I want you to spank me daddy

spanking phone sexI have been naughty and need a spanking. Bend me over your knee daddy. I want to feel your hand striking my tight teen ass over and over until I beg you to stop. You won’t though will you daddy? You will keep spanking me until you are ready to stop. Then you will fuck my little ass hard and show me just what a little slut deserves!

You know that makes my teen pussy just dripping wet. So call me daddy for some HOT spanking phone sex!

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Babysitter phone sex with Nicole

nicole14tfI know you guys love to see your shy little teen babysitters!  I am babysitting for you after school, so I am wearing my uniform, short little plaid skirt, white button down oxford blouse but underneath I have on a pair of string bikini panties with cartoon characters on them.  You cum home and want to know how everything went, I told you the kids are in bed and they were good.  You say good, can we sit and “talk” for a while?  I said sure, so you said you would like to ask a question.

Well I am this shy little girl so it is hard to get things out of me *giggles*  You ask me what kind of panties I am wearing.  I giggle and say no one has asked me that before nor have they seen me in my panties *giggles*  You tell me you will pay me $20 more just to show you.  I reluctantly agree and show you my pretty little string bikini panties with Tom and Jerry cartoon characters on them. Then you asked me if I had any hair down there.  I kind of shyly look down and giggle out of nervousness and am kind of reluctant but you finally talk me into telling you.  I have a little peach fuzz.  You are so turned on by now that you want to lick my little cunny.  At first I am not going to let you, I am shy after all *wink*  But you talk me into it and you tell me how great my cunny tastes and you want to do more!  Well I am so shy that I want you to call me so I can tell you what this shy little babysitter does!

Babysitter phone sex with Nicole



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Fantasy phone sex princess wants you

princess phone sexThis Teen Princess is wet and ready to play, I love older men best, they know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it and they have such hot fantasy! Makes me wet just thinking about it! I am feeling really Naughty today, I am in the mood for some hot fantasy play with some hot horny men, that’s right I said men I adore older men, they love to adore my tight teen body and it makes me so hot.

I am a daddy’s girl, all dressed up in her naughty red panties ready for some hard mature cock to play with, you wanna be my sugar daddy? I love to be adored and spoiled, and I will treat you real well in return. *wink* So what you wanting for big daddy, let be your age play princess, and make your naughty fantasies a reality! Cum tell me your fantasy big daddy, I am ready for you. My last boy toy use to call my pussy candy, cause it was so sweet, what well you call it? Cum take off my little damp red panties and lets find out.

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I’m all about that tease and denial baby

Tease and Denial Phone SexI am your daughters best friend and when I stay the night I like to walk around in either my t-shirt and panties or just my bra and panties.  I know you watch me and I like to tease you by wearing those things *giggle*  For some reason you always have to leave the room and go to the bathroom and you are in there for quite awhile, hmmm I wonder what you are doing?

One day you were taking a shower and you had left the door open.  I just happen to walk by wearing my bra and panties and I have to go in and see what you are doing in the shower *giggles*.  So I go in the bathroom and see you through the glass doors playing with your cock!  You didn’t see me yet so I just sat on the counter and pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my little cunny!  You look around and see me and your cock got even harder!  You said, oh keep doing that abbe you are making my cock feel so good!  Why don’t you come over here and put your soft teen hand around my hard cock.  So I go over to the shower and lather up your cock with soap and start strokin you!  I want to tease you on the phone and make your cock ache with pleasure!

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Dominant Teen Phone sex

Dominant Teen Phone sexOk, so yes I am pretty dominant.  Yes, I love to own, humiliate, tease and taunt.  I love all these things immensely during a phone sex session.  I especially get off on the fact that a guy is looking for teen phone sex domination .  All of these things about me are true.  For those types of guys my sexy little cunt weeps to put you at my whim.

That doesn’t mean that you a sub can call with absolutely NO idea in mind about what we’re going to do on the phone together.  As a matter of fact, it is your duty to come to me and tell me what you’re going to do for me.  Are you going to lick my pussy for the whole call and hold in your cum?  Are you going to fuck yourself for my listening pleasure?  Will you turn on your cam so I can see you’re doing naughty things to your body, holes and skin?  Remember, when you call me you’re the toy.  Not the other way around.

And I really don’t care if you’re paying for it.  If you’re a true sub, being used should be part of your vocabulary.

Say this because I have had my fair share of wannabes this week and I am wholly ready for some true barely legal phone sex domination with a guy who isn’t merely trying to top me from the bottom.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

extreme age playI just love Daddy’s girl phone sex. I love getting all dressed up in the perfect clothes that my Daddy works so hard to buy. I love being Daddy’s personal fuck doll and favorite phone sex toy. Age play and extreme taboo fantasy turns me on so much that I have to play with my bald slit. Sugar Daddies turn me on the most! I love it when a Daddy showers me with presents and attention. Of course with my young voice, hot body and lust for cum it is no wonder that most Daddies love to take me on as their soft phone sex kitten. I know you’re looking to find that one perfect girl the one who has the looks, the sound, and the passion to make those nasty, incest urges a reality for a sliver in time. Believe me, you will LOVE me Daddy and when I feel the love coming from you…let’s just say there is nothing I wont’ do for you.

Just imagine my soft pussy lips accepting your long, Daddy cock for the first time. Feel how the passion engulfs you as we indulge to excess in draining your dick with my young cunt. You will love it from the very first call and my pussy will always be ready and waiting for you to relieve yourself of any stress or frustration.

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Katrina.
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Family fun with Ashlee

family fun phone sexBrother and sister phone sex is so nasty, and my favorite brother J makes me cum so nasty good. I know it’s way kinky to love something so taboo, but he just makes my pussy quiver when I hear his voice. Today we played a game where he wanted to see how many fingers he could get inside my pussy. Can you say FIST? Wow, I never thought that could really happen.

When you call me for family fun phone sex I go all out for you, why not? The nastier the better SMOOCH

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