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I love women as much as I love men. The curves of her beautiful full ass as it meets the small of her back. The sensual fullness of her breasts and how hard her nipples get. The way a woman walks in a room and looks you straight in the eye with longing and lust says so much. Nothing is sexier than a hot girl full of desire waiting to bubble over into your bed. I Just love that Come fuck me look. Makes me want to just get on my hands and knees and take her clit into my mouth until she explodes.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Kimmy.
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Had a bad day? Let your girlfriend Emily take care of you!

GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex

Have you had a bad day baby?  Need a little stress relief?  I can help you with that, I will be your favorite GFE phone sex girl!

Let’s start this phone sex affair and let me take care of you baby!  I will greet you at the door dressed in a black lacy teddy with garters that hold up my black silky stockings and 6″ stiletto heels.  I will be waiting with your favorite alcoholic beverage in my hand, anticipating the excitement I get when you walk through the door!

When you come through the door, I give you a big, passionate kiss and a hug.  I have your favorite robe and slippers ready for you in the bedroom.  I have the fireplace going and your favorite steak dinner waiting for you.

Doesn’t that sound like something that would relieve some of that stress baby?  Well that’s what I’m here for, to take care of you and make sure when you are home that you are stress free.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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Age play phone sex Tori

Sweet little phone sex girl dressed in pink with no undies shows up at your door.  What do you do?  Well you grab her up and take her deep into your place where you kiss her deeply on her lips and tell her how much you’ve missed her while you were on the road.

She holds up those thin arms–and you slip that pink nightie over her head.  Don’t you just love the flat chest and purple-pink dollops of nipples that you behold.  You can’t wait, so you stick your tongue out and flick one–it’s hard–even though this young phone sex girl is so young you know you’d get into trouble if anyone knew.

Yet the taste of the young nipple is too intoxicating.  You need more so you whisk this age play phone sex princess into your master suite.  You teach her young mouth how to take that older man tongue of yours–your teach her how to tongue dance and that getting wet without peeing is ok.  As a matter of fact you say you’ll take care of that for her.

So you get on your bed, lay on your back and invite the young cunt to your face sitting phone sex mouth.  You love it when that young bald pussy collapses all over your mouth.  You are drunk on the taste of young girl excitement and virgin pussy juices aren’t you?

Bad date leads to Student teacher phone sex encounter

I was at the prom and my date ended up getting drunk on the spiked punch.  He started hell raising and knocked over the spiked punch bowl.  The teacher on duty took both of us to the back.  My date passed out on the floor and my teacher took me to his office.

He told me I was going to get five days of detention because of my dates actions.  I begged him not to give me detention, my parents would freak!  I told him that I would do anything he wanted if he just wouldn’t give me detention.  He told me he might be able to knock it down some of my detention days but I would still be in detention.  I begged and pleaded with him.

He told me to come around to his desk where he was sitting.  He said there might be something you could do that would give you only one day of detention.  So I said I will do anything, so he unzipped his pants and told me to suck on his cock.  So I did what I was told and got on my knees and put my mouth around his cock and started sucking.  He told me I was a good little cock sucker.  He started to unzip my dress and take it off.  Then he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face, forcing his large cock to go down my throat.  I started gagging on it and felt it throbbing in my mouth.  He told me he was about to cum but wouldn’t take his hand off of the back of my head.  So when he shot his load, it was so big that it leaked out of my mouth on to my chin and boobs.  I asked him if he would not give me any detention and he said he wouldn’t, since I was a good little cock sucker.

I told him that I needed to take a shower, so I went to the girls locker room, disrobed and got in the shower.  While I was taking a shower I felt someone behind me and felt something rubbing against my pussy!  It was my teacher, he had come up behind me and slid his cock in between my legs touching my pussy as he was thrusting himself on me.  He bent me over and slid his cock into my wet little pussy and started fucking me!  He told me how much he liked my pussy, it was good and tight.  As he had me bent over, he started looking at my puckered little pink asshole.  He said he wanted to fuck my pretty little ass!  So he pulled his man stick out of my pussy and slid it into my ass.  He told me how much he liked my tight little asshole and he was going to cum in it!

So if you’re into a Student/teacher phone sex, then call this young girl and I will take care of my teacher.  Are you into Teen phone sex, do you like them being young girls?  Then call this young girl and lets have some fun!

Do What Daddy Loves

Pedo Phone Sex Fantasies

You need some hot naughty daughter phone sex today! I know that when moms asleep you sneak into my room with all kinds of devious thoughts and a rock hard cock. That must mean I do it better than mom right?

You sit on the side of my bed and start rubbing my leg. It wakes me up and my eyes try to focus on you in the dark. But the only thing you really want me to focus on is that boner in your boxers. You put your hand over my mouth and tell me to “Shhhhh, we don’t want to wake mommy now do we?” Then you slide your hands under my blankets and find my young smooth cunt, tracing my pink lips over my panties. “Pull them off” I whisper. I hear you groan, and then I match that groan when you slip your finger inside me.

“Be a good girl and do what Daddy loves.” I lean forward and open wide. You put your hand on top of my head and push it down, way way down. I know I cant choke or gag on it right now because we have to be quiet. I do my very best to please you, because I love you and I always want my Daddy to be happy!

You climb on top of me and force that big Daddy cock into my bald tight snatch … with out a rubber. You see the concerned look on my face and you explain to me that it’s perfectly OK, you has always dreamed about getting me pregnant!!!

Let me be your best teen phone fuck ever! I can’t wait to tell you more naughty stories about me!



This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Nadia.
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Let Roni Be Your Big Tittie Teen Phone Sex Slut

No Taboo Phone SexLet me be your big tittie Teen Phone Sex slut, I will be proud of it! My young hot body has everything a man like you desires, From Big tits to a tight little pussy and I need to have the kind of explosive orgasm dreams are made of and I know your just the man to fulfill the job. When was the last time you fucked a hot young big tittied girl that could suffocate you with them? If you’re a boob guy you will LOVE my all natural massive teen titties. Just try and imagine me on my knees, staring lovingly into Daddy’s eyes while crushing your cock between these big juicy tits, slowly devouring you deeper into my throat as I finger my sweet young cunt into a sticky wet mess. “Daddy,” I say, I’m so sorry you caught me sneaking out. I know I’ve been a very naughty teenager, but I really don’t want to be grounded. I’ll do anything you ask, even let you fuck my tight cunt and pretty pink asshole with your thick cock!

Call me for a slutty good time, Daddy! I swear our Big Tittie Teen Phone Sex session will be our little dirty secret!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Roni.
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Kinky phone sex – babysitter fucking

kinky phone sex“Mindy, we’re home early,” L said as he carried his wife up the stairs. Drunk again. She’s always plastered when they come home. The kids were in bed and I was ready to get on with my life and my boyfriend was out in the car around the corner waiting for me to “get off work.”

“Mindy,” L comes around the corner and stops. I am sitting there biting my lower lip and nervously knocking my knees together, “Oh is something wrong?”

“No Mr. L,” I say, “I just need to get home, ride’s waiting.”

It was the way I bit my lower lip I found out later. He had this thing about lips that he couldn’t shake that Mr. L.

His hand lit across my backside with my little skirt pulled up, “So you thought you’d sneak out with that guy parked in the beat up car down the street did you,” Smack, Smack Smack.

He leaned in over the top of me and his lips grazed the back of my neck, “well no man wants sloppy seconds,” and L slid his much older cock into my tight little pussy. “I’ve always wanted a babysitter fucking,” he said as he slid in and out of me.

“Now get on your knees,” I did and he came on my face and pushed some of it into my mouth. Now have that horny fuck taste another man on ya. He said.

And Yes, I love kinky phone sex especially if I’m your hot, submissive babysitter.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Mindy.
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