Blackmailing the Babysitter

Phone Sex Babysitter


Your idea for some blackmailing the babysitter phone sex is that you are a single dad and have an opportunity to go out for a change. You asked around for a good babysitter and got my number from a friend of yours. So you call me up and I come over to babysit for you that Saturday. When I get to your house you didn’t expect to get such a sexy babysitter so you couldn’t stop staring at me. You give me instructions and take off for your adventure.

When you get back home I am not downstairs so you go upstairs and catch me in your bedroom putting your jewelry and cash you have been saving up into my bag. You yell at me ABBE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I look your way and try to lie my way out of this mess but you tell me I have been watching you for a while and know what you have been doing! I am going to have to call the cops Abbe and turn you in! Oh please, Mr S, don’t call the cops, I will do anything you want if you don’t call the cops. Secretly you were thinking man she is so sexy, I can’t pass up the opportunity for some babysitter blackmail!

Anything, you say, Abbe? Yes Mr. S ANYTHING but please don’t call the cops! Alright Abbe get on your knees in front of me, now! Put your mouth on the crotch of my pants and start licking, now pull my cock out of my pants, Abbe, and start sucking on it! Oh ya Abbe just like that! Now take off all of your clothes and lay on the bed on your back with your legs spread.

Okay, Mr. S, I get on the bed with my legs spread showing off my very bald pussy. You take off your clothes and get in between my legs. You put the head of your cock into my tiny little opening. Okay Abbe, time for some hot penetration. Oh Abbe, your a virgin aren’t you? Yes Mr. S. Oh wow you are so tight girl, do you want me to pop your cherry? Yes Mr. S, pop my little cherry! Mmmm that feels so good Abbe but I can barely get my cock in you. OMG Abbe I feel like I am going to cum and I can’t cum in your pussy because I will make you pregnant! Have you ever had anyone do anal sex on you? No Mr. S but I have heard my friends talking about it. Well I am going to put my cock in your ass Abbe! Wow Abbe! Your little ass is so tight around my cock, oh lord Abbe I can’t hold it any longer! Our blackmailing the babysitter phone sex call was all you wanted and needed apparently.

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