Seductive Cousin Phone Sex

Seductive Cousin Phone Sex


You try not to look at me while you are at your desk, don’t I make it so hard for you to study? I love making you have seductive phone sex with your naughty younger cousin. You know you can’t ignore me and you will soon be putting that pen down and cumming Continue reading

Innocent Phone Sex Girl

Innocent Phone Sex Girl


Yes I am very young, but not so innocent. This though doesn’t stop me from having young and innocent phone sex. If you are like most guys, you want a naughty innocent type of girl, one that will act like we don’t know anything. You ask us to take our Continue reading

Angel Is A Genuine Cock Tease Phone Sex Slut

tease and denial phone sex


There you go telling me I am a 100% cock tease again. It’s fun to know I have complete control over a guys cock, knowing I can make it do just what I want, when I want and for as long as I want. I give genuine cock tease phone sex to all that call me. I may be young but I know how to use my young body to persuade you into giving me that cock of yours. All I have to do is take my clothes off and strut my body in front of you, teasing you, showing my titties or my ass and sometimes my wet pussy. Do you like it when I lay on the bed and spread my legs, still in my lacy panties but only allowing just one pussy lip to expose itself to you? Maybe you like it when I spread my legs and finger my pussy, you enjoy the sound it makes as my juices drench my fingers. Cum to me and enjoy all the genuine cock tease phone sex I have to give to you.

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Hair To Bare Phone Sex

shaving phone sex



I have a mixed bunch of callers, half love my hairy twat and half love it bare as a baby’s bottom. I play a lot of role plays where I am a young girl. I go from hair to bare phone sex with a lot of the guys. I tell them my young pussy is hairy and they Continue reading