Temptation of a phone sex pastor

I came home from school a little sad despite wearing the new pink dress Mom bought me for the Spring pageant. Mom had gone out of town and it was just my pastor Dad waiting for me. I was too embarrassed to share what was on my mind, but Dad has a way of making me talk about embarrassing things.

You see, I have been attending the private religious school ever since I was in kindergarten. I’d noticed the head master taking interest in my in particular this year. He always tried to get me alone. Today, he made up an excuse to pull me in the rectory for punishment. My punishment really made me feel ashamed even as the remnants of it pooled in the crotch of my panties.

When Dad pressed I tried my very best to explain the situation as any young girl with little sexual knowledge would. Dad at first explained to me how I could get the pastor into a lot of trouble by talking this way. He said it was normal for him to take me into the office if I had been misbehaving and giving me the appropriate spanking or other disciplinary measures. When I kept talking about my bottom, he said that it was ok that the pastor touched me there if I had been bad.

So I had to show my Daddy why I was so ashamed. When Daddy saw the situation in my bottom he wanted to make sure he understood exactly how things got to be that way. I guess he was just like that pastor and I am just a bad, bad girl because Daddy phone sex spanked me up my bottom hole too!