a matter of fact you say you’ll take care of that for her.

So you get on your bed, lay on your back and invite the young cunt to your face sitting phone sex mouth.  You love it when that young bald pussy collapses all over your mouth.  You are drunk on the taste of young girl excitement and virgin pussy juices aren’t you?

Feel it on the phone

Because it is extremely important to me that you “feel” my touch. The best way for you to feel me through the phone is to lay back, close your eyes, get a good visual and let me direct your hand over your cock. Let me tell you how to tickle your fingers down your shaft as if my tiny young fingers were doing it for you. Let me exclaim how excited it makes me to see how large and strong my Daddy is for me. I love this part, this is what got my p Daddy on our last no limits phone sex session.

Just about any fantasy can include guided masturbation phone sex if you want it to. Of course, that would entail suspending all hopes of finding an innocent young girl but some times it is quite explosive to play with a no limits phone sex slut like me because I definitely know what I am doing.

No limits phone sex virginity

There many first-time moments in a person’s life. Getting a drivers’ license is one of those moments. I am sure you remember getting your own drivers’ license and the very first time you got behind the wheel all by yourself. You feel like an adult as you crank up your parents’ stereo and roll down all the windows. It’s one of those special moments that you can ONLY have once. Just like losing your no limits phone sex virginity or your first taste of alcohol. So I am the young girl of the story, you are a man divorcing your wife for fooling around with the student body. Your wife is unhinged and chasing you, you find me–freshly licensed to drive a car and I save your ass–then you take my cherry.

I love getting old man cocks hooked on my young girl phone sex

perverse phone sexDon’t you agree that I am cute as cute can be? Look at my delicious doe-brown eyes and my sleek, young body. I just know you are flipping backwards into the annals of my perverse blog looking for a reason to lose your sexual sanity with me for just a little while. I know once you hear my young girl phone sex voice your dick will be hard with excitement and ready to be taken care of by the imaginings of a kinky, naughty girl.

No limits phone sex fuck your virgin daughter tonight

young girl phone sexHere lately, I’ve been wondering about the changes going on in my body. My boobs are changing. They appear like rosebuds–they are swollen and they hurt. My private region has hair on it now–just a smattering indicating approaching womanhood. I have been having tingles. Tingles deep inside my belly. I asked Mom about these feelings but she didn’t care. Now I must ask Daddy about why I tingle down there and if there is anything we can do about it.

Perhaps a sweet Daddy daughter phone sex fucking is in order. Can you imagine stretching out my tight little pre-pubescent body–watching my skin turn to goose flesh for the first time as you twirl my tiny little love button on your tongue.

Watching other people fuck

voyeurism phone sexI love being a fly on the wall–describing acts I’ve seen from some secret “viewing booth” that I’ve come across in my environment. How naughty is it to know that this no limits phone sex princess has engaged in voyeurism phone sex delights for most of my life. I haven’t just engaged in viewing my Mom and dad either. I’ve watched multiple people–some family, some not copulate and cum and just do all kinds of outrageous shit together. I get off on knowing other people’s sex secrets–especially the incest phone sex ones. Do you crave a little of that in your life?