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Dirty Incest Phone Sex



Having you move into the family trailer with mom and me was a dirty incest phone sex secret I have had for a long time. I have always had a thing for you ever since I found out you were my half brother. The way we used to look at each other and play tag when we were younger and the way my pussy would tingle when you would touch me while we wrestled in the pool all makes sense now. I have felt the sexual tension for you for a long time and I know you have too, I can tell by the way you hurry past me in the hall of the trailer as I get out of the shower, I bet you found that hole our dad made in the wall of their closet that looks into the bathroom. I found out about that hole by accident when I was cleaning the closet out one day for my mom, I never said anything because it thrills me to know my dad was watching me when I take a bath or shower and stroking his cock. Now since you have moved in we can have dirty incest phone sex as often as you want.

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