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Seducing Father J in my head last week after communion was so evil. If your as bad as I am then blasphemy phone sex will get you as excited as it does me. Father J was looking so good standing there in his robe and a smile, as I knelt down on the bench and he stood before me my mind wandered, thinking I wonder if he is naked under that Continue reading

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Now that school is back in session let me be your schoolgirl phone sex crush. I will spend my days in class and at your place after school. You may be my dirty neighbor whose wife works nights so I cum over for help with my homework. Maybe you are my daddy or my brother and you always celebrate my good grades with some nasty, wild incest fun. Be my Teacher and you keep me after school for detention in your classroom after all the students have gone home. Whatever nasty roll play you want to do if fine with me. I am always into dirty schoolgirl phone sex!

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