Let Angel Trick You With Her Halloween Treats

No Taboo Phone SexIt’s time for NO Taboo Halloween Phone Sex! Its time for all the Halloween parties and getting naughty with Dracula or a Witch or the Dr. you always wanted to be. Hey Halloween is not just for kids to play, it’s time for us grown ups to play too. Let naughty Angel be your slutty Catholic Schoolgirl all dressed in plaid, knee high socks, white sneakers and my hair in a ponytail. At least I don’t have to go our and buy a costume because I still have my uniform from Catholic School. You can be dressed like Father O’Leary and you can sneak me upstairs to the bathroom.

Once inside you will back me up to the sink where you will pull my white cotton panties down and my plaid skirt up and sit me right up on the edge of the sink. I will reach down and gather your robe up until that hard cock is revealed. Licking my lips I will jerk that rod up and down while you tongue fuck my throat. Grab that stool over in the corner and bring it over here for you to stand on, making your cock perfect height for my waiting mouth. Licking and sucking that monster, you fumble with my wet pussy, fingering it and making it even wetter. Off the stool you go and push it out of the way, laying me back on the sink you enter me. Fucking that little sweet hole until I scream with delight.

Just as I feel you fill me up, someone knocks on the door. We will be out in a minuet I yell. You pull out and have me clean your shrinking cock clean, licking my lips I cram my panties in my sweater pocket as we walk out to join the party. Now it’s time for your invitation for NO Taboos Halloween Phone Sex!

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Daddy I Was Phone Sex Raped on Campus

Daddy I was phone sex raped on campus! Remember the rape crisis group I formed this year to help the girls on campus?? Well daddy, some frat house decided it was not good for their image!! <3 crying <3 Daddy last night as I was closing up the building guys grabbed me and put a pillow case over my head! <3 sobs <3 Daddy they told me if I made a sound they would kill me, but I had to be a rape survivor in order to give other girls therapy all the time they laughed.

Then when they grabbed me and took me inside of a dark and cold building I seen the girls on the missing fliers around campus!<3 scared <3 Daddy they were tied to beds and getting raped too! When the boys cut my clothes off they blew a powder into my face and when I woke up I was surrounded by cocks! They were taking turns covering me in cum and double penetration in my ass and my pussy!!

But daddy the worst part of it all was, when I looked up and saw you there! Playing with your cock while you seen the look of fear and dried cum on my face. Daddy I was phone sex raped on campus, and you was the master mind the whole time? <3 giggles <3

<3 kiss, kiss <3

Brownie Scout Phone Sex

Daddy today is my first big meeting for brownie scout phone sex!! <3 kiss, kiss <3 Daddy I was wondering if you would take me so you would let me know if I was the prettiest little girl in all my brownie troop? Daddy I know you will be honest because you love little girls so much! <3 giggles<3 When the other dads look at me, I can tell you get so happy, I just swish my hips a little bit more!

Daddy when I put on my sash does it help show how flat chested I am? Not having boobies is sexier than big titties right daddy! Because my little flat chest means I have a pretty little bald pussy! <3 blushes <3 That is what you tell every morning when we pass by the pretty ladies in the front yard getting their kiddos on the bus.

Even when I see you look at other little girls daddy I like it, because it means more special time for you and me! <3 hugs <3 Daddy will you come to my meeting so you can get a raging boner you take out on my little tootie with your fat man cock.

Some of those girls are so young they still talk with a lisp and maybe we can invite them for a special brownie scout phone sex sleep over! <3 blushes <3 Daddy your the best daddy, with the biggest lollipop and I want to share our fantasies!

xoxo Julia <3 kiss, kiss <3