Indentured slave phone sex

indentured slave phone sex

We were indentured to the master’s cock my very young daughter and i.  We knew our place in this world the minute we showed up on his door step homeless and wanting.  A man like Master knows how to get the proper payment for any services his renders–in this case he just provided the base needs of shelter and a hot meal once in awhile.  I had to agree to sign our lives over as indentured slave phone sex sluts to his every whim.

No matter what he asks we must provide. Whether it is forbidden mother daughter lesbian action.  Anal penetration of a girl much too small and innocent.  Anal cream pies dripping with day’s worth of cum are sucked clean by our mouths as we beg master for more of his deviant cock.

Indentured slave phone sex is a way of life for us now–perhaps you’d like to join the Master and make us do your bidding as well.

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Mom whoring me out phone sex

whoring me out phone sex

I am Daddy’s girl by far but lets talk about my Momma for a little bit.  Momma knows what Daddy and I do together and she takes advantage of me.  She likes to come over to my condo while my Daddy is gone to work and whore me out for money!

My Momma has lots of guy friends who are interested in fucking an 18yrs old phone sex girl.  They love that tight body and pussy and are willing to pay money for it.   My Momma is always there when they are fucking me too, she likes to watch it turns her on to see her daughter getting fucked! Plus she does share the money with me so it is a win win situation.  But what my Momma really likes is to have me do Gang Bang phone sex in front of her.

So if you are in the mood for some Taboo phone sex with this pleasing girl then give me a call!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex

Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex

I just love being the sweet naughty Neighbor Girl Next Door Phone Sex. I have had the biggest crush on my neighbor’s husband he is so hot, and I have wanted him for so long. I spotted him the day they moved in, he had his shirt off and was lifting heavy things, sweating, muscles protruding, I wish I could say that I could say no to him but that is far from the truth. I would have never thought for a minute about being with him but I noticed he was looking at me too so I figured, what the hell, I will go introduce myself to him, I know he wants me just as much as I want him.

The next day when my parents went away, I went over and knocked on my perverted neighbor’s door and told him that I needed to come in for a little while that I was locked out. He, of course went right for it. When the door closed, and I knew, we were all alone. I said to him I saw the way you have been looking at me and know how bad you want me. He tried denying it but when I looked down and noticed something was sticking straight up in his shorts, I said well there is no denying you want me with that. He tried to turn away from me. I walked over and reached in front of him and grabbed his cock. When I felt how hard it was, I knew he wanted me then.

Soon as I touched it, he admitted it right there on the spot how bad he had wanted to fuck me when he saw me standing in my yard in my string bikini. I said well then let’s do it. I bent over pulled my thong to the side and let him shove that rock hard cock deep inside of me. He had me squirting on his cock fast because he was pounding me so damn hard! Now that is how two hot neighbors fuck!

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Little kinky nephews wanted

first blow job phone sexDo you want to see my kinky phone sex pussy? I know you’re so curious to know the difference between boys and girls aren’t you? You cum over to hang out with me all the time and you are always trying to catch a peek of me on the potty. Then I find you lurking around the shower touching yourself like a naughty boy. Oh my whatever will I do with such a naughty nephew? Cum call me and let me teach you all about sex.

If you’re really good I will give you your very first blow job phone sex and let you put your big hard cock in my dripping juicy pussy and make you a man today. Would you like your Auntie Ashlee to pop your cherry? Call me and find out why I am going to be your favorite babysitter phone sex Auntie!

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This Juvenile Delinquent Phone Sex

So I took a chance and IM’d a former Daddy of mine and he messaged me back! I love knowing that I am never forgotten, even if I seem so far removed and hard to catch. This Daddy–well he’s always known how to make my kitten purr–and squeal–and scream–and BEG for mercy. I had forgotten how good we played together. It was high time that he took that frustration out on me with some juvenile delinquent phone sex.

Daddy picked me up from school and then ordered me into the house. He was inconvenienced by being called from work because I wore clothes that were far too tight, short and revealing. I was suspended from school. Daddy thought this would be the perfect time to teach me the dangers of dressing this way around boys and men. He made me suck his cock–wash my mouth out with it actually. I took it all down and teared up but Daddy was only excited by my tears. He was so excited in fact that he made me get completely naked and bend over for an anal spanking. Then he fucked my dirty little cunt with his cock. He didn’t want to cum in me–not yet so he made me drink down all the juices that my behavior had caused. I just love my Daddy M–so good and thank you baby! I hope we can connect again soon!

Daddy’s Little Cock Tease Phone Sex

Daddy's Little Cock Tease

T.H. makes my young pussy melt in our Young & Sensual Phone Sex fantasies. I am a little cock tease, especially when I wiggled out of my panties and rubbed them all over him before I slid my fingers down to my pussy and masturbated for him. I was over him with his dick almost touching my pussy and slid down on his cock just when I made myself cum and squirt. I slowly started to fuck him until he came inside me. Being his erotic cock tease is always amazing and this time was as hot as ever! I was a naughty little cock tease for Daddy T.H. in our Daddy/Daughter age play fantasy.

I slowly sucked his dick in our sensual phone sex Family Fun fantasy and then fucked him so good. Even the way he fucked my ass was so erotic. He slid his dick in my little pussy and came inside me, hoping to get me pregnant. I can’t wait to start an family with Daddy T.H. I’m going to be such a good Mommy in our young age play fantasy and can’t wait to get pregnant again and again for him. Even our kinky fantasies can be very erotic in our Young & Sensual Phone Sex role plays and I’m always ready for a hot, sexy, sensuous role play with you!

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