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My mamas brother has always been around. When my mama taught me how to be a teen slut phone sex fuck doll, she taught me on my uncle. He would always bounce me on his lap and grind his cock into my sweet young pussy phone sex. He’d have me practice sucking cock like a good girl. He would push his big dick into my little mouth and tell me to breathe through my nose. Mama watched and played with her pussy. They had been fucking forever too. It’s the trailer park way. Wanna come be my dirty uncle for his young voice phone sex niece?

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I Love Being Daddy’s Twisted Phone Sex Accomplice

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Twisted phone sex is a lot of fun when you have a nasty accomplice. Let’s go back to my school days, I’ll wear my catholic uniform, the one that barely covers my ass cheeks. Every time you see me dressed in it you get an instant hard on. I like to strut my cute ass back and forth in front of you daddy, drop my book and bend over to pick it up. This makes you so excited that you must take your daddy cock out and stroke it, you know I can’t stand to see you stroke it without me sucking it. I love how we get so excited when were playing twisted games that you take my panty’s off and gag me with them, then I can let you rape this little catholic girls ass. Sometimes you just want me to be your little princess and shower me with gifts, kisses and hugs. I love how you like me to pretend I am sleeping and you spread my legs and crawl up between them so you can practice your oral skills, suck that clit, finger fuck my pussy while you drink my juices. Don’t you know daddy, I will do anything for you, especially when twisted phone sex is involved.

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Babysitter Phone Sex

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Your wife thought she was helping your marriage by hiring a sweet teen phone sex babysitter! She figured you guys could rekindle your spark by having date nights out away from the kids and trying some sexy new things in the bedroom. She didn’t realize that this young phone sex teen would take her husband with my sexy tight pussy and sweet smiling face! We started having a secret affair phone sex when you came home early and caught me masturbating while watching your laptop porn. Oh gosh! I was so embarrassed. You pulled out your cock and the rest is history! What can this tight teen body do for you?

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Petite Angel Is A Live Fuck Toy

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I have been told  by a lot of you that I look like a cute petite little thing. Well I am short, only 5’2, like a tiny little fuck toy that you can carry around on your dick. I wanna have live fuck toy phone sex, I will be a little fuck toy that is so small but perfect. My body and this pussy are super tight and will fit perfect with your strong manly body. I have learned lately that I am also a spinner, I had no idea what that meant until my boyfriend showed me, for all those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s where a guy can sit me up on top of his hard dick and spin me around it while he’s still inside me. I had told him a caller asked if I was a spinner and he said well let’s see, and I was! Call me and let me turn into your real life fuck toy, we can have so much fun. Just pick me up and place me any way you want me as long as your going to drill me. I want to be the petite slut who makes you blow your load harder than ever before. Now all you have to do is call this fuck toy and let’s play live fuck toy phone sex.

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Did Someone Say They Needed A Kinky Submissive Phone Sex Slut?

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Me being a little kinky submissive phone sex slut is how I have always been, and it’s how I always prefer to be. I have tried to be the dominant one but I just can’t do it, I get nervous and afraid, I need orders thrown at me, someone telling me to get on my knees or telling me to suck their cock. Once you have talked to me you’ll quickly see that I’m need to have orders thrown at me, dictated to.  I want to please the person who owns me. Let me show you all the nasty ways I can bring you pleasure. Let me be your dirty submissive slut you have been searching for. I have cum to realize that Master and slave can be a thrilling experience. Allow me to be your kinky submissive phone sex slut.

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Roni Is Just Right For Daddy And Brother Breeding

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My daddy say I’m so fertile right now, I guess that is why I need young breeding phone sex. Daddy says it’s a special time of the month that all girls go through where my hormones are raging and I am hornier than ever, well hornier than I usually am anyway. All I know is this time of the month is where my body ejects all kinds of different stuff out my young pussy, I know my daddy and brother love to eat my pussy harder and more and fuck me more often this time of the month. I love the special attention they give me. My panties literally get fucking soaked with all the gunk that comes out, it makes it so much wetter to play. It seems like it feels so much better too when they shoot their stuff inside me, daddy says that his and my brother’s baby batter. I love having young breeding phone sex I bet you will too after you cum inside me.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Roni.
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