Alone in the house together

Cheating phone sexI live with you and my big sis. I think you are totally HOT so I am always walking around the house with very tight and short skirts and tight tank tops showing my tight little teen body. I always make sure to bend over in front of you so you can see the outline of my pussy through the g-strings that I wear.

One day we found ourselves alone in the house together. I am dressed in my usual tight skirt and tank top teasing you. My sister was out shopping so we know she is going to be gone for a couple of hours.

I bend over in front of you, shaking my ass for you, teasing you. I have been wanting you for a long time but my big sis never left for this long so you ask me to sit on the couch with you and watch a “special” movie. The movie turned out to be a porno, so he asked me to scoot closer to him. He puts his arm around me and gave me a big kiss and asked me if I liked the movie. Mmmmm yes, kinda reminds me of the things I want to do to you.

So we started kissing again and you worked your finger under my g-string and slipped it into my tight teen pussy. You slip off my skirt and tank top and start kissing my little perky titties. You kiss down my belly to my sweet little honey pot and bury your face in it. You start licking and sucking as I grind all over your face. I want you so bad, so just give me your forbidden hard cock! Slip your big fuck stick into my little tight cunny!

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