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family fun phone sexI just couldn’t help myself. My uncle is so hot, I wore my short skirt and low cut tight sweater for thanksgiving dinner. I caught him looking down my sweater so I began rubbing his leg with my foot. It wasn’t long before I felt his hand on my thigh slowly creeping up beneath my skirt. The way he touched me made me tingly all over. I kept thinking about taking him upstairs to my room so I could slide my tight teen pussy up and down on his big dick. Call me if you want to know what happened when I showed him my room. I promise if you call me for teen phone sex I will make it worth your while.

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Incest phone sexI was scared in the night so I climbed into bed with Grandma and Grandpa. They were always happy to let me sleep between them when I had bad dreams. They are such great grandparents. I especially love my Grandpa. That’s because one night when I climbed into bed with them he said we were going to be specially connected from now on. And then he taught me how to French kiss.
Feeling my Grandpa’s tongue in my mouth made me feel very important. It even made me happy when Grandpa held my face in his hands. He told me to be very quiet because grandma would wake up and is a light sleeper. He was going to show me other reasons why I am special.
He pulled up my tiny pink nightie under the covers and held me close to him. Then he took his knee and started to press between my legs. I had been playing with myself for a long time–even though I was very young, but grandpa’s knee felt so much better than anything I had tried on my puffy, hairless pie.
He said, “bounce a little sweetheart.” and I did. The warmest feeling came over me down there. It start to build and as it did I bounced harder on Grandpa’s knee. Grandpa had to kiss me because I started to get excited and he was afraid we’d wake Grandma
Grandpa whispered in my ear asking me if I thought it felt good and I said yes. He said there were so many more things he could teach me about my body, but that I had to be quiet and not tell Grandma. From that day on I became a very eager student to my very naughty Grandpa–how would you mold me into your own personal phone sex kitten? Me and my furless kitty are dying to know.

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Lesbian Phone SexOMG I have an awesome story to tell you guys!!  Last night I went out to a club with one of my girlfriends!  We had fake ID’s *giggles*, so we could get in and drink.  OMG I got so wasted and so did she!  We were on the dance floor grinding all over each other and all over the guys, lol.  When my girlfriend and I got back to my place we were feeling very horny!  She offered to give me a massage, so I stripped down and laid on my stomach on the bed while she grabbed the baby oil.  She came in naked and sat on my ass and poured baby oil on my back and started rubbing it.  I could feel her hot, wet pussy sliding on my ass and I was getting turned on!  She massaged me all the way down to my feet and then she had me turn over.  She put her pussy on mine and started sliding back and forth as she poured baby oil on my titties and started rubbing them!  Then she leaned into my face and gave me the biggest, wettest kiss, yummy!  Then we turned kind of in a scissor position so our pussy’s and clits would rub together.  OMG we both were cumming so hard!  But we weren’t done yet, lol.  We got our double headed dildo out and started fucking each other!  The only thing missing was a hot, hard cock!  But we still had some totally awesome cums!!  I am still feeling so horny, I need a hard cock!

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AccompliceI hope she is acceptable in skin tone and is lovely enough for you.  Only very, very young, she is a pristine example of beauty, but we need to have her learn how to please you Daddy.  I get her in make up and make sure the dress is just a tad skimpy.  I present her to you, she is yours.  Tell her, show her how to please you, have her satisfy your desires with her virgin body, her innocent mouth , her mind.  I hope she pleases you, Daddy.  I hope she sucks the pleasure from your balls and gags on it as we hold her down for the finishing shot.

I will take your lust for innocence and stand it on its head–I will turn it over and then set it back down again, but it will never be the same.  I have an attention for detail that few appreciate when it comes to accomplice phone sex.  I have a natural playfulness about me that makes it feel like it is so right–even though we all know it is so wrong.

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humilation phone sexI must’ve missed it because I blinked my eyes. Oh, wait, you’re still showing me. Where is it? Oh there it is! It is a millimeter peter! I just love a little Vienna Sausage in my life don’t you? Oh wait, you have no choice in the matter do you? Of course I think it looks more like a pencil eraser. The standard sex toy would not suffice, maybe a Fruit Loop or perhaps a Cheerio—anything bigger would fall straight away. Don’t even think you’re going to get near my pussy or mouth with that pathetic skin tag either. That’s why I belong to the church of the big black dick. I have to get satisfaction somewhere and obviously it isn’t coming from you. I’ll let you watch. Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll use your tongue as a napkin.

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two girl phone sex callI am often asked if I get around, and I guess the answer is relative isn’t it? Yes, I do get around. I get around with lots of guys on the Internet who find my phone pussy hot enough to fuck time and again. I personally think being slutty is very, very sexy don’t you? I am also often asked if I am a slut in real life. Well, that, too, is relative isn’t it? It is relative to what YOU think a slut is. Personally, I have always been told by my mom that a slut is a girl who has sex with lots of different guys. In which case, yes I am a total slut having had multiple partners in my few years on this earth I am a proud wearer of the slut badge.

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I am dating a 6’4″ football player from the local college. He is strong and knows how to handle my tiny body. His large cock impales my hot little pussy so good and he does in fact make me sore sometimes. So last weekend, we decided to do a little phone sex fun of our own. I decided to call my very good friend Aimie and have her talk to my guy while I sucked his large cock. It was so hot to hear him phone fuck Aimie with my dick in his mouth! When he came it was explosive and there was so much that it ran out of my mouth and down my chin. I am always happy to invite a friend for a two girl phone sex call and Aimie and I have been BFFs forever… solo or with a friend it doesn’t get sweeter on the phone than with me!

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