Having Blasphemy Phone Sex While The Bible Was Playing

Blasphemy Phone Sex


Having sex in the church is something I know all to well. I love having blasphemy phone sex with you horny guys. I graduated from Catholic school and before that I remember in bible study one night when I noticed a new boy had joined us. We met every Wed. night and after seeing him there for about four weeks I finally asked his name. He told me his name was Toby and he had just moved here. As the days and weeks went on Toby became an alter boy and we would go out walking around town a couple days a week as well as hanging out at each others houses. One night we went to the movies and it was dead in there, hardly anyone in there at all, maybe because it was close to Easter and the Bible was playing. We climbed up to the balcony and sat at the very top. I decided to make a move on him and reached over and kissed him. I guess he had been waiting for that because he started pawing at my body and almost ripping my clothes off. He stood in front of me and took his 10 inch dick out for me to see, needless to say I took the hint and started sucking that whopper. One thing lead to the next and we were having a full blown fucking party right there in the theater balcony while the Bible was playing. After that night things were never the same, we would have blasphemy phone sex everywhere we could. Let’s see if I can turn you bad!

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Accomplice Phone Sex With Roni And Daddy

accomplice phone sex


When I was a lot younger I used to bring home my girlfriends for my daddy to play with, we would have accomplice phone sex, it was great fun watching daddy teach them all about how to suck a daddy dick and how to get their little tight pussies ate. Continue reading

Show Some Teen Ass Worshiping To Miss Katelyn

Teen Ass Worshiping


Are you calling me because you think I look like a sweet innocent girl, you won’t find that when you talk to me. I like things nasty and out of the ordinary. One of the things I really love doing is having teen ass worshiping phone sex. I love when a guy tells me how much he loves my tight ass and how he wants to bury his tongue deep up inside and give me the rim job of a lifetime. Let me climb up on your bed and spread my long legs so you can worship me from my young pussy all the way up to my ass cheeks. Stop at my ass and take your time. I can see how you love the smell and taste. I love a nice set of hands massaging my ass just as much. Sometimes I love a good ass fucking as well, you can always worship my ass with a good ass fuck. Lube that long, hard dick of your up and go to town, you won’t find me saying no to you, teen sluts never say no. Call me baby so we can have teen ass worshiping phone sex and get off together.

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Katelyn Is The Neighborhood Teen Phone Sex Slut

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I grew up living in this neighborhood and have fucked every single guy, every married guy I could seduce and every guy that came to visit the others as I was growing up. I am the neighborhood teen phone sex slut. I will try and get my rocks off with anyone over 18, they are fair game. I’m this small towns slut and very proud of that name, hey if I have what it takes to make your guy happy as long as it takes me to get my Continue reading

I love a good Daddys girl phone sex call

Phone Sex Call


I love a good Daddy’s girl phone sex call and I am sure you would too. When I was a lot younger I would get off the bus in front of my Daddy’s work to surprise him after school until my brother would pick me up. I can remember going there and sitting in his office Continue reading

Party Girl Phone Sex

Submissive Teen Phone Sex


I have been such a party girl lately, my dad and mom don’t know that I have been staying out so late when they tell me to be in by two am, fuck them, I’m over 18 now. Besides I pay my own way, like with party girl phone sex. I’m can’t believe how horny and messed up I am right now. Are any of you naughty guys up for a phone party? I can be one freaky bitch when I am stoned. I have the sexy young voice for you to listen to and I will do anything you want me too. I’m the anything goes type of freaky girl, so it’s up to you how freaky we get. Do you think you can handle a party girl like me? Make me your anything goes phone whore and let’s cum together when you call me for party girl phone sex. 😍

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