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cuckold phone sexYou eyes didn’t bulge as big as his cock did they?  Didn’t his large, dark dick look so good stretching me open and nearly pulling me inside out with every thrust.  You felt a twinge between your legs when you saw that didn’t you?  Your little man sent up an SOS in his own pitiful way, but you know that once you saw me cumming all over that large log in my cunt that there was no way I would ever feel your pencil dick or get off on it again.  You think about all the times I’ve probably faked it as I ride atop that glorious cock pumping it in and out of me, cumming in waves and in wet jets of pussy cum.

That little man wept in your pants didn’t he?  He wept with regret and sorrow that he isn’t more of a stand up guy.  When your mouth started to water, it surprised you.  When I motioned you with one finger to enter and clean you were even more surprised at how you instinctively followed that directive.  You love your cuckold phone sex?  I’m just the girl to feed you all the cream pie phone sex you can handle.  It’s the best of both worlds to me, I get to fuck and cum and stay clean all at the same time.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Ashlee.
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innocent girl next door forced sex phone sexKnow exactly what you want and have a hard time finding a phone sex princess who will listen to all your details?  Look no further.  You’ve built up the courage to call me I will listen to whatever you want to do.  When Mr. M told me that my parents had gone away and left me home alone I started to get a little excited.  When he told me that he let himself into my house and found me whimpering with fear in my closet wearing nothing but panties…I got wetter.  then I listened as he forced his cock into my mouth–making me gag and choke.  He just kept going.  He didn’t stop because of my muffled cock-obstructed moans.

He didn’t stop until he stole my virginity–force fucked it right out of my little taboo phone sex pussy.  Soon I was cumming.  I didn’t mean to like it–I guess I am every bit the whore that Mr. M says.  Now I have to do whatever he says–whenever he shows up or he is going to tell my mom about what I did with him!

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Well college is back in session and I have been having a blast so far.  I love teasing all of my professors, male or female hehe, plus all of the frat houses and partying.

I ran into one of my female professors at this bar I was hanging out at.  She is very sexy for a professor that is, lol.  She didn’t look like your typical professor would she wore short skirts and button down blouses buttoned down low so you could see her cleavage.  Anyways, I went over and started talking to her, well to be real honest, flirting with her.  I was playing with her hair and telling her how pretty she looked.  She started flirting back with me and we developed this real chemistry.  I whispered in her ear that I would like to go a little further and take her back to my place for some HOT Coed Phone Sex.  I could tell she was turned on, she was and we went back to my place for some Bisexual Phone Sex!

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No Limits Nasty Phone Sex

Let’s get our perverted imaginations together and fucking Have some No Limits Nasty Phone Sex with me!  I’m talking down, dirty and just plain filthy phone sex!  I’m going to slurp and gag on that big cock of yours and you can lick my tight little pussy.

Maybe you could sit on my face and fuck it with your cock and tea bag me!  I would love to feel those big full balls on my nose while you are pumping in and out of my mouth!  Let’s get my sex toys out and start playing with them, bring out some KY Yours and Mine and rub it all over each other’s genitals and start making some big cum messes!

So come Have Some No Limits Nasty Phone Sex with me today!  I am very kinky and am eager to please and have NO LIMITS as said above and I am all about the nastier the better!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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When I started to develop at a very young age I noticed power.  The power to make men do what ever I wanted, so I started dressing the part.  I didn’t intentionally set out to turn my dad into a cock craving wimp–it just sort of happened when I bent over one day to pick up my pencil from the floor wearing no panties and my pink plaid school girl outfit.  From that moment on I trained my Dad to do all sorts of nasty things so that I am the best educated princess phone sex slut in school.

I take his money so I can buy the best clothes, sex toys, dildos and of course expensive dinners for my hot dates who ultimately fuck me.  My Dad has to clean up the mess.  Because my Dad gets so turned on by my moans when I’m cumming I know that I can make him eat my cummy pussy or fuck him up his ass if I want to.  I make him do all my homework so that I have time to hook up with guys and build my social network.  He only goes to work to earn money–otherwise he cums home and does all my stuff for me and he is NOT ALLOWED to have sex with any women–including Mom.  Mom doesn’t care–it’s freed her to go do her own thing and has released her from the pitiful situation of fucking my dad’s dicklet.

Want a teen cuckold princess?  Well, I think you know what to do “Little One!”  giggles.