Taking her brothers load over spring break

tori317As winter turns to spring I want to make sure my tan is better than my milky white skin in time for Spring Break. I laid my towel out and positioned myself in a cool spot with breeze, but still had nice sun hitting me. I oiled my back and lay down, closing my eyes and letting my back get tanned. I let my top off so I wouldn’t have the aggravating tan lines. It was such a perfect day that I lost track of time and space and turned over, ogled my front and lay to even myself out.

My brother chose that moment to come home with his friends. He must have seen me, though I was only vaguely aware that he was around. A few minutes later I heard car doors close and his friends pulling away. I smiled; tanning is better in peace and quiet. At that moment my light was blocked out and I felt hands cupping my bare breasts. I knew those hands, the hands a family, of my brother, touching my gently.

Choosing to keep my eyes closed so as not to know what would happen next, my body tenses as I feel an ice cube against my right nipple. I squealed a little and my body arched. His arms are beneath me and holding my body against his naked torso.

I feel his mouth touch mine and I open my eyes. I untie my bikini bottom and grip his swelling cock through his shorts. Tugging at his athletic shorts, I feel them give way and we fall together against pool chair. Brother was on top of me in a flash, the oil from my stomach trickling down inside my pussy and I am already moist for his manhood.

Entering me, I feel the pressure of his body begin to build. I tighten myself instinctively and I know he loves it when I am the good sister. I know how to please him, do the things no one else knows how to do. Gripping the chair, I push myself against him and want him deeper than he is. He forces himself deeper inside my young cunt and I let go of the chair and dig my nails into his flash. Pressing onward I feel him ready to explode. I tighten myself around him, clinching with all my strength until he and I reach our climax together.