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I knew immediately that my iPad had been tampered with!  I could tell because it was laying open and I never leave that way.  I wouldn’t want my Mom or step-Dad to see all the dirty phone sex chats I have while we’re watching TV as a fucking family (sarcasm).  Pissed thinking it had to have been my pesky little brother I turned it on, typed in my passcode and there was video cued up for me to watch.

It was from the waist up, but I could see the dick was nice and fat!  Shaven balls bounced as he beat it off–I could hear him breathing.  No sounds.  No moans.  Interesting.  Then I saw a telling mark on his hand and knew immediately it was my step dad.  He was jerking off FOR ME.  My pussy pounded as I watched stream after stream of white hot cum shoot from step dad’s cock.

This is a true no limits phone sex story only the ‘step dad’ in the story is a real guy who I play with on the phone regularly.  I love being his step daughter because he has the cock that satisfies all of my Daddy issues.  He even tells me I am better than Mom with a tighter cunt and a more eager little mouth!

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Guys prefer young girls like me for many reasons, but the married guys are my favorite!  Why, you may ask?  That’s simple.  Their wives are either prudes or so stretched out and worn out that they no longer satisfy.  I’m definitely no lay there and take it type of girl.  I love being involved in all our phone sex action.  Looking for the perfect little school girl to make you pop, big daddy?  Well dial my sweet ass up and I’ll take care of you more than once.

And what’s more–I’m tight.  Always ready.  And never too worn out to drain your dick.  I have an angelic and seductive young voice that fits any barely legal or teen taboo phone sex role.  I get into older guys especially–I never grew out of the Daddy’s little princess role.

Anyway, if sweet and young–is your phone sex poison let me pleasure you tonight and I promise you’ll want more of that young girl nectar that flows freely between my bald little pussy lips!

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innocent girl next door forced sex phone sexKnow exactly what you want and have a hard time finding a phone sex princess who will listen to all your details?  Look no further.  You’ve built up the courage to call me I will listen to whatever you want to do.  When Mr. M told me that my parents had gone away and left me home alone I started to get a little excited.  When he told me that he let himself into my house and found me whimpering with fear in my closet wearing nothing but panties…I got wetter.  then I listened as he forced his cock into my mouth–making me gag and choke.  He just kept going.  He didn’t stop because of my muffled cock-obstructed moans.

He didn’t stop until he stole my virginity–force fucked it right out of my little taboo phone sex pussy.  Soon I was cumming.  I didn’t mean to like it–I guess I am every bit the whore that Mr. M says.  Now I have to do whatever he says–whenever he shows up or he is going to tell my mom about what I did with him!

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The father of the bride found me sitting on the swing in the awful bridesmaid’s dress his daughter picked out for us to wear.  We chit chatting a bit about what a drag the whole reception was when Mr. B asked me a personal question:  Did your ass sweat under that dress, honey?  Of course my ass was sweating and I could feel the cheeks slipping and sliding together, but I wanted dirty ass phone sex with an older man–father of the bride even!  That’s a fucking score.

And so he helped me off with that dress and slurped on my tiny nubile nipples.  Fuck, they got hard instantly when I saw the beast of a cock that was ready for me to suck.  Down on my knees I went deep throating that fucking thing!  God!  51 year old cock is the best.  I try to get it all in my mouth and slurp and suck his balls too!  Of course he picked me up and carried me over to the picnic table.  My tender young ass opened to reveal the sweet smell of musky dirt and shit and fucking pussy juice.  He ate it all up and the fucked me hard with that large 51-year old dick.  I fucking love age play phone sex with older men who want to devour all of my holes and make me swallow their cum after their dick is covered in my age play phone sex juices.

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So I took a chance and IM’d a former Daddy of mine and he messaged me back! I love knowing that I am never forgotten, even if I seem so far removed and hard to catch. This Daddy–well he’s always known how to make my kitten purr–and squeal–and scream–and BEG for mercy. I had forgotten how good we played together. It was high time that he took that frustration out on me with some juvenile delinquent phone sex.

Daddy picked me up from school and then ordered me into the house. He was inconvenienced by being called from work because I wore clothes that were far too tight, short and revealing. I was suspended from school. Daddy thought this would be the perfect time to teach me the dangers of dressing this way around boys and men. He made me suck his cock–wash my mouth out with it actually. I took it all down and teared up but Daddy was only excited by my tears. He was so excited in fact that he made me get completely naked and bend over for an anal spanking. Then he fucked my dirty little cunt with his cock. He didn’t want to cum in me–not yet so he made me drink down all the juices that my behavior had caused. I just love my Daddy M–so good and thank you baby! I hope we can connect again soon!

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When a certain someone, a certain phone sex Daddy calls me I go completely insane with lust. There is something about this Daddy that drives my pussy into a lather. It gets so slick, so wet. I find myself unable to stop touching it. Teasing the lips apart. Putting my fingers into myself. I love it when I connect with a no-limits phone sex caller in this way. To me that is what good phone sex is all about.

And it doesn’t just begin on the phone usually. After several calls an amazing thing happens. We start to fantasize about the next call. We start imagining the many things we can do to get off together. We imagine cumming over and over and losing ourselves in the web of lust. I love it when orgasms flow so naturally between me and a caller.

And this particular phone sex obsession of mine should read this and know that over the weekend, when I’d had a few too many he got me off HARDER than I’ve gotten on with him before. I couldn’t stop thinking about eating his ass, fucking his ass and pushing his cum out all over my smiling face.

So the bottom line with me is, no matter your fantasy, no matter your kink if we connect GOD we are gonna explode. Right phone sex Daddy?

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Sweet little phone sex girl dressed in pink with no undies shows up at your door.  What do you do?  Well you grab her up and take her deep into your place where you kiss her deeply on her lips and tell her how much you’ve missed her while you were on the road.

She holds up those thin arms–and you slip that pink nightie over her head.  Don’t you just love the flat chest and purple-pink dollops of nipples that you behold.  You can’t wait, so you stick your tongue out and flick one–it’s hard–even though this young phone sex girl is so young you know you’d get into trouble if anyone knew.

Yet the taste of the young nipple is too intoxicating.  You need more so you whisk this age play phone sex princess into your master suite.  You teach her young mouth how to take that older man tongue of yours–your teach her how to tongue dance and that getting wet without peeing is ok.  As a matter of fact you say you’ll take care of that for her.

So you get on your bed, lay on your back and invite the young cunt to your face sitting phone sex mouth.  You love it when that young bald pussy collapses all over your mouth.  You are drunk on the taste of young girl excitement and virgin pussy juices aren’t you?