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Cheating Phone SexWhen I was sixteen I had a married man kiss me and feel me up. Ever since then, I have been totally hell bent on fucking as many married men as possible. Married men always make better fuck buddies. There are several reasons, but the best reason of all is that they have usually had their sex go stale at home. This gets them ready and in the mood to please. I especially love to have phone sex with older married guys. The older they are usually the harder I cum.
I also enjoy being a part of someone’s nasty secret. What can I say? I mean if you aren’t supposed to do something, actually doing that thing you’re not supposed to do will feel more intense. It’s like skipping school to swim–makes the water feel more refreshing. It’s also like shoplifting expensive panties–they wear so much better when you get by with stealing them.

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The age of consent varies from state to state and country to country

deviant desiresFor those of you who worry about calling a nasty girl like me and revealing your fucked up desires–let me put your mind at ease for a moment. First of all, most people have deviant desires. Granted, they not always involve age play–however, most people have sexual desires that someone would find unappealing. That’s just the way it is and the sooner a person accepts their own sexual desires for what they are the better off they will be.
In addition to this, consider that back in the early 19th century the average age that girls married was 12. Once married, a girl was considered legal back then. Yes, times have changed. No I do not condone taking a 12 year old as a lover for real, but did you ever stop to think that maybe (guys especially) are programmed to want younger girls. The younger they are the more children they can bear. It’s simple evolution and something that no one need beat themselves up over.
The age of consent also varies by country–it is older in some countries, much much younger in others. For example the age of consent in Spain is 13. In Albania and Liechtenstein it’s 14. In Denmark it’s 15. In Madagascar it’s 21 though–so as you can see when this is taken into account someone in Spain would not find your predilection taboo like someone here in America (where the age of consent in most states is still 18) or Liechtenstein.
Cognitively speaking, a thought also doesn’t represent an action. People with OCD who use cognitive behavioral therapy are trained to see the thoughts that cause them great distress as benign. Why? Because thoughts are not harmful to others. Thinking you want to fuck someone who is not of age is not the same thing as doing it. Lusting after someone who is young is also not the same as doing it. The idea is that thoughts don’t harm like actions do.

Hopefully, when reading this blog those who are reluctant to indulge in fantasy with someone who has dark tendencies (like me) will be comforted to know that phone sex is a great outlet for expressing things that we think about. It allows us to live out those thoughts that might make us feel ashamed. Don’t let self-assessment of your own naughty thoughts hold you back. Go ahead and indulge in that secret conversation. You’ll find the expression of those things will make you feel so much better in the long run!
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