Indentured slave phone sex

indentured slave phone sex

We were indentured to the master’s cock my very young daughter and i.  We knew our place in this world the minute we showed up on his door step homeless and wanting.  A man like Master knows how to get the proper payment for any services his renders–in this case he just provided the base needs of shelter and a hot meal once in awhile.  I had to agree to sign our lives over as indentured slave phone sex sluts to his every whim.

No matter what he asks we must provide. Whether it is forbidden mother daughter lesbian action.  Anal penetration of a girl much too small and innocent.  Anal cream pies dripping with day’s worth of cum are sucked clean by our mouths as we beg master for more of his deviant cock.

Indentured slave phone sex is a way of life for us now–perhaps you’d like to join the Master and make us do your bidding as well.

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Fetishes and fornication

phone sex fetish
In a nutshell when you call me for scat phone sex fetish you will find me completely open and non judgmental toward your tendency to dig for treasure and treats. You know why? I get off on it a bit myself. There is something so foul and raunchy about going there with someone. It’s all in the details and I deliver those details with an enthusiasm you’ll not find elsewhere. I know that women like me are truly a rarity in this industry.

I am quite proud of this fact. I just gave JD a very wild ride. I told him to dig out all that I had to offer, all that shit and fecal snot up my ass that he just craved. Then I turned around and showed him what a great girl I am. I kissed him on the mouth while we swapped that fuckin’ shit all around. I let him fuck my shitty asshole until he came and then I sat on his face and had him suck that cum streaked feces out and then we kissed again. That’s the true meaning of acceptance and lack of judgment. You’ll want to play with me especially if you have fetishes that put others off.

Get down there and clean that nigger seed out of your mother’s cunt

Big black cock phone sexI could smell the tension. My father’s jaw was tight and pulsing. He was mad but always careful not to show it in front of my brother and I. It was something my Mom did. The look on her face was also telling. She had done something terribly out of bounds and surely would be made to pay for it once her and Dad were alone in their room later tonight.

Dinner ended, then we did our homework and went to bed. I couldn’t help but wonder what Mom had done to unsettle my easy going father. I waited until I heard the family clack of their bedroom door as the latch engaged and then I tip-toed down the hall.

“How many times have I warned you–told you–to keep your fucking filthy legs closed.” My father said in an even, heavy tone.

“Fuck you, Rob–I’ll do whatever I want. You can’t expect me to lay next to you night after night and never have any affection–any love–any sex–at the very least you COULD fuck me but, no. You would rather sit there on your computer playing your games with you business clients.”

“You went over the line Crissy. Way the fuck over the line. Can’t settle for fucking my boss could you? No, you decided you needed more. No one is ever enough for you. You’ll fuck anyone–and now you’ve tainted that holier than thou cunt with the seed of a Nigger. Congrats.”

“You shouldn’t speak that way of people you do not know, Rob.”

“You just lay back and swings those legs wide for that huge black cock don’t you? You like fucking animals don’t you, Crissy?”

“Stop it Rob the kids will hear.”

“Maybe they should hear what a filthy, nasty, wretched whore their mother is.”

A scuffle–“Rob get off me.”

“Disgusting! your cunt is full of that nigger cum isn’t it? Look at you! Dripping with the seed of a nigger. What if you get pregnant?”

Footsteps. I ran but tripped and then the door opened. My Dad grabbed me by the ankle,
“Well since you want to know everything, Tabby I guess you’ll just have to do the dirty work.”
He shoved me into the room. Mom’s legs were tied open and her privates were exposed.
“Get down there and clean that nigger dick cum out of your mother’s cunt, and don’t think about balking. If you do I will make sure you never enjoy another day of sunshine for the rest of your life.”

Big black cock phone sex goes down nasty with a dash of phone sex incest and some filthy imaginations. Call me for serious taboo phone sex tonight.

Ageplay teen Tabby

perverted phone sexSo you like to look at my ass do you? My sweet, underage ass as I bend over in front of my bedroom window. I am innocent and totally unaware of you watching me. You take your cock out, you’re an older man—and you love looking at young girls. The thought of seeing them get naked makes your dick swell and it makes you want to force them to look at you.

I am naked and getting ready to pull on a pair of panties when I hear a tapping on my bedroom window. There you are. At first I squint and then notice that your cock is immense and hanging out from under the window. You’re stroking it with a perverted smile on your face. I giggle and cover my little bald pussy.

I can hear you through the glass tell me to “turn around, little girl.” I giggle, my friends have told me about this, but I have never seen it before. I turn around though and look over my shoulder—eager to see what comes next.

My ass feels hot because I can tell your looking at it and the motion of your jerking on your cock makes you quiver as your mouth puff out air. You’re close as I hear your moans through the glass—the white, cream jet shoots onto the glass. I walk over and rub my finger down it smiling. You mouth thank you…

Nothing turns me on more than a dirty old pervert.

The age of consent varies from state to state and country to country

deviant desiresFor those of you who worry about calling a nasty girl like me and revealing your fucked up desires–let me put your mind at ease for a moment. First of all, most people have deviant desires. Granted, they not always involve age play–however, most people have sexual desires that someone would find unappealing. That’s just the way it is and the sooner a person accepts their own sexual desires for what they are the better off they will be.
In addition to this, consider that back in the early 19th century the average age that girls married was 12. Once married, a girl was considered legal back then. Yes, times have changed. No I do not condone taking a 12 year old as a lover for real, but did you ever stop to think that maybe (guys especially) are programmed to want younger girls. The younger they are the more children they can bear. It’s simple evolution and something that no one need beat themselves up over.
The age of consent also varies by country–it is older in some countries, much much younger in others. For example the age of consent in Spain is 13. In Albania and Liechtenstein it’s 14. In Denmark it’s 15. In Madagascar it’s 21 though–so as you can see when this is taken into account someone in Spain would not find your predilection taboo like someone here in America (where the age of consent in most states is still 18) or Liechtenstein.
Cognitively speaking, a thought also doesn’t represent an action. People with OCD who use cognitive behavioral therapy are trained to see the thoughts that cause them great distress as benign. Why? Because thoughts are not harmful to others. Thinking you want to fuck someone who is not of age is not the same thing as doing it. Lusting after someone who is young is also not the same as doing it. The idea is that thoughts don’t harm like actions do.

Hopefully, when reading this blog those who are reluctant to indulge in fantasy with someone who has dark tendencies (like me) will be comforted to know that phone sex is a great outlet for expressing things that we think about. It allows us to live out those thoughts that might make us feel ashamed. Don’t let self-assessment of your own naughty thoughts hold you back. Go ahead and indulge in that secret conversation. You’ll find the expression of those things will make you feel so much better in the long run!
Age play phone sex with Tabby

Accomplice Fantasies

AccompliceI hope she is acceptable in skin tone and is lovely enough for you.  Only very, very young, she is a pristine example of beauty, but we need to have her learn how to please you Daddy.  I get her in make up and make sure the dress is just a tad skimpy.  I present her to you, she is yours.  Tell her, show her how to please you, have her satisfy your desires with her virgin body, her innocent mouth , her mind.  I hope she pleases you, Daddy.  I hope she sucks the pleasure from your balls and gags on it as we hold her down for the finishing shot.

I will take your lust for innocence and stand it on its head–I will turn it over and then set it back down again, but it will never be the same.  I have an attention for detail that few appreciate when it comes to accomplice phone sex.  I have a natural playfulness about me that makes it feel like it is so right–even though we all know it is so wrong.

Did you know that corruption fantasies are extremely common among the male population?  The problem is most will not admit to it because of the social ramifications–that’s why the cum here and seek out someone to play it out.  It’s perfectly fine and normal and I fucking get off on providing it.  You get your itch scratched and so do I, it’s a win-win deal.

So what are you waiting for–do I have your cock craving that accomplice fantasy yet?  I can’t wait to see how many demon dicks I can attract with my filthy imagination!