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teen twatI cant wait until the weekend, I’m so EXCITED, I just found out that my Best Girl Friend Carla is CUMing to spend the weekend..When I say Cuming, that is what I mean.. We have been Best Girl Friends since the 4th grade..We used to play on the playground at school and have slumber partys all the time..When we were 13 years old her Dad and Mom let her have a dance party with a sleep over with the boys too..I might add that it was in their basement and it turned into more than a little sleep over..Her parents should have Never trusted us all..That night a lot of Cherry’s were Popped!! My Girl on Girl Cherry was certainly popped..Carla snuck into my sleeping bag and we started to kiss, pushing our tongues down each others throats, before long her hands were all over my Young Tight body, feeling my wet hole, probing it as if she was a Dr..I returned the favor and he we repeated this over and over at least 5 times during the night..We kinda felt funny the next day when we looked at each other but soon got over it..She now lives way up north and we only have a chance to get-together about once a month..I have special plans for the weekend, I hired a stripper to come strip for us because it her 20th Birthday and she loves strippers..I will have all kinds of goodies to drink, maybe some other stuff..HeeHee..I am hoping we can talk the stripper into spending the night with these two Hot Wild Young Girls..I will fill you in another time on how our weekend goes..In the mean time call me for some Young Age Play Phone Sex Baby..I will tell you all about Young Carla’s hot Twat and Plump Titties


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Giggles. I am great at giggles. I love wearing my yellow knee length dress and white thigh highs to church. I think the great Reverend Todd appreciates that too. I have noticed him staring and watching me. He hangs onto my hand a little longer than the others when we shake at the end of service. He always makes time to counsel me. Etc.

Well, a girl like me is born to own. I am born to conquer–even though I am young. I know how to use and I know how to abuse for my own benefit. The reason I go to church as nothing to do with God. I don’t even fucking believe in God–innocent giggles. Isn’t that hot–to not believe in God but go to church to seduce the minister. The religious have the most perverse among their ranks–the higher up they are the easier they are to taunt, capture–OWN OWN OWN.

The little yellow dress having done the trick I sat in his office for yet another counseling session. Of course I started to feign that I was thirsty and then I started to cry about my poor relationship with my anti religious parents. Then I started to lure out of him that he is lonely too. We hugged, we kissed…then I had him bury his face into my pretty cotton panties for pussy worship phone sex. I rubbed his head…the good preacher and told him I wouldn’t tell for half the cut of the offering plate. He agreed.

And so now I own him–he worships the proper Goddess–the pink saturated slit between my legs….that’s as it should be.

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perverse phone sexDon’t you agree that I am cute as cute can be? Look at my delicious doe-brown eyes and my sleek, young body. I just know you are flipping backwards into the annals of my perverse blog looking for a reason to lose your sexual sanity with me for just a little while. I know once you hear my young girl phone sex voice your dick will be hard with excitement and ready to be taken care of by the imaginings of a kinky, naughty girl.

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Big black cock phone sexI could smell the tension. My father’s jaw was tight and pulsing. He was mad but always careful not to show it in front of my brother and I. It was something my Mom did. The look on her face was also telling. She had done something terribly out of bounds and surely would be made to pay for it once her and Dad were alone in their room later tonight.

Dinner ended, then we did our homework and went to bed. I couldn’t help but wonder what Mom had done to unsettle my easy going father. I waited until I heard the family clack of their bedroom door as the latch engaged and then I tip-toed down the hall.

“How many times have I warned you–told you–to keep your fucking filthy legs closed.” My father said in an even, heavy tone.

“Fuck you, Rob–I’ll do whatever I want. You can’t expect me to lay next to you night after night and never have any affection–any love–any sex–at the very least you COULD fuck me but, no. You would rather sit there on your computer playing your games with you business clients.”

“You went over the line Crissy. Way the fuck over the line. Can’t settle for fucking my boss could you? No, you decided you needed more. No one is ever enough for you. You’ll fuck anyone–and now you’ve tainted that holier than thou cunt with the seed of a Nigger. Congrats.”

“You shouldn’t speak that way of people you do not know, Rob.”

“You just lay back and swings those legs wide for that huge black cock don’t you? You like fucking animals don’t you, Crissy?”

“Stop it Rob the kids will hear.”

“Maybe they should hear what a filthy, nasty, wretched whore their mother is.”

A scuffle–“Rob get off me.”

“Disgusting! your cunt is full of that nigger cum isn’t it? Look at you! Dripping with the seed of a nigger. What if you get pregnant?”

Footsteps. I ran but tripped and then the door opened. My Dad grabbed me by the ankle,
“Well since you want to know everything, Tabby I guess you’ll just have to do the dirty work.”
He shoved me into the room. Mom’s legs were tied open and her privates were exposed.
“Get down there and clean that nigger dick cum out of your mother’s cunt, and don’t think about balking. If you do I will make sure you never enjoy another day of sunshine for the rest of your life.”

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furry friends phone sexI cum so hard during furry friends phone sex. I love the way their sand paper tongues lick me all over. My daddy got me two furry friends for my birthday along with my favorite coloring book and scented crayons. And one day I let my little buddies slide in bed with me after I took my shower. their bodies, wet noses and tongues felt so good. My new friends licked me up and down and then took turns putting their big red pointy dicks in me. It feels so good when my furry friends cocks knot up in my young cunt. Daddy caught us though. I thought my daddy was gonna get angry but he let me suck his dick instead. Now daddy jerks off every day to my furry friends phone sex fun! Wanna play? I really love it when you describe how my buddies are gonna lick and fuck me. It makes me cum hard if I can call you daddy when I cum.

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Kinky phone sexI started dating a guy named Craig about three months ago. At first, he seemed like the perfect guy–cute–tight body–educated and much older than I am. I have always had a thing for older men so this relationship seemed to be “the one.” By “the one” I mean “the one.” We even had great sex despite the fact that Craig seemed so awkward in bed with me. He always said it was my young phone sex pussy.

Then one day I received a bouquet of flowers at the school office. In the envelope was a note that excused me from the rest of the day’s classes and said a limo would be along to pick me up out front of the school. I was so excited I took the note the office–the bitch lady approved it and I went to wait on my ride.

It was a long ride, seemed an hour or so. Pulled up in front of this elaborate mansion–stone pillars and the whole 9 yards. I got so excited–maybe I could quit school. Maybe this guy will be my new “Daddy Warbucks.”

I was wisked inside and up a large winding staircase. At the end of the hall my guide left me and told me to go into the room directly ahead, Craig was waiting. I opened the door. There stood Craig in a cloth diaper with a collar on. On the bed was another boy who had his dick out and was diddling himself and making wet marks on the sheets. Craig approached me with a rubber suit and told me to put it on–he wanted me to be his new young domme and he said he was awkward in bed because he needs kinky phone sex. He said that cumming in diapers was only one of the many things he enjoyed. Then he went over to the bed and started sucking on his friend. I couldn’t believe how wet that made me!

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young girl phone sexHere lately, I’ve been wondering about the changes going on in my body. My boobs are changing. They appear like rosebuds–they are swollen and they hurt. My private region has hair on it now–just a smattering indicating approaching womanhood. I have been having tingles. Tingles deep inside my belly. I asked Mom about these feelings but she didn’t care. Now I must ask Daddy about why I tingle down there and if there is anything we can do about it.

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