I know you want it and I know how to give it to you

edge play phone sexWhen you want to be teased to the edge and back again find yourself a girl who knows her way around a cock.  Even though I’m young and full of kink I know that you need a slutty teen tease to get that cock rock hard.  I enjoy teasing you until your head is filled with all the nasty and perverse ideas that drives you to call a young, sweet girl in the first place.  I know all about those things sweetie, and I am here to rub them in your face for as long as is necessary until you are begging me to end your suffering with a ball busting load that will coat everything within shooting radius.

I know you want it and I know how to give it to you.  Interested in a slutty teen tease who will give you a great edge play phone sex call?  Well, look no further.  Giggles.

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