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Temptation of a phone sex pastor

religious phone sexI came home from school a little sad despite wearing the new pink dress Mom bought me for the Spring pageant. Mom had gone out of town and it was just my pastor Dad waiting for me. I was too embarrassed to share what was on my mind, but Dad has a way of making me talk about embarrassing things.

You see, I have been attending the private religious school ever since I was in kindergarten. I’d noticed the head master taking interest in my in particular this year. He always tried to get me alone. Today, he made up an excuse to pull me in the rectory for punishment. My punishment really made me feel ashamed even as the remnants of it pooled in the crotch of my panties.

When Dad pressed I tried my very best to explain the situation as any young girl with little sexual knowledge would. Dad at first explained to me how I could get the pastor into a lot of trouble by talking this way. He said it was normal for him to take me into the office if I had been misbehaving and giving me the appropriate spanking or other disciplinary measures. When I kept talking about my bottom, he said that it was ok that the pastor touched me there if I had been bad.

So I had to show my Daddy why I was so ashamed. When Daddy saw the situation in my bottom he wanted to make sure he understood exactly how things got to be that way. I guess he was just like that pastor and I am just a bad, bad girl because Daddy phone sex spanked me up my bottom hole too!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Aimie.
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Daddy daughter cock sharing phone sex

bald phone sex cunt

My dirty phone sex daddy and I have a date after Christmas.  It is sad, but Daddy has been on cock lock for the last couple of weeks.  No hanky panky for Daddy.  But he has had lots of time to dream about what he is going to do with the slutty little red headed phone fuck.  I can’t wait til the chains cum off and we are able to talk about something so filthy it would make the devil blush.

You see we want to talk about the neighbor boy next door who I sometimes babysit.  Daddy is sending Mommy away so that we can have him over to play.  Daddy asks “Timmy” if he’s ever made it squirt before and of course he hasn’t.  Confused by the whole thing Daddy tells me that we must help Timmy learn how to make his little dick squirt.

We all get naked and I show Timmy my little bald phone sex cunt.  He is curious about touching it and Daddy encourages him to stick his fingers right in.  All spread out Daddy helps Timmy get a hand full of pervy Aimie pussy juice.  Then Daddy has Timmy stand up and hold out his little dick.

Daddy holds it up for me as I lick Timmy’s pee hole making him squirm and squeal.  Tickling him with my nasty phone sex tongue Daddy gets down there and starts licking his young balls.  Timmy says he’s going to pee.  Daddy tells him to go ahead and pee in my cock sucking phone sex mouth.

Then we both get down there and suck on Timmy’s penis.  We kiss over until Timmy makes cum squirt for the first time.  Now Timmy is our little playmate–oh the things we will do to this young boy after Christmas!

Ready to have cock sharing phone sex, Daddy?  I bet you haven’t shared a cock with a girl as filthy as me before!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Aimie.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Aimie at 1-877-268-3134
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Phone sex Daddy exposure

phone sex Daddy

I was climbing out of the shower, toweling off my young body when I was stopped dead in the hallway.  There was my phone sex Daddy–his cock was out and he was completely hard.  There was a drop of precum on the head of his dick.  Immediately, my mouth opened in shock.  I couldn’t believe my dad was exposing himself to me.

But he was and the fact is I found his dick to be pleasing to look at.  After the shock wore off I approached daddy and asked him if I could touch it.  He said yes.  I felt how heavy it was in my tiny hand.  It was also very fat–I couldn’t wrap all of my fingers around it.  It seem to grow the more I rubbed on it.  My Daddy had a weird look on his face.

He told me that good girls are always ready to take care of their daddy’s penises.  I was very surprised as I had not heard my friends talking much about their daddy’s penises.  But I always trust what my Daddy tells me to do, so I gave him a hand job as he instructed me how to do so.  He told me also that when he cock made milk that I had to drink the milk and so I did.

I have been grateful ever since because my Daddy has taught me more about how to take care of phone sex cock than anyone else’s daddy has–and there are so many more things that Daddy and I will do together–and with others!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Aimie.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Aimie at 1-877-268-3134
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Aimie Loves Casual Teen phone sex

Casual Teen phone sex

What amazing phone sex luck!  It’s not every day that an opportunity to get laid just literally falls into your lap.  But that’s what happened to you today!

You were sitting there drinking your Greenberry’s when you saw me staggering down the brick-lain path.  I was wearing a short white overcoat that was open and exposing my tight, cashmere sweater and black skirt underneath.  My black boots came up to my knees.  You found me cute, but you noticed that I was wobbling.  Then you saw me pass out right there on the side of the walkway.

You’ve always been a gentleman so you pick up my books as you scoop me up.  You sit on the bench, rifling through my belongings and noticing how great my small body felt in your big arms.  Sleeping teen beauty.  You sighed and found my driver’s license.  You took me home.

When I came too I saw your face first and I freaked out!  Then you explained to me that you had actually saved me.  You asked if I was ok.  I told you that I was just tired for a long day of lectures.  You understood.

I wanted to thank you appropriately but having no money as most college girls do not I decided to use the next best thing–my slut teen body.

After drinking a bit of water I started to make out with you.  Hot tongue kissing your open mouth.  Got my little pussy wet.  You groped me and soon had me on my back.  My nude thigh highs were up and your face was in my cunt giving me amazing cunninglingus.  I always appreciate those with the gift of linguistics and I came in a wet rush out of my bald pussy.

I returned the favor–sucking your dick.  I started slow, teasing the head with my lips while glancing up.  Didn’t take long until you were buried balls deep in my twat.  You sawed in and out of my pink for awhile–then turned me over doggie style.  Fucked me until I came.  I came so hard and your dick was so wet.  I cleaned you up as you came all over my face.

I didn’t know your name–it was a game of casual teen phone sex.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Aimie.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Aimie at 1-877-268-3134
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Amazing Aimie Phone Sex

Yes, I am here to make all your wet dreams cum true. It doesn’t really matter WHAT the dream is. The material content is irrelevant. What is very fucking relevant is how believable that dream sounds over the phone. I bet you’ve searched high, low and sideways for that and continue to search even to this day.

My young voice hardens the pickiest prick but my whimpers and moans leave you believing that we’re really fucking. That’s right, close those eyes right now and slip your cock into the velvety, young pussy. I’ll start moaning as I fuck myself, you’ll feel us moving together as my sweet, young cunt sucks the fucking cum right out of your root.

Red in the head, hot in hole takes on new meaning. Call amazing Aimie for so moaning phone sex that transcends your expectations. Thank you so MS for the call the other night. I am so sorry I was too busy to continue our talk, but maybe we’ll get a shot this week?

I couldn’t stop sucking on it

I was too young to mention when I first started playing with my Daddy. Let’s just say that I knew that girls were different from boys, but I didn’t realize that girls were supposed to take care of their Daddies until Daddy came to my room and introduced me to his special lollipop stick.

At first I was giggling because I had seen my brother’s special lollipop stick and his was WAY smaller. Daddy said that was because my brother wasn’t a big boy like Daddy. He said that his special lollipop stick would grow bigger all I had to do was touch it! Just like magic! So I touched it with my chubby little fingers and that lollipop stick bounced. It scared me a little but Daddy assured me that it was completely good that my little hands made it jump that way. He said that he knows I like to suckle on my lollipops and that he is happy to share his special one with me. He told me if I put it in my mouth it would squirt sweet cream all over my tongue. I couldn’t stop sucking on it and when the stuff came out I was happy to do it again.

Except Daddy wants now to share me with his friends and he makes my little brother poke me in the bottom with HIS smaller lollipop. Daddy says the cream in my butt will make things easier for me.

Tag team phonesex

Blowjobs Phone SexI love inviting my friends over to my house.  My Daddy loves it when I invite them too.  Why of course Daddy daughter phone sex is best when there are two mouths for Daddy’s hard and horny cock.  Yes, 2 mouths are always better than one.

And this barely legal phone slut knows exactly the type of Daddy you are.  You want to show off that big bulging cock to my sweet little friends.  I even have a few who have never even seen a cock before–we could sure have a lot of fun teaching them how to give deep throat blow jobs with the slick pouty little mouths, huh Daddy?  I want to lick the cum from my BFF’s face–my Daddy’s cum always tastes better on the plate of my friend whose mouth cherry we just popped together!

I just love naughty scenes like that.  I am not sure why, but I always have.  They get me very, very wet.  Especially when I hear you stroking your cock on the other end of the phone.  That part of phone sex has always been a big thrill for me.  If I have to pick any one facet about taking care of so many dicks it has to be the end result–hearing that relief come over a strong man is very powerful.  It’s so sexy and I never tire of that sound…it’s oh sooo good.  Cum and play with me today and I will help you blow magnificent loads of cum as we play out all of our naughty desires together.

Aimie loves older guys, come love on her

young voice phone sexA short skirt and a tight t-shirt with sweet pink shoes is what I wear for my neighbor BB. I can’t wait to find him alone at home with his wife gone on a business trip. You see, I can be sweet, but I can also be very naughty. I love older guys and I just love catching BB staring at me over the fence when I am sunbathing. Of course he acts like he is not watching as he prunes his rose bushes, but I have something far better for him to prune and groom.

My sweet white virgin cunt is very amenable to the older man who wants to fuck the forbidden hole of a very young tween. I have that young phone sex voice that will make you feel in the moment as you show me how to give your man cock the young tight cunt and mouth treatment. Don’t you just love a nasty talking red-headed phone sex slut? If you do then you should be picking up the phone for a little Aimie treatment today.