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Stepdaddy phone sexI want you to know I have a thing for Daddy’s. I just recently I fucked and sucked my new step Daddy until his body shook. My mother got remarried recently and my step dad is hot, and from the first time I saw him I wanted to taste his cock, and feel it inside of me penetrating me deep. I have teased him when I have been sleeping over at their house. I’ve even seen him watch me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I’d sit at the dinner table with one finger rubbing my pussy gently and when mom wasn’t looking I would look right at him the pleasure so obvious on my face, pull out my finger and suck on the tip slowly while staring at him.

Then one day Mom said she was going on a business trip and wanted me to come by to keep him company. I knew I would have my chance to fuck, and suck him like he has never had before. He could barely look at me without pitching a tent, it was cute. I used to see him flick it hard with his finger to soften his hard cock so it wasn’t so obvious to my Mom how he felt about me. The night Mom went away I came over and made us dinner, we ate and while staring at him with lust in my eyes, I slowly slid under the table, he was quiet with anticipation, I crawled over to him, and slowly rubbed his cock with my hand and felt his cock harden quickly.

I unbuttoned his pants, and slowly pulled the zipper down. I pulled out his cock and put my lips around the head and slowly ran my tongue around his head for a few seconds, feeling his cocks head pulsate I took his shaft into my mouth and down my throat slowly, inch by inch until I reached the base of his cock. I sucked hard, and heard him groan with pleasure loudly. He pushed the table away from him so he could grab my hair, he said “this is bad, you’re a bad girl Roni”. “DO you want me to stop?” I asked him and he just grabbed my head and forced my mouth over his cock again. His precum was dripping down my chin when he yanked me up by the hair with such force I was eye to eye with him, he then stuck his tongue down my throat and pinched my nipples hard. He flipped me over on the kitchen table, onto my back, grabbed my ankles, raised my legs up and used my wet pussy juices to penetrate my ass. “You like fucking Daddy bitch”, he gave me a light smack on the ass cheek, “what would your mother say” he stated.

He proceeded to fuck my ass like it had never been fucked, slowly and surely at first, then rapidly and deep, fuck it felt so good. “Fuck me daddy please, fuck me harder”, I screamed loudly as I came again. He pulled out and came all over my titties. Where would you like to CUM Daddy?

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