Teen Debra Can’t Resist Those Naughty Ass Play Phone Sex Games

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I love being disciplined, I love a good spanking and ass fingering. I love to play all the anal phone sex games. My young ass is tight and firm and just right for playing all the nasty ass games, the best part is I will always give into you for a good ass fucking. Spankings have always made me get aroused, even young I didn’t get upset when I would get a whipping for being bad or throwing a fit. Once I became a teenager when I really wanted the spankings, my parents stopped doing the spankings and switched to grounding for my punishment. As I became older and got boyfriends, I always was lucky enough to find the guys that were into spankings or anal fucking. My current boyfriend loves us to both me naked as he makes me lay over his lap, he rubs my ass cheeks, kisses them and fingers me for a good ten minutes, once his dick is throbbing against my belly, he will have me climb up on top of him and maneuver his dick right inside my young eager asshole. I will be in heaven for the next few minutes while I fuck the hell out of his poor meat stick. Now it’s time for us to have our own anal phone sex games. I didn’t know the pleasures of ass play before when I was younger, but I’m glad I do now.

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Big Jugs Teen Phone Sex

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Look at these sweater puppies! I have jumbo jugs and they are always ready for a fat cock to slide in between them! I’m a naughty teen phone sex living my best life and that includes a lot of dick! I’m always DTF whenever your cock is hard. I love a veiny big mushroom head plunging into my teen slits and dropping a load of baby batter inside. But the real hero is my chest. My fucking amazing tits are ready to be cum splattered and dripping with your cum. What can I say, a blond cum whore phone sex like me needs hot loads all the time!

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Naughty Fitting Room Phone Sex

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My daddy loves it when I beg him to take me clothes shopping, and we like to have naughty fitting room phone sex. I always know how to trick daddy into taking me, all I have to do is show him a little of my small titties and my tight butt and he will take me anywhere I want. Teen age play phone fun is a specialty of mine. I needed to go shopping for some new panties and bras today and daddy really didn’t feel like going until I reminded him about all the fun we have in the fitting rooms.

I kinda teased him into going, I told him I would model them for him. I gave him a little taste by lifting up my skirt and I showing him my pretty pussy, he loves it shaved and so bald, then I took off my top and played with my little titties. I know they are small, but Daddy loves to kiss them and squeeze them. I ended up pulling his hard cock out of his pants and getting on my knees and saying remember daddy. This is what we do for our naughty fitting room phone sex. Let’s get ready and go shopping now.

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Full Bladder Phone Sex…You Know What That Means

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I have a problem holding my pee and have had to take my callers in the bathroom with me many times before. Are you a guy that is into full bladder phone sex? When I was younger I could hold my pee until I almost wet my panties. I think my bladder is the size of a walnut so if I drink a lot, it wont be long before I have to go pee. I have been in some places before where I couldn’t go to the bathroom and had to just cross my legs and doing a little dance in my chair, hoping I didn’t wet my panties. I bet you want to call me now and make me do something like drink a lot of water and making myself go pee. You just want to hear me say, “please let me go pee now”. I think this is why I don’t wear panties a lot, I can just squat and pee outside if I need to. I am needing to relieve myself now, call me for full bladder phone sex, hurry!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Katelyn.
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Forbidden Phone Sex Desires

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I know you have some forbidden phone sex desires you want you GET OFF your um…chest;) I’m just the young voiced girl for the job. I want you to moan and stroke and get my pussy dripping wet with taboo phone sex juices. Nothing is off limits to talk about, and I know I look like such a sweet and innocent phone sex girl but I’m secretly nasty. How nasty? I guess you’ll have to call and find out.
Kisses, Kimmy

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