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No taboo phone sexGot some HOT Age play phone sex fantasies in that dirty mind of yours? Well look no further you have found your Age Play princess! Whether you like your girls very young to co-ed, I can do any one of those and in between! I love acting out our Age Play fantasies, it makes my pussy soooo wet! I could be your young daughter or one of her friends, I could be that college girl your perverted professor mind wants to fuck! Either way I LOVE age play fantasies! My nickname is Age Play Abbe so don’t be afraid to express your perverted side to me! Call Abbe for your Age Play phone sex fantasies! How perverted do you want to get? Just let me know, I am a No limits and No taboo phone sex type of girl, so I will do anything our dirty little minds can cum up with!

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Private School Girl Slut Phone SexAre you looking for a girl who loves dick? Loves sex? Well baby that’s me. I know I am only 18 and you may think I am to young to enjoy sex as much as I do,but damn it I love sex. Sometimes I just feel like I can’t get enough of it! I went to a private Christian school where girls where suppose to be girls and boys where supposed to be upright young men. Well it wasn’t like that at all, I found out from a friend that one of the boys had a crush on me. He was always looking at me, and I knew he was fantasizing about me. He would always go to the bathroom during our co-ed gym class, he always acted like it was because he didn’t feel good but I knew it was really because he was jacking off thinking about me. He totally had a crush on me and I know he wanted to fuck me. On the days we had our co-ed gym class I would always make sure I didn’t wear my panties to class, I would take them off right before class in the bathroom.

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