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When I started to develop at a very young age I noticed power.  The power to make men do what ever I wanted, so I started dressing the part.  I didn’t intentionally set out to turn my dad into a cock craving wimp–it just sort of happened when I bent over one day to pick up my pencil from the floor wearing no panties and my pink plaid school girl outfit.  From that moment on I trained my Dad to do all sorts of nasty things so that I am the best educated princess phone sex slut in school.

I take his money so I can buy the best clothes, sex toys, dildos and of course expensive dinners for my hot dates who ultimately fuck me.  My Dad has to clean up the mess.  Because my Dad gets so turned on by my moans when I’m cumming I know that I can make him eat my cummy pussy or fuck him up his ass if I want to.  I make him do all my homework so that I have time to hook up with guys and build my social network.  He only goes to work to earn money–otherwise he cums home and does all my stuff for me and he is NOT ALLOWED to have sex with any women–including Mom.  Mom doesn’t care–it’s freed her to go do her own thing and has released her from the pitiful situation of fucking my dad’s dicklet.

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I was mindin’ my own business really. I was just off the phone with my best friend and painting my pretty little toenails pink when my big brother barged in pissed because he said he could tell I’d been in his room. I assured him I hadn’t been, but he wasn’t going to relent. He said I owed him. And he pulled out his big fat cock. He wanted phone sex with his little sister and he wanted it now!

He said he was sick and tired of me running around the house barely clad. He said Dad may be immune to it, but that I owed him for making his dick hard nightly. He said he smelled my perfume on his pillow–and that is how he knew I had been in his room.

But see, I had a master plan. I wanted my phone sex brother to take advantage of me. I’d always been jealous of his girlfriends and how they sound through the wall of my bedroom. The gagging. The giggling. The loud orgasms. Well, he’s MY brother and so I laid out a plan to get him to fuck me.

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My knees are knockin’!! What are you doing Daddy? OMG, your taking your pants down? Why? Oh, it’s because I’m wearing clothes that are much too small. I am showing a little bit of hard, teen nipple and a good amount of chunky young girl butt. You say the boys can’t handle that. You say that this little age play phone sex princess needs to learn a lesson and get some clothes that fit.

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I came home from school a little sad despite wearing the new pink dress Mom bought me for the Spring pageant. Mom had gone out of town and it was just my pastor Dad waiting for me. I was too embarrassed to share what was on my mind, but Dad has a way of making me talk about embarrassing things.

You see, I have been attending the private religious school ever since I was in kindergarten. I’d noticed the head master taking interest in my in particular this year. He always tried to get me alone. Today, he made up an excuse to pull me in the rectory for punishment. My punishment really made me feel ashamed even as the remnants of it pooled in the crotch of my panties.

When Dad pressed I tried my very best to explain the situation as any young girl with little sexual knowledge would. Dad at first explained to me how I could get the pastor into a lot of trouble by talking this way. He said it was normal for him to take me into the office if I had been misbehaving and giving me the appropriate spanking or other disciplinary measures. When I kept talking about my bottom, he said that it was ok that the pastor touched me there if I had been bad.

So I had to show my Daddy why I was so ashamed. When Daddy saw the situation in my bottom he wanted to make sure he understood exactly how things got to be that way. I guess he was just like that pastor and I am just a bad, bad girl because Daddy phone sex spanked me up my bottom hole too!

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My dirty phone sex daddy and I have a date after Christmas.  It is sad, but Daddy has been on cock lock for the last couple of weeks.  No hanky panky for Daddy.  But he has had lots of time to dream about what he is going to do with the slutty little red headed phone fuck.  I can’t wait til the chains cum off and we are able to talk about something so filthy it would make the devil blush.

You see we want to talk about the neighbor boy next door who I sometimes babysit.  Daddy is sending Mommy away so that we can have him over to play.  Daddy asks “Timmy” if he’s ever made it squirt before and of course he hasn’t.  Confused by the whole thing Daddy tells me that we must help Timmy learn how to make his little dick squirt.

We all get naked and I show Timmy my little bald phone sex cunt.  He is curious about touching it and Daddy encourages him to stick his fingers right in.  All spread out Daddy helps Timmy get a hand full of pervy Aimie pussy juice.  Then Daddy has Timmy stand up and hold out his little dick.

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I was climbing out of the shower, toweling off my young body when I was stopped dead in the hallway.  There was my phone sex Daddy–his cock was out and he was completely hard.  There was a drop of precum on the head of his dick.  Immediately, my mouth opened in shock.  I couldn’t believe my dad was exposing himself to me.

But he was and the fact is I found his dick to be pleasing to look at.  After the shock wore off I approached daddy and asked him if I could touch it.  He said yes.  I felt how heavy it was in my tiny hand.  It was also very fat–I couldn’t wrap all of my fingers around it.  It seem to grow the more I rubbed on it.  My Daddy had a weird look on his face.

He told me that good girls are always ready to take care of their daddy’s penises.  I was very surprised as I had not heard my friends talking much about their daddy’s penises.  But I always trust what my Daddy tells me to do, so I gave him a hand job as he instructed me how to do so.  He told me also that when he cock made milk that I had to drink the milk and so I did.

I have been grateful ever since because my Daddy has taught me more about how to take care of phone sex cock than anyone else’s daddy has–and there are so many more things that Daddy and I will do together–and with others!