Barely Legal Phone Sex Tori

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I know for a guy anything less than the visual is sometimes a stretch. G lets me hear him fuck though and god when he does I close my eyes and imagine us in a bed under silk sheets. I imagine his expansive Daddy dick buried to the hilt in my slick little pussy. G, of course, has eaten me to a sopping wet state before we get to this part. I love how we go slow with the entry pushing his big dick way up inside me. I imagine sitting astride and pushing him as deep as he will go right into my cervix. I want to rock my hips back and forth to the rhythm I hear on the other end of the phone. God, how hard we both cum together.

Of course hearing me a cum is a big trigger for most men. I love to be given a reason to get off and to not hold anything back. I’m just a naturally horny girl who enjoys giving you the best barely legal phone sex experience your cock has experienced. I love it when you come back for more of my wicked mind and saucy moans as I cum for you and your fantasy!