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Today at school my teacher pulled me a side…

sherry44jj…… and told me he needed to see me after school. I’m so glad I did stay after school. Why do you ask? Well he told me that I was failing his class and that there was only one way I could bring my grades up. I asked him how I could. So he pulled down his pants, and I really did love what I saw. His thick rock hard dick. So with out asking him what he would like me to do I got down on my knees and said yes master, and started suck his dick. He pulled my hair and told me I was his little sex princess. I said yes sir. Then he looked at me and told me to get down on my hands and knees and he stuck that cock in my tight ass. Mmm I just loved the way it felt in my ass. Then he started to finger me in my tight pussy. All I can really say now is that I’m defiantly getting straight A’s in his class for sure now. But there’s still only one problem now. I want more and not just from him, from you. I want to be your little sex princess.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Sherry.
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Because it is extremely important to me that you “feel” my touch. The best way for you to feel me through the phone is to lay back, close your eyes, get a good visual and let me direct your hand over your cock. Let me tell you how to tickle your fingers down your shaft as if my tiny young fingers were doing it for you. Let me exclaim how excited it makes me to see how large and strong my Daddy is for me. I love this part, this is what got my p Daddy on our last no limits phone sex session.

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fetish phone sexI love Uncle phone sex! Everyone knows that I’m Uncle’s girl. I think I would be financially lost if my Uncle didn’t spoil me the way he does. I have to do certain things before he will buy me anything but it is well worth it! I was hanging out with my g/f Sheila the other day and we decided that we were in the mood to go to the mall and do some shopping. My Uncle always tells me anytime I need money to just stop by his office so that is what I did. When we arrived, I kinda demanded his credit cards so I can go shopping. He inched closer to me looking me in the eyes calling me a spoiled brat and said you know what to do in order to get my credit cards. He leaned in kissing me hard and deep sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth. Tracing my nipples with his fingers before pulling on them. I love when my Uncle gets forceful with me when he’s at work, secretly hoping someone would see. We might not be able to fuck at the moment but later tonight he’s coming over and I will show him my appreciation. My Uncle loves pleasing his little Neice. Do you? If so call me for some Taboo Phone Sex! I love this and all other types of calls too. We can talk about anything like, ageplay, family fun, gangbang, cockteasing, humiliation, fetish phone sex! Anything goes!! Call me and tell me things you wouldn’t dare share with anyone else!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Angel.
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No limits phone sex virginity

There many first-time moments in a person’s life. Getting a drivers’ license is one of those moments. I am sure you remember getting your own drivers’ license and the very first time you got behind the wheel all by yourself. You feel like an adult as you crank up your parents’ stereo and roll down all the windows. It’s one of those special moments that you can ONLY have once. Just like losing your no limits phone sex virginity or your first taste of alcohol. So I am the young girl of the story, you are a man divorcing your wife for fooling around with the student body. Your wife is unhinged and chasing you, you find me–freshly licensed to drive a car and I save your ass–then you take my cherry.