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Oh no you caught me, you can tell I was on a just fucked phone sex call. I am a total phone sex slut and like to live out all my fantasy calls in real time eventually. Living so far out in the country I can play naughty outside and no one will ever catch us. Let’s wander up this mountain road and you can bend me over that downed tree and fuck this young juicy cunt of mine, no one will hear our screams or moans. If you like I can lay back on the hood of your car and you can stand in front of me pulling me close and wrapping my legs around your neck so you can pound this young pussy, careful we wouldn’t want to dent your hood. Fuck all that and we can just do it inside your car in the back seat, pull your jeans down, raise my dress and slide that hard dick of yours inside me and let me ride you, once your ready to blow, I will wrap my lips around your dick and gobble it all up. There is so many ways to do it that I always look like I had just fucked phone sex.

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Nasty Raunchy Pervert Phone Sex

Pervert Phone Sex


Your daughter told me what a pervert you were but I didn’t believe her and had to find out on my own. I am into dirty, raunchy pervert phone sex and I always thought you were good looking for a older dad. After today I found out she wasn’t kidding, it didn’t Continue reading