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no taboo phone sexI love when my daddy has his best friend over ever since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of him and what I would do him I didn’t know it would actually come true. My family had a pool party and I wore a very little bikini that was bright pink with little white polka dots on it. My mommy didn’t want me wearing it she said someone would get the wrong idea about me. Little did she knew that was exactly what I wanted.

I was so happy when I saw my daddy’s best friend looking at me like he wanted to fuck me. I finally told him I needed help with something inside so I told him to follow me upstairs. And that’s when it happened he started to kiss me and then I sucked his big cock and then he took me from behind. My pussy was so wet it just slid right in and out felt so good inside me. We fucked until we both came and it was quick hard and so good.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
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Flashing my young pussy

blasphemy phone sexI love flashing my young phone sex pussy at horny old perverts like you. I know seeing my hot tight pussy gets your dick so hard. I bet you want to pound this tiny little girl pussy don’t you? I remember all those times I went to summer camp and I would tease my camp counselor. The really naughty part was he was also the preacher. I thought teasing a man of the cloth would be had. Daddy told me not to do it but I just had to have preacher “J’s” dick. At first he tried to pray for me, But once I showed him my tight young cunt his hard dick gave him away. You would not believe how hard I made him cum. I got on my knees like a good girl (not to pray of course *giggles). I did such a good job he said I could cum confess my sins and worship his cock whenever he wanted. Daddy says I am his bad little girl. Want to play with a little sexy girl who gets really wet during age play phone sex? I love to cum and cum while we fuck on the phone! Call me when you really want to be naughty. I would love to be your bad little girl too.

Would you do what Lou did? Babysitter phone sex

Babysitter phone sexLou and Kim were friends of my parents. Lou and Kim thought I’d make a delightful babysitter, and that is partially true. I mean sure I love kids, but I loved the freedom of pretending that I was all grown up a lot more. I used to invite my boyfriends over while Lou and Kim were out smoking pot and drinking. Hell, I’d make the kids go to be so early just to free up my time. I would smoke whatever dregs of pot I could find in their kitchen drawers too. I guess no one got hurt, but still–I was the babysitter that no one would really want to hire. And then I got caught by Lou.

He was very upset when he found that I smoked some of his weed. Kim had stayed behind at the party and he thought he should come home and check on things. He also found that I’d been masturbating with candles in his bedroom. He thought he should be nice and help me not piss of Kim or my parents. So he made me into his little babysitter sex slave.

My every weekend from there on out was in servitude to Lou so he wouldn’t tell on me. The things Lou made me do! It went far beyond garden variety cock sucking and fucking. I had to play games–do gymnastics–take it up my shit box–and then suck it down my throat.

My brand of babysitter phone sex is creative and unique because of Lou. Would you like to make me do things too?

Teen Stocking fetish phone sex

Teen Stocking fetish phone sexI caught my moms boyfriend beating off over my stockings. I had no idea he had a teen stocking fetish. I lingered for a bit in the doorway and watched as he worked his cock up to froth in my nylons. He kept whispering my name as he rubbed the head of his dick up and down the length of my pantyhose. Finally he wrapped my stockings around his cock, leaned back on my bed and moaned as he shot a big load in the crotch of my nylons. I wonder what he would do if he only knew I saw the entire thing *giggles. Do you have a teen stocking fetish too? I would love to catch you jerking off in my panty hose.

Single Digit Number for Age play phone sex Aimie

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Amazing Aimie loves to play with numbers. I love the single digits the best. Amazing Aimie sounds just like that little neighbor girl you contemplate inviting over for a swim in your pool! Wow, Amazing Aimie’s tight bubble but looks good with a wet swim suit wedgie doesn’t it? The little cheeks even dimple just a bit Amazing Aimie is so very young. I bet you sit on your lounge chair and try not to do anything about that teasing glimpse of young age play phone sex ass. I bet you struggle with the pain that builds as your balls beg you to do more–just a little rub won’t hurt?

Amazing Aimie NEVER tells on the perverts. No, Amazing age play phone sex Aimie is a very good girl whose holes are willing and never off limits to a filthy fucking deviant like yourself. Shouldn’t you play age play phone sex games with adorable, young voiced and sexy Amazing Aimie today? Send me an email and set up a nasty fantasy that we can both cum to!

Watching other people fuck

voyeurism phone sexI love being a fly on the wall–describing acts I’ve seen from some secret “viewing booth” that I’ve come across in my environment. How naughty is it to know that this no limits phone sex princess has engaged in voyeurism phone sex delights for most of my life. I haven’t just engaged in viewing my Mom and dad either. I’ve watched multiple people–some family, some not copulate and cum and just do all kinds of outrageous shit together. I get off on knowing other people’s sex secrets–especially the incest phone sex ones. Do you crave a little of that in your life?

Naughty School Girl phone sex

School Girl phone sexI went to school one day dressed in this very tight and short dress. My teacher called me into his office to talk about my outfit. He told me to look at the way I was dressed and turn around for him. He told me this was a very slutty way to dress and he would have to teach me a lesson as to what happens to girls who dress like little sluts.

He told me to bend over and he said I don’t know very many girls your age that wear thong panties, don’t you think that is a little slutty too? Well there are ways that I handle little slutty girls like you. First open your mouth and suck on my cock. Second sit on this chair and spread your legs I am going to fuck your little pussy with my big cock!

That’s what happens to little school girl sluts like me. Maybe you want to do a student teacher roll play? Maybe another naughty role play? I am into anything and have no limits so give me a shout!

Young Pleasing Emily

Emily 888-987-5169


This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Emily.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You. Call Emily at 1-888-987-5169
Here is a direct link to Emily’s web site
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Phone sex with Daddy’s best Friend and Confidante

accomplice phone sexDid you know that I can be Daddy’s best friend and confidante? Did you know that whenever I pick up the phone and find a very horny Daddy on the other end–one who is begging to corrupt me and tap into that forbidden lustful accomplice phone sex play–my pussy all bald and juicy begins to quiver. I can’t stop thinking about where my Daddy’s needs might take me. I know that there are so many Daddy’s who are embarrassed or ashamed to want to corrupt a young impressionable little girl like me–I really enjoy Daddy’s strong man lead.

I love to lay naked in my bed–waiting for my Daddy to enter the room with a stiff rod for me to suckle on. The whole idea of sucking on my Daddy’s rod gets me ready to do Daddy’s bidding. What’s that you say Daddy? Oh, my little sister–you say you’d like me to entice her to play with us. Oh, Daddy–I thought you’d never ask. She is far too young and I know Mommy would be extremely upset but imagine what my flickering tongue looks like in her tight untouched crevice. Imagine her belly laughs as she says it tickles….then imagine her screams as we both impale her on Daddy’s special stick. I can’t wait to hear one of my nasty thinking Daddies to cum to THAT nasty shit.

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