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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Mindy.
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dirty teen phone sexWelcome to my blog!  This is where you will read my dirty desires and thoughts along with some naughty stories!  I know you will love my dirty teen phone sex so look at my blog for updates and give me a call! I look forward to unleashing our inner beasts together!


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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Iris.
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Voyeur Phone SexThe smell of cotton candy and corn dogs and funnel cakes all fill the air with grease and debauchery. The carnies are all checking me out as my Daddy and I walk down the midway of the county fair. Daddy always makes sure that he takes me himself. He must protect his sexy, baby girl from all those carnie predators, most of them look like they walked straight out of the slammer after being caught on “To catch a predator.”

I know that I shouldn’t stare back but it’s kinda hot. I like when they smile too. Daddy says I need to only have eyes for him. I decided to go behind this one booth and see if the cute carnie would follow me and he sure did. Dad ended up jerking his cock as he watched me get fucked up against the back of the booth, it’s really cool though I sucked him off before we continued around the fair. Are you needing a real phone sex slut? Call me real soon.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Mindy.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Mindy at 1-866-998-6944
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Sinful Religious Phone SexWaiting in the hall for my meeting with Sister Ann to go over my Math grades I thought back to the day when I found her in the stock room having sex with Father John on the floor. They were so involved with each other, they didn’t even realize that someone had unlocked the stock room door. I had gone there for some chalk and an eraser for study hall. After the shock wore off I snuck inside and locked the door behind me. Standing behind one of the shelving units I pulled my uniform skirt up and pulled my white cotton panties to the side so I could finger my little pussy. Watching as Sister Ann sucked on Father John’s cock while he finger fucked her cunt made my pussy drip. I couldn’t believe I was looking at this. It wasn’t the first time the Nuns and the Fathers at my Catholic school were caught by us fucking. He fingered her old cunt fast as I saw him insert a 4th finger. Thinking he will be able to fist fuck her before long. She jumped up making his fingers fall out of that gaping hole of hers and yanked his underwear down farther and pulled her habit up around her neck and climbed up on top of his cock. She rode him like a bucking bronco.

He had a shit eating grin on his face the whole time. I fingered my tight pussy, wanting to cum before they did so I could sneak out. I had two finger all the way up inside myself rubbing against my G-Spot when I had to bite my lip so they wouldn’t hear me cumming. As I pulled my skirt down and looked for something to clean my cum covered fingers I heard him cum. I figured I better wait now until they left. Squatting down to hide I waited until I heard the door close and then I snuck back to class with the supplies I went for in the first place. Just remembering this incident makes me want to have some Sinful Religious Phone Sex, are you up for it?


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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Angel.
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