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ageplay phone sexOne of my favorite callers loves to play “cherry popping” fantasies when he calls me to do ageplay phone sex. He loves my young sweet teen voice, especially when I ask him to put his cock in my super tight pussy. He has taken my virginity like twenty five times already and it’s always a different roleplay scenario so we never get bored. Sometimes he likes my young pussy full of my natural pussy hair and sometimes he likes it bald like a new born baby. When he called me a few days ago he was Mommy’s forty year old pervert boyfriend that lusted after me all the time and finally talked Mommy into letting him pop my pink cherry.

Mommy said she had a big surprise for me tonight and that she wanted me to dress in something really sexy and that showed off my little ass and nice legs. My skirt was so short, my ass cheeks hung out of the bottom, it kinda made me feel like a little slut.

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Straight shooter for Teen Phone Sex

Age Play Phone SexHere are some fast facts about me:

*I’m 100% kinky and young. I love playing with numbers, if you know what I mean *wink. The younger the better. The more uninhibited you are the more fun we’ll have during age play phone sex!

*I’m young sounding–I sound way younger than 19!

*I love to be spoiled–tips are so much appreciated. If you tip me I can learn to love being used by you!

*I have real life experience with family member phone sex–call me for the nasty details.

And so much more. I know that it’s a New Year. 2018 can be the best in teen phone sex for you if you call the girl who always gives all–Nasty Little Aimie is waiting with bald cunny and dirty mind to please you!

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