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I needed a fix of some Big Black Cock phone sex to get me through the night.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some boy toys to play with but they only have average cocks, like 5-6′ big, it just doesn’t satisfy my Size Queen phone sex desires.

I went out with one of my boy toys the other night.  He is so nice and treats me like a little princess but he just doesn’t satisfy me.  But I am planning on fulfilling my Cuckold phone sex desires tonight!  You see, I have a surprise for my boy toy tonight.

When we get back to my place there is already a Big Black Cock man waiting for us.  So I blindfold my boy toy and guide him into my bedroom and have him sit in a chair.  I get undressed, get on my knees and start sucking that big black man’s cock.  I told my boy toy to take off his blindfold and the look on his face was just shocked, he couldn’t believe how big that cock I had in my mouth was. At first he looked a little disappointed because he knew he wasn’t going to get to fuck me tonight.  Then I think he got a little jealous when I got on my hands and knees on the bed and he saw that big nigger dick slide into my tight teen pussy.

Next thing I know he is pulling out his cock, it was so hard, and he started stroking it.  He scooted closer to the bed and put his head up close to my pussy with that black dick sliding in and out of it, watching my pussy juices dripping onto the bed.  And when that big dick shot his load into me my boy toy was eagerly waiting to lick my Cream pie phone sex!

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My dirty phone sex daddy and I have a date after Christmas.  It is sad, but Daddy has been on cock lock for the last couple of weeks.  No hanky panky for Daddy.  But he has had lots of time to dream about what he is going to do with the slutty little red headed phone fuck.  I can’t wait til the chains cum off and we are able to talk about something so filthy it would make the devil blush.

You see we want to talk about the neighbor boy next door who I sometimes babysit.  Daddy is sending Mommy away so that we can have him over to play.  Daddy asks “Timmy” if he’s ever made it squirt before and of course he hasn’t.  Confused by the whole thing Daddy tells me that we must help Timmy learn how to make his little dick squirt.

We all get naked and I show Timmy my little bald phone sex cunt.  He is curious about touching it and Daddy encourages him to stick his fingers right in.  All spread out Daddy helps Timmy get a hand full of pervy Aimie pussy juice.  Then Daddy has Timmy stand up and hold out his little dick.

Daddy holds it up for me as I lick Timmy’s pee hole making him squirm and squeal.  Tickling him with my nasty phone sex tongue Daddy gets down there and starts licking his young balls.  Timmy says he’s going to pee.  Daddy tells him to go ahead and pee in my cock sucking phone sex mouth.

Then we both get down there and suck on Timmy’s penis.  We kiss over until Timmy makes cum squirt for the first time.  Now Timmy is our little playmate–oh the things we will do to this young boy after Christmas!

Ready to have cock sharing phone sex, Daddy?  I bet you haven’t shared a cock with a girl as filthy as me before!

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young cunt phone sexHi Mister <3 giggles <3 Oh I can not come out to play young cunt phone sex today, my mommy and daddy told me no visitors while they were away. But sir I know that you live in the neighborhood and your always giving me candy, but mom and dad really said I could get into bunches of trouble! Maybe tomorrow I can come and play with you for the $500.00 so I can buy myself a new dollie. <3 blushes <3

You really promise you will not tell anyone about me coming to your place, I could get into bunches of trouble. Ok! But only because I want to buy my baby sister and mom and dad new presents for Christmas. But sir, you promised I just had to eat the candy, what is a penis and why do I need to put it in my mouth? Do I kiss it on the tip or on the bottom of your lollicock. <2 confused <3

Yes I have a little bald pussy, and and young voice for all your young cunt phone sex. <3 cries <3 Can I please go home now?

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