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aimie15tjWhen the wife’s too tired to fuck, don’t sit and swear–fuck me right from your chair! That’s right, you can pull out your wonderful cock–turn on your cam, and get off by letting me watch you. We can talk about your wife if you want to. I have a guy who loves that I love his wife’s nipples. He sends me pics of her and then we talk about all the delightful things we’d have done to her–while gently bound to the bed of course.

I love watching guys jerk their dicks on cam. I think it’s especially hot if they have a nice nest of chest hair and dark, curly pubes. I also enjoy seeing cum spurting from the end–I thank C for putting his right up to the cam so I could get a close up look of that seeping eye at the end of his dick. I rubbed my pussy as I watched C cum—it’s one of my very favorite phone sex calls!

Helping Dads in Need when wives take leave

Masturbation phone sex My Dad had a great idea for a summer job for me when I was just out of high school.  He told me that a lot of his guy friends in the neighborhood were lonely as their wives would spend long days at the pool or go shopping and have tea.  My Dad said these guys were looking for someone to give them a hand and so he suggested that I start the Helping Hands Neighborhood Charity.

I was so excited to start this venture and I knew my hands would make me a lot of money.  The first person I hit up was our neighbor, Bill.  I came to the door in my short pink plaid skirt and my button down shirt that ties at the waist.  My white knee highs with pink bows were a nice touch.  When he opened the door I smiled and asked Bill if he wanted a helping hand.  He smiled, slipped $20 into my bra and I went inside.

On my knees I went and I pulled out the tube of lube my dad gave me for the job.  I took Bill’s cock in my helping hands and rubbed away his loneliness.  I can do the same for you *wink. Be sure to call me for masturbation phone sex.

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age play phone sexAll your barely legal young girl fantasies wrapped up in a sweet tight young package. I love Extremely taboo role play fantasies like the ones you want to tell me. Maybe I am a college coed slut who gets drunk and wakes up to find myself the only girl getting fucked in a gang bang you set up? Is this what I get for teasing the entire team?

Or maybe I am your age play slut who loves your big daddy dick as soon as mommy walks out the door . Lets face it daddy, Mommy could never fuck you like I can! I love controlling your dick and making it all mine!  I can be your student, your daughter or your wicked little whore.

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I am what I am!

Cum Whore Phone SexYes I am what I am and that is a total cock whore and cum slut!  My mission is to please YOU!  I recently had a conversation with someone about my first sexual experience and that brought up so many GREAT memories!  OMG my pussy started getting so wet just thinking about it!  Like when I was younger my friends and I use to play “house”, one of us was the husband and the other was the wife.  That is where I got my first kiss and got naked with someone.  We just loved experimenting with our bodies, it was so much fun!  Then I started thinking about fucking in cars!  I use to fuck in cars a lot, gave many blow jobs in cars and had lots of cum in me and all over me!  Call me so I can tell you some more stories!  Trust me I have lots to tell *giggles*.

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Relieving my urge

Masturbation phone sexk_pj73When I hit about 15 I couldn’t help but become curious about sex. I was much too shy to ask too many questions though, so I learned a lot from reading clinical books that I found laying around my Dad’s study. Soon after reading about how a girl could also cum, I became obsessed with making my own pussy cum. I just couldn’t help it. I would squeeze my legs together during class thinking about the feelings brewing between my legs. I just wanted to know what it felt like and was too shy to really ask anyone to help me.

I was babysitting for the neighbor whose wife had just had a baby 6 months prior and who often had to work late. I would go over and sit for the baby when the wife would go and stay until Dad came home. He usually worked over many hours and so I felt comfortable to start digging through his wife’s lingerie drawer. That’s when I found the vibrating dildo and that is when I became addicted to its charms. Needless to say, I busted my own cherry with it, but I got my pussy off many times using my neighbor’s dildo. Perhaps maybe you should catch me rubbing it up and down the lips of my tawdry sex? Would you call me a dirty girl and teach me what a real cock feels like?

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