Young Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Young Mutual Masturbation Phone SexYou know how I love Young Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex, you jerk off and I’ll finger my sweet cunt and at the same time. Its so much fun when we cum together. Listening to you jerk off for me while I tell you where and how I’m touching myself makes me so horny. The way you grab it with a firm grip and let your hand slide slowly up your throbbing hard shaft.

Tease me with it baby, tell me how swollen it’s getting as your stroking it for me. Those strokes get a little faster but enjoy while it last because it won’t last long. I’ll have you slow it back down just so I can enjoy you longing and begging for me. I hope you don’t mind Edging For Me Phone Sex because I like to take my time enjoy the sound of every stroke. Your fighting the urge to fuck your hand while my mind is stuck with the visual of your cock in your hand and you resisting the urge. I have told you many times making a man squirm gets me off. Imagine me there with you as we stroke your member together. At first fighting the urge won’t be much of a problem but wait until you hear what I’m doing to my cunt. My fingers slip inside me and just when you hear how wet my pussy is the urge will intensify. Your cock will throb and ache as it slips in and out of your palm. I tease you to go faster but then I’ll force you to go slower. I’ll get toy with you the way I want during our Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex call. You’ll do as told because we both know I can make you cum hard. That moment we both finally get to cum we’ll do it together. It will be the most mind blowing mutual masturbation you ever experienced before. From intimate and erotic to rough and nasty lets have some fun together. I have no limits and as always anything goes with a kinky girl like me.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Angel.
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Phone sex cuckolds

You might as well just give up your manhood right now, go out and purchase all the panties you can find and call me to become my ultimate cuckold teen phone sex slut.  We’ll make sure you’re always full of cock and looking sexy.  We’ll put them in your mouth–run a train on your fuckable ass and make sure you are pumped full of the appropriate female hormones so you don’t get any crazy ideas and think you can become a man again.

We’ll make sure that we tell all your fiends–co-workers and such that your existence is to serve Aimie–clean out my cream filled cunt (after all your black co-workers fuck me) and to be my completely indentured household bitch.  You know that is what you need to do.  Panties, cock and cream filled pussy are all you need.  After awhile your cock will shrink and turn into a clit—I can’t wait to show that off to the world on my blog!

So if you want a young teen cuckold phone sex call you know what to do.  I have a very full cunt hole right now and a wild, wicked imagination.  Cum serve me, slut-bitch!

Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex

Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex

Are you looking for a young lady to give you Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex? Look no further, you have found the right girl. I love telling guys exactly how to have Beat Your Meat Phone Sex. With my help, you will wax your pole like never before. I will tell you to do things you never imagined in your wildest dreams. You did not even know this level of self gratification existed. If you just trust me, and do what I say, you will not be disappointed. You may think you know how to spank it, but trust me, it will be a whole lot better with me in your ear cheering you on. I may not have a penis, but I know exactly how to treat one. Besides, who really wants to rub one out alone?

You may not even know you wanted Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex. What does it hurt to give it a try? You can discover that you can have a sex life you never imagined was possible. You may never want to leave your bedroom again after our conversation. I can take you to places that you did not even know existed. You will never forget my advice, and you will never jerk off again without thinking about me. So if you want to spank it like never before, give me a call. You will Never regret it.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Roni.
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Father of the bride phone sex

The father of the bride found me sitting on the swing in the awful bridesmaid’s dress his daughter picked out for us to wear.  We chit chatting a bit about what a drag the whole reception was when Mr. B asked me a personal question:  Did your ass sweat under that dress, honey?  Of course my ass was sweating and I could feel the cheeks slipping and sliding together, but I wanted dirty ass phone sex with an older man–father of the bride even!  That’s a fucking score.

And so he helped me off with that dress and slurped on my tiny nubile nipples.  Fuck, they got hard instantly when I saw the beast of a cock that was ready for me to suck.  Down on my knees I went deep throating that fucking thing!  God!  51 year old cock is the best.  I try to get it all in my mouth and slurp and suck his balls too!  Of course he picked me up and carried me over to the picnic table.  My tender young ass opened to reveal the sweet smell of musky dirt and shit and fucking pussy juice.  He ate it all up and the fucked me hard with that large 51-year old dick.  I fucking love age play phone sex with older men who want to devour all of my holes and make me swallow their cum after their dick is covered in my age play phone sex juices.

Daddy’s Cock Sucking Contests

Daddy's Cock Sucking Contests

This blog is to all you naughty Daddy’s out there know the joys of Family Fun Phone Sex and little age play darlings like myself. I’ve been a Daddy’s girl for as long as I can remember and I love my time alone with Daddy, but sometimes I like it a lot better when I can share Daddy’s cock with all my girlfriends.

Daddy says I give the best blow jobs, and of course he’s the one who taught me all about cock sucking, but sometimes he likes to see what the other little girls can do as well. We have Cock Sucking Contests Phone Sex with my girlfriends when I have sleep overs and share Daddy’s cock and see who can make him blow his load the fastest, it’s usually me *wink. He revels in all the attention, seeing young mouths on his cock, licking and sucking, sometimes more than one of us at once. I’m surprised Daddy doesn’t Cum quickly but I guess he’s gotten good at controlling himself and holding that big load.

And when he does finally blow it’s a delicious treat. He makes us all get down on our knees and open our mouths like starving baby birds and share that big cock load. I love watching it when it comes shooting out and spurts all over my face and hair. What a great way to end the day.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Roni.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Roni at 1-877-450-6635
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Daughter Age Play Phone Sex

Daughter Age Play Phone Sex

If you have never talked to me before let me tell you that there are NO LIMITS to my Age Play Phone Sex Fantasies!  I tend to lean towards Extreme Phone Sex Fantasies and Age Play is one of my favs.  So let me tell you about a Daddy Daughter Role Play I did last night.

It was a Daddy Daughter phone sex call and it was so HOT!  Totally turned me on!  I was his developing daughter, I had small titties and a cute bubbly ass.  Mommy was gone all week on business so it was just Daddy and me.  I have been walking around all week in some booty shorts and tank tops, so when my Daddy gets home from work he sees my developing body and it makes him develop something big too, *giggles*.

Anyways Daddy was fed up with being teased all week by me and not getting any from Mommy because she was gone.  So I walk in front of the TV Daddy was watching so he couldn’t help but see me.  I didn’t realize I was teasing Daddy because I was still innocent and all.  So Daddy comes up behind me and puts his hands on my hips and tells me what a pretty young lady I was turning into while he presses his hard cock up against my butt, and I’m like Daddy what are you doing?  You’ve been teasing me all week long Abbe and now I want to treat you like a tease should be treated and you start kissing my neck.

You unzip your pants and pull your large hard cock out, wow Daddy that is sooooo big!  And you put it up against my lips and make me open my mouth and take your whole cock down my throat making me gag on it.  Then you push me down on the couch and unzip my booty shorts, take them off and start licking my pussy and sucking on my clit.  Wow Daddy this is feeling so good!  Do you want your Daddy to put his cock in your little cunny?  Yes Daddy, Yes I want to feel it.  So you slide your cock into my Virgin phone sex pussy and made me cum and cum!  You are going to be my little WHORE now and I’m going to do to you what all little whores get, I’m going to pull my cock out of your cunny with all your slick juices all over it and SHOVE it in your little pink puckered ASS!  You are going to be Daddy’s little whore from now on, I am going to come in your room and fuck you every night!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Abbe.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Abbe at 1-888-840-7458
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My perverted phone sex

Daddy, it turns you on so much to see me walk around the house in my tank top and booty shorts that you are actually thinking about doing some Age Play Phone Sex with me.  After all I am so petite and my titties so small, pussy bare, I look just like a little girl.

You can’t help but think about your underage daughter while you stroke your cock in the bedroom.  You imagine what I look like underneath my clothes and that get’s you even hotter.  One time I needed something and walked into your bedroom and caught you with your private body part in your hand!  Daddy, what are you doing with your private part in your hand?  You know this is wrong but feels so right, that you are thinking of inviting your daughter into the bed with you and stripping her down to see that bare tiny twat.

So you get up the nerve and tell her to come into the bedroom, you invite her over to your side of the bed so she can see your hard cock.  When I get over to your side, I ask, Daddy why is your private sticking up so high?  Well you do this to me sweetie because you walk around in skimpy clothing.  Do you want to learn some things sweetie?  Yes Daddy!  So you tell me to get undressed and climb in the bed with you.  Oh yes sweetie, I need this young girl body to look at for my Perverted phone sex thoughts and wow you look better than what Daddy thought!  Oh no, I don’t know if I can do this, but looking down at your bald twat I HAVE to do it!

I can go to the extreme with my age play fantasies, so I have No Limits phone sex, baby!

Wicked little sister phone sex

I was mindin’ my own business really. I was just off the phone with my best friend and painting my pretty little toenails pink when my big brother barged in pissed because he said he could tell I’d been in his room. I assured him I hadn’t been, but he wasn’t going to relent. He said I owed him. And he pulled out his big fat cock. He wanted phone sex with his little sister and he wanted it now!

He said he was sick and tired of me running around the house barely clad. He said Dad may be immune to it, but that I owed him for making his dick hard nightly. He said he smelled my perfume on his pillow–and that is how he knew I had been in his room.

But see, I had a master plan. I wanted my phone sex brother to take advantage of me. I’d always been jealous of his girlfriends and how they sound through the wall of my bedroom. The gagging. The giggling. The loud orgasms. Well, he’s MY brother and so I laid out a plan to get him to fuck me.

And this plan included taking some sperm into my little fertile, underage cunt as well. So if you’re into that sort of thing–a wicked little sister who will make you think you want that young cunt–well you call me. I will set your dick on fire with my enthusiasm and intoxicating personality!