I helped daddy get off good

I was sitting in my room having a snack and trying to focus on this paper I had to write when my Dad came in from fishing. He was drunk because he sings whenever he is drunk. I kept trying to focus on the paper, but because my Dad was so loud I lost track of what I was writing. This made me mad. So I went out to see what was going on.

I don’t think my Daddy knew that I was home. He was standing at the sink with his pants collecting around his ankles. His bare, white ass was twitching and I noticed that he seemed to be humping his hand as he sang his song. I came up from behind and cleared my throat. Daddy turned around causing his hard on to bounce–it reminded me of a springy toy. *Giggle.

Daddy, whatcha doin? Giggle.

I guess all Daddies need to jack off sometimes. I am the type of teen phone sex slut that will lend a helping hand to any cock in need. I just love to laugh at my Daddy as he clumsily tries to get off and asks me to show him my ass, my tits or my perfect pink pussy. Does this Daddy daughter role appeal to you? Then call this red head for some fire hot incest phone sex with a little humiliation.

Teacher/Student Phone Sex

student teacher phone sexWell my pursuit of my professors has gone into full swing!  One of my professors had a pop quiz the other day and let’s just say I did badly on it.  Way too many FRAT parties and not enough studying *giggles*.

Anyways that took my grade point average down a bunch and I thought maybe I could get some extra credit.  I thought maybe I could because I am always sitting in the front row, wearing a squirt, sometimes I have panties on and sometimes I don’t *giggles*.  Anyways I am always flashing him while he is lecturing and I get him a bit off course a lot of times.

So I thought for sure if I offered him a little something I might earn some extra credit for my extra curricular activities he he.  Well I went to his office the other day and told him I needed some extra credit and I would do ANYTHING to get it!  So I locked the door and came closer to him knowing he will love my hot teen phone sex!  He said he didn’t think there was any extra credit i could do.  Well I beg to differ on that one *giggles*.

So I inched my way closer to him and put my hand on his crotch and said again I would do ANYTHING to get some extra credit.  Then he said show me what you will do for me.  So I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and sucked on his cock!  I told him you will love my HOT teen phone sex by the time I am done with you and I know I will get my extra credit!  So we took each others clothes off and we did it right there on his desk.  He told me as long as I keep giving him my teen phone sex, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a bad grade!

I am such a pleaser so I have no limits or taboos, so give me a call and get pleased by me!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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Tight teen phone sex

School Girl Phone SexStudent/Teacher Phone Sex

I was talking on the phone with this guy and all of a sudden he said “shit, I think I see a student”! This was very early in the morning when he called, so I’m thinking what the hell is a student up this early, lol. Anyways, it turned me on so much that he was in his classroom sneaking a call, that my pussy was almost dripping wet! That and the fact that teachers turn me on too * giggles *!

So I pretended like I was that student, the one that wanted to cum in early and see her teacher. I was wearing a little plaid skirt, button down oxford shirt and little cotton panties. I came in his classroom and went up to his desk and sat on it right in front of him. He was very startled by my presence but I could tell he was liking what he was seeing.

So I straddled him while he was in his chair and gave him a big smooch on the lips. He was like what are you doing? I said what do you think I am doing silly, lol. I want you and I have been wanting you for a long time! I see how you look at me and I know you want me too. So I get off his lap and unbutton and unzip his pants and pull them down and start sucking on his cock. He got so turned on that he couldn’t stand it anymore so he laid me on his desk and pulled my panties down and slid his cock in my wet tight teen pussy! OMG it felt so good, what a dream cum true for me, fucking one of my hot teachers! Do you want to be my teacher? I would love to have an early morning tryst before school starts. Something about possibly getting caught just turns me on too! Wanna risk it with me?

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Abbe.
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Roni and her brother have a secret

roni21cWhile taking my bubble bath this morning my Brother Sean came barging in to go pee. I yelled “cant you wait until I am done with my bath”. He just laughed at me and told me to shut up as usual. He left and I continued my bath. I love my morning baths because I have one of those shower massagers that you can hold in your hand. This morning was a morning I felt like having a shower orgasm. I stood and put my leg up on the edge of the tub and turned the head to stream, placing it against my little pussy hole. Its amazing how good it feels to have a rushing force of water slamming against your pussy. It didn’t take to long before I was ready to cum. I was in my own private world for a moment when all the sudden Sean busted through the bathroom door again looking right at me. I froze like a deer in headlights. He laughed again and said hear let me help you little sister.

Sean grabbed the shower massager and took it from my hand, placing it in the tub, with my leg in place still on the edge of the tub he fell to his knees and started eating my gash. Sean had a knack for eating pussy. He has ate me out ever since I can remember and lately enjoys eating my new Girlfriend Cindy too. He licked away and tongue fucked my gash until he could tell I was close and he prepared himself for the gush of my sweet young pussy juice. Almost pulling the shower curtain down I let out a scream that I thought would wake Daddy but it didn’t thank god. I told Sean thank you Bro and he said anytime Sis. I bet you have some stories to tell Roni too, don’t you? I would love to hear them, all of them, no taboos with me.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Roni.
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Kissing cousins phone sex

Bisexual phone sexI like being the older teen in my family. I enjoy teaching my younger cousins and siblings about all those dirty things that no one should know before they are old enough to know hehe. Yes, that makes me a kinky phone sex teen and I don’t care. All I care about is spreading my legs. I feel showing them helps.

So you will be my younger cousin and we will all be on a vacation to Disney. You will walk in on me teaching your sister, my sister, and a step sister how to masturbate using myself as a model. Can you imagine what it would be like standing outside the partitioning hotel room door to see me with my legs open–my back to you but you can clearly see the little bald slits of our younger cohort. When we catch you and you get quite embarrassed I invite you in to learn. You wonder how I know all about masturbating a boy penis don’t you? Well, it’s great that I know so I can teach you and you can go try it on your girlfriends. Me and you and this kinky bunch of young pussy will have fun while our parents explore Epcot and Magic Mountain. After all kinky teen phone sex is better than any of that boring stuff!

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Ashlee.
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I can smell him

I curl up in a little ball, grabbing his picture from my night stand and drift asleep. I awaken to feel like i am floating. I recognize that scent, its him. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my nose in his neck to endure his full scent. His arms are so strong. The touch of his hand on my bottom makes me quiver. I feel so free and lifeless. I hear the door close. I begin to sway back and forth. I love it when he rocks me. He whispers in my ear you were a bad girl and you didn’t wait up for me. He said i am sorry babe but i must punish you. I am going to punish you by dropping you. It might hurt some, but i will pick you up and make it all better.

I feel myself begin to slip. I land on something soft but firm. I hear his heart beat. I feel his palm rubbing all over my small bottom. I feel him inside me. I began to whimper. He tells me to open my eyes. He’s caressing my face. Then our mouths meet. My tight little pussy is so full. He grabs my hips, rocking me back and forth. My legs begin to shake. He is lifting up and down. Taking me deeper and deeper. I cant take it any more and i explode around him. He lets out a huge gasp as he fills me full of his creamy cum. I fall onto his chest. Daddy always makes his princess happy.

Panty Lover

taboo phone sex I really enjoy taboo phone sex. I just cant stop thinking about how i would love to walk in my room and find someone snooping threw my dirty pantie hamper or my secret little toy box i keep under my bed to use on all my pathetic sissy boys. I am so in the mood to have taboo phone sex and punish someone for being a dirty little pantie sniffing, tasting pervert!

I bet you cant stop thinking about my little cotton panties wrapped around your hard dick, the idea of your bratty sister walking in at any minute and catching you being the pathetic stroking perv that you are. Every time i walk in and catch you i will humiliate you by laughing uncontrollably. *hehehe*

I bet you are stroking your cock now thinking about my tiny sweet cherry box. I bet you jacked your dick off so many times and wondered how tight it is, how wet i get from all the humiliating things i make you do, what it would be like to slide it in. I know you wish you were the one popping my cherry. I would take my dirty panties and place them over your head. Take your hand and rub it down my puffy, soft pussy while i grasp your hard cock in my hand. And just when you thought you couldn’t be more embarrassed i grab my toy box and make you bend over my lap and i make you my bitch. You will be begging me to cum. So don’t be alone stroking it, lets have some really kinky taboo phone sex now! What are you waiting for?



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Partied hard with my girls

party girl phone sexI went away with my friends this labor day weekend! We went to the beach where we could show off our hot bods and see how many guys we could find! Lots of guys to choose from and so little time * giggles *. I loved laying out in my skimpy bikini and showing off for all of those guys! My friends and I found lots of guys and invited them to our beach condo for a little fun!

We partied a little and then the REAL party started! My friends and I started teasing them by rubbing our bikini bodies against each other and taking each others bikini tops off! We could see the guys swimming trunks getting big tents on them. So we told them to take off their trunks so we could see their hard cocks! We took turns sucking on the guys cocks getting them ready for our eager cunnies! We had a straight up orgy going on in that condo and that was only the first day! We still had 3 more days to go * giggles *!

So we spent all weekend having teen phone sex parties! I know you will love my teen phone sex so why don’t you give me a call! I am always eager to please!

Young Pleasing Emily

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Emily at 1-888-987-5169
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