Confession Phone Sex Wasn’t What You Expected When You Called

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Did you dial my number to make a confession? I bet you have been very naughty and need to tell someone about it, is it burning you up inside. It’s ok, we can have confession phone sex. I may be young but I still love to listen. I bet you have several things you would like to share with me. You don’t need to be shy when you call me, your not the first one to spill their guts and have that urge to tell me all about the naughty things they have done. Some men have a mouth that just won’t stop, once they start telling me these things they can’t control what cums out next! I love it when that happens. Keep letting out every naughty secret that you have been keeping to yourself for so long, you will feel so much better after you let it out. I want to know those juicy details too, the juicer the better. I hope we can have some fun with all of your naughty confessions, we can act them out, it doesn’t matter if it was something you did do or something you have fantasized about doing. I look forward to hearing all about all the evil, sneaky, nasty things that I know go through a males mind. Get yourself set up with your lube and tissue and call me for some confession phone sex.

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