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incestuous phone sexIt’s all about family fun and causing trouble for all those naughty older men that are related to me. Sometimes I get so tickled when I catch my Daddy staring at my tight little ass, or my older brother jerking off to my used panties. I guess I must be naughty too because after I think about it for awhile I cannot help but touch my bare, puffy pussy as I think about the delicious and dirty things I can do all within the confines of my very own family!

If you only knew how much fun incest phone sex could be? I bet you’re wanting to know aren’t you? Well, why don’t you rub your cock to my hot young body, get worked up and call me to be my brother or Daddy. I will tell you all about the dirty thoughts I have about my family members and we can cherry pick something to play out while you stroke your horny cock for my sweet, young voice.

I am a soft, sensual, sweet girl who loves to give all the joy I can to my incestuous family members, so give me a call and let’s have some wild times at the next family reunion.

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Barely Legal Phone Sex I don’t need to see a dick in a pussy to get off. This is going to sound weird, but I am a sucker for the sounds of sex more than the visual part of it. I like to hear the sounds of the bed creaking along with the moans that accompany the thrusts. I am definitely a penetration girl. I mean, yeah I like to watch long, manly tongues in the slits of women, but I prefer the feeling of fullness that I get when a guy is deep inside me.

I know for a guy anything less than the visual is sometimes a stretch. G lets me hear him fuck though and god when he does I close my eyes and imagine us in a bed under silk sheets. I imagine his expansive Daddy dick buried to the hilt in my slick little pussy. G, of course, has eaten me to a sopping wet state before we get to this part. I love how we go slow with the entry pushing his big dick way up inside me. I imagine sitting astride and pushing him as deep as he will go right into my cervix. I want to rock my hips back and forth to the rhythm I hear on the other end of the phone. God, how hard we both cum together.

Of course hearing me a cum is a big trigger for most men. I love to be given a reason to get off and to not hold anything back. I’m just a naturally horny girl who enjoys giving you the best barely legal phone sex experience your cock has experienced. I love it when you come back for more of my wicked mind and saucy moans as I cum for you and your fantasy!

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age play phone sexWhen the lights go out at bedtime that is the best time for Daddy to cum slip into bed with me. I love the feel of his warm hands as he hugs me tightly against his chest. I love my Daddy’s chest hair because it makes me feel warm and safe. I feel those strong hands slip around to find my budding breasts that are just barely swollen with puberty. You start to play with them lightly. This gives me a tingle down there, Daddy *giggles.

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Daddy has taught me that it is only fair to give back when you receive. I let daddy rub his penis between my thighs and up against my slit. He said I am not quite big enough, but one day he’ll put it in. I can’t wait to be a big girl so Daddy puts his thing in me. I know that the cumming from that will be very, very hard! I love being Daddy’s naughty age play phone sex princess!

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