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big tits phone sexOne time I was sick on the day of a big chemistry test. When I came back to school my teacher, Mr. Eddington, gave me the make up test in another room adjacent to the main classroom. He told me that I had to stay put until the end of class and that I wasn’t allowed to come into regular class that day. Having 2 hours to take the test I managed to finish early. At first I sat there just staring at the walls. I didn’t bring anything to read, there was no reading material in the room either. I didn’t bring a notebook to doodle on so I decided since I had a whole hour to go I could get by with masturbating a little. I pulled up my skirt and fondled my clit with my ink pen, then I set in to fingering my honey hole. It started to feel so good that I felt comfortable enough to stick my feet up on the desk so that I could push into my pussy a bit deeper. I wasn’t paying attention to the clock. The bell rang and I was still pumping my sweet, sexy cunt.

I tried very quickly to arrange myself but Mr. Eddington entered the room before I could get my panties back on. He came inside and quickly shut the door, looking over his shoulder to make sure no one saw the naughtiness that was going down. “Miss Ashlee,” he said, “what are you doing?” he said it with a smile that told me he didn’t mind that much. I immediately thought of the girl I had seen on the news–the one who had sex with her biology teacher. The teacher got in trouble. I didn’t want Mr. Eddington to get in trouble so I apologized and asked if I could please go to the bathroom. I asked him if I was in trouble. He said no. I said OK and again asked to leave.

“Well, you’re not in trouble, yet.” He said, “I haven’t told anyone about this, yet–but of course you know that it’s up to you whether or not I do.” “OK, what do I have to do to make sure I don’t get into trouble for this?” He unzipped his pants and took out a huge, thick cock. I have to admit, it looked good, but I still didn’t want to cause any trouble. I said that I appreciated a chance to get out of trouble, but that maybe detention might not be so bad. I told him I didn’t want to end up on the news like that girl I saw on TV the night before.

“Well, as I see it you don’t have an option, Ashlee,” he said, “you’re going to take care of this or one way or the other, you’ll be getting a lot more than attention. I have ways of starting nasty rumors around school. It’s not only threat of detention here, it is your very reputation!” “Miss Ashlee, I think you owe me an oral dissertation instead of this test.” He tore up the test I had taken. “Now, if you continue to be non-compliant I will be forced to enter this grade into my grade book as a 0.” He did a tsk tsk tsk, “That would wreck the A you have in this class,” He started to stroke his dick slowing. It hardened more.

I got onto my knees before Mr. Eddington’s immense member. I pressed my lips to the spongy head. Then I slid my tongue under it and around and then worked my mouth about 1/4 the way down his shaft. It was all I could take, or so I thought. Before I knew it, Mr. Eddington was forcing my head down the rest of the way. He was pushing that mushroom head into my throat causing me to gag and slurp and spit. “That’s a girl, we’re just getting started,” he said. “Yeah, naughty little mouth with a finger that stinks of pussy!” He started to fuck my face wrapping his hands around my long blonde hair.

He reached down and opened my shirt. “Yeah, look at those! Biggest tits in school, isn’t that what the boys say? You showin’ these around Miss Ashlee?” he pinched my nipples. “I’m gonna cum,” he said. He removed his cock from my mouth and started to jack off on my face and tits, the load he spilled was copious. He told me to get cleaned up and meet him back at the end of the day for round 2.

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What are you thankful for?

ageplay phone sexHey guys!!  I know what I am thankful for and that is this awesome phone gig!!!  I never thought that I would have sooooooo much fun doing phone sex!  But it really does suit me because I am just a sexual little girl and love the freedom I get to express it!  I love to tease and please you guys all the time!  Plus I get to express all of my own dirty dark desires! Don’t you want to explore yours with me?  I will be around all night tonight so if you find yourself restless just give me a call!  I will also be around tomorrow night so if you don’t do black Friday then just cum do me!!

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babysitter phone sexIt was my first time babysitting an adult baby. His wife gave me his chasity belt and a stack of adult pampers and warned me to keep his cock controlled. She said he was a horny dirty pervert and he would try to fuck me if I didn’t put his cock in a cage. As I changed him his dick got really hard.  knew I wasn’t supposed to but I just couldn’t help myself. I told him if he was good I would let him fuck my tiny teen pussy. This made him really excited since his cuckold wife was always fucking bigger dicks. He knew my tiny twat would feel just right and his little pathetic dick. First I made him lick my pee hole then I bent him over and fucked him with a butt plug I found in his bedroom. Once I got off a few times and had my fun I let him fuck me through his pamper. I never saw such a pathetic looser cum so hard before. It was so hot to watch him kick,grind and moan while I rubbed my cunt all over his diaper. Of course I cleaned him all up and placed the chasity tube on his dick afterwards. He promised not to tell, and I told him if he was good every time I came over we could have more kinky AB/DL babysitting phone sex fun.

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family fun phone sexI just couldn’t help myself. My uncle is so hot, I wore my short skirt and low cut tight sweater for thanksgiving dinner. I caught him looking down my sweater so I began rubbing his leg with my foot. It wasn’t long before I felt his hand on my thigh slowly creeping up beneath my skirt. The way he touched me made me tingly all over. I kept thinking about taking him upstairs to my room so I could slide my tight teen pussy up and down on his big dick. Call me if you want to know what happened when I showed him my room. I promise if you call me for teen phone sex I will make it worth your while.

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A true daddys girl

daddy phone sexSometimes I cannot believe what my daddies require of me. Sometimes I am forced to wear a chastity belt that has a connecting butt-plug that fits snugly into my little bum. When I am forced into chastity, I am also forced into obscenely high heels, usually of the clear platform variety. This is so that my back stays arched presenting a nice view for my ever perverted daddies. This time of year is my favorite because it usually means bonus time for most of my daddies. This is when I get spoiled rotten. Some daddies buy me nice frilly nighties, bras and panties. Some other daddies buy me naughty toys that they make me use on the phone when we’re doing our daddy phone sex calls together. I have had daddies also buy me restraints to keep me housebound, yanno a dirty slut for all time. I love these daddies the best because they know so well how to make me drip and beg for their hot dicks. There is no greater pleasure for me than tongue teasing a daddy cock to pleasure. It is a bonus when a daddy puts his fingers in my tiny butt hole.

Hot cum in my mouth is a frothy treat that I crave. When a daddy uses me as his naughty little slut I get so horny and wet. I cum so hard when I hear how my obedience and slutty behavior pleases my dirty daddies. I cannot wait for Christmas to cum this year cuz I know I will be showered with not only gifts but loads of sticky cum from the cocks of my favorite daddies. So if you are looking for a surrogate daughter look no further. I will break you in to some of the BEST daddy/daughter roleplay phone sex available for your purchase. I will do whatever it takes to please that needy cock and have been known to even coax out the hardest of cums. Are you curious about what a true Daddy’s girl has to offer? Give me a call and let me jingle your bell!

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This is not a story, it is a confession.

bbc phone sexThis is not a story, it is a confession. While I love to act sweet and innocent, I really have a very nasty side to me.

It all started one summer in my senior year of high school. I was in the drama club. Our instructor, Mr. Layton, chose me to stay after each night to help him spruce up the costumes and throw out the expired stage make-up. Mr. Layton was popular with all the young upper-crust girls in the school. Since I was middle class I was flattered to hold such an honored position with Mr. Layton. For a tall, broad-shouldered black man he looked debonair and all the girls flirted with him except for me. I guess I was always too shy to flirt with Mr. Layton. That’s why it surprised me so much that he took such a personal interest in me.

He told me in time I would come to appreciate what all the other girls love about him so much. He said that he’d teach me the ropes of the stage how to block and the basics of good set design. I was so excited to be getting all this private attention from Mr. Layton. One day, after everyone else went home Mr. Layton asked me if I would like some pizza before we started working on the sets for the summer play. I was so excited to be invited for dinner with such a good, looking popular teacher. So I ate the pizza and that’s when things got a little fuzzy. I do remember seeing and feeling things. Things I never thought I’d ever see or feel. Through the foggy lenses before my eyes I saw Mr. Layton bare chested with a smattering of black chest hair and hard black nipples. He was standing over me as I lay on the stage floor with the spotlight directly on me. I felt his large fingertips on my cheek. He whispered that I wasn’t to worry that this is what he was wanting to show me all summer. He said after we were finished I would understand why all the girls loved him so much. He said I would love him too after he was finished.

Suddenly I felt a burst of cool air and I realized that I had been stripped naked. I laid there in the spotlight, my white skin glowing under the hot lights and my pink nipples puffing up as Mr. Layton’s dark fingers plucked them slowly at first. As I grew used to his touch, he pulled at them making them harden even more. I felt a warm sensation between my legs. I couldn’t really
speak out because I was heavily sedated, but I felt everything he did next. He pushed my legs open and put his large black face between them. I felt his thick lips pinching at my tiny white pussy, then I felt the slippery probing of his tongue into my vagina. It felt good and my pussy throbbed a little as he worked his big, thick tongue in and out of my white pussy. Looking between my white thighs I saw his mass of curly black hair moving back and forth as he worked my pussy over. I felt myself start to quiver from somewhere deep inside. Then I came. It was my very first orgasm.

Then Mr. Layton got between my legs and knelt up. That’s when I saw something I’ll never forget something to this day that I continue to crave. His cock was large, meaty and very dark. He pushed his giant cock head into my white pussy cleft and I felt a hot surge of blood to my mid section. I wanted it inside me. I was watching him and barely able to move when he took his cock and brought it to my mouth. I couldn’t stop him. He put it in and pumped a few times to get himself nice and wet. Then his enormous black dick was back at my pussy’s door. He pressed to my hole and then jammed it all the way in. It was like a hot skewer in the belly as he pumped it in hard. Then he fucked my white pussy sliding in and out making his black cock all shiny with white girl pussy juice. He held my white legs opens and pounded my tiny white pussy. It felt as if I would burst at his size, but yet it felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop. I came again. When he started to pump all his black goodness into my dripping wet cunt. I loved it. And then I understood why every girl in school, especially the white ones loved Mr. Layton.

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Bad babysitter flashes her panties

babysitter phone sexWhat a naughty baby sitter phone sex tease I am.  I am tempting you, I flash you my panties. You start to sweat and stutter. Then I slide onto your lap and give you a close hug and a kiss on the cheek. You like it  but you try to push me away. Then I rub my little ass all over your lap. Your throbbing dick is so hard through your pants.

I tell you your cute and kiss you on the lips real quick. Your so confused. I sit on the edge of the couch and pull my legs apart. Wanna see my panties again? Don’t deny it, of course you do. Then I trick you into touching them. You try to stop but as your rubbing my panties I pull them to the side. Doesn’t my hairless tight teen cunt feel so good? I bet your dick would feel even better. Wanna fuck me daddy?

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Incest phone sexI was scared in the night so I climbed into bed with Grandma and Grandpa. They were always happy to let me sleep between them when I had bad dreams. They are such great grandparents. I especially love my Grandpa. That’s because one night when I climbed into bed with them he said we were going to be specially connected from now on. And then he taught me how to French kiss.
Feeling my Grandpa’s tongue in my mouth made me feel very important. It even made me happy when Grandpa held my face in his hands. He told me to be very quiet because grandma would wake up and is a light sleeper. He was going to show me other reasons why I am special.
He pulled up my tiny pink nightie under the covers and held me close to him. Then he took his knee and started to press between my legs. I had been playing with myself for a long time–even though I was very young, but grandpa’s knee felt so much better than anything I had tried on my puffy, hairless pie.
He said, “bounce a little sweetheart.” and I did. The warmest feeling came over me down there. It start to build and as it did I bounced harder on Grandpa’s knee. Grandpa had to kiss me because I started to get excited and he was afraid we’d wake Grandma
Grandpa whispered in my ear asking me if I thought it felt good and I said yes. He said there were so many more things he could teach me about my body, but that I had to be quiet and not tell Grandma. From that day on I became a very eager student to my very naughty Grandpa–how would you mold me into your own personal phone sex kitten? Me and my furless kitty are dying to know.