Wild Uncle/niece phone sex!

My parents were going out of town this week and they had my Uncle stay at the house the whole week to watch me.  I don’t think my Uncle minded because he always loves to come see his niece for some Uncle/Niece phone sex.

My Uncle likes to come over because I dress in crop shirts and short shorts or short miniskirts and he can see my tight skinny body.  Plus ever since we did bath time together because his arm was broken, he has been looking at me differently.  He got to see my little body and feel it because I was naked in the tub with him.

Now I think he wants to do more than just bath time with me which is fine with me, my Uncle is so HOT plus since our bath time together I know he has a Big Dick!  So I am looking forward to this whole week with my Uncle!

After my parents left I came up to my Uncle on the couch and sat in his lap.  I told him how much I liked bath time together and that I want to do more with him now.  I give him a big passionate kiss and start grinding on his lap.  He was so excited that he picked me up laid me on the couch, pulled my miniskirt up, slipped my panties to the side and slid his big dick into my tight little pussy!  Man that felt so good, so my Uncle and I fucked all week long!

Age play phone sex princess

My knees are knockin’!! What are you doing Daddy? OMG, your taking your pants down? Why? Oh, it’s because I’m wearing clothes that are much too small. I am showing a little bit of hard, teen nipple and a good amount of chunky young girl butt. You say the boys can’t handle that. You say that this little age play phone sex princess needs to learn a lesson and get some clothes that fit.

You then proceed to teach me the dangers of exposing myself to men and boys. Your cock slides in and out of my young pretty mouth and gags me in my throat. You hold my hair tightly and show me how most guys do it–gagging me and making me slobber all over my shirt. Then you make me take off that messy shirt and pinch my nipples for making your cock hurt. You say, that I must take care of that now. You don’t want to get me pregnant so you bend me over the sofa and fuck my age play phone sex princess cunt. Oh, my sweet young voice was a bit too much to handle on that call–my Daddy spewed a hot spunky load and was very loud in my ear!