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Daddy daughter phone sexMy daddy says it’s time to take our play times to the next level. Daddy says i am blossoming into a beautiful young lady and that i am ready for the next gift he is going to give me. I get so excited I love presents. I work really hard to please daddy and make him happy cause mom does a lousy job. Daddy hands me a box with a big pretty pink ribbon tied around it. I carefully untied the ribbon as not to rip it. I want to add it to my little box of treasures I have stuffed in the back of my panty drawer. My treasure box holds all my things from our play times together.

This ribbon would be perfect for the next time daddy ties me up or blind folds me. I open the box and inside is a baby doll. Daddy knows how I love baby dolls. He said this one is going to be different. It’s special he says. Daddy looks at me and says today daddy’s not wearing a rain coat. I am going to fill your little young pussy with daddy’s sperm and we are going to have our own real live baby. But you can’t tell anyone its daddy’s. People won’t understand the strong love that we have shared ever since you were 6 years old.

I know by now so many of you guys are bulging at the seam from reading this. If young Daddy daughter phone sex is what you fantasize about I am your girl. Cum inside my barely legal pussy and watch our baby grow inside me.

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Nymphette Phone SexI have this teacher that is very handsome. I love following him around after school. I didn’t find it odd that at twenty one years old he actually puts up with this behavior. The giggling and the obvious overtures would have put other boys on edge long ago. But he tolerates it. Sometimes I think he actually welcomes my teen phone sex flirtations even though he knows he shouldn’t. *giggles.

I have been told that I am cute. I would like to think that cute also means that I am sexy. I love my hair and my sweet, soft features. I love looking at myself in the mirror and primping and making some of my best features stand out, like my ass and my eyes. *giggles. I know he notices.

I have decided that he is going to teach me all about men! I need to know and so I am going to slowly walk by everyday and make sure he notices the short skirts, the angling of my hips. I want him to see me as more than cute though, I want him to have his way with my teen phone sex pussy.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Kimmy.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Kimmy at 1-866-355-6302
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