My bestest Daddy! Aimie loves the Daddy/Daughter Thing

Daddy/Daughter phonesexSo I know my bestest phone Daddy will read this before we talk again, but I am SOOOOO fucking happy to have talked to you again.  I love it how we can talk about anything, like shooting bears and buying houses and long nights on OR we can go down that very slippery, wet and oh so hot path that gets both of us going.

I can’t wait to talk again.  Most of all I know you’ll read this blog and get excited knowing we get to talk about forbidden fruits and creamy, hairless, tight little slits.

Naughty School Girl Fantasy

school girl phone sexI was talking to a friend in Academic English, when Mrs. Daniels interrupted me “Miss Emily, I hope I am not bothering you, but would you please pay attention.” I told her she was bothering me, and at that I was sent to the principal’s office. The principal always looks at me like he wants to fuck the shit out of me. So being sent to his office was not scary for me.
“Miss Thompson!” Principal Monsour started as soon as I walked into the door. Apparently Mrs. Daniels phoned him to let him know I was coming down and for what reason.
I had on my little school uniform and my hair up in pigtails. I had on a pair of anklet socks and my little mary jane shoes. (which was the uniform for the girls at my prep school). I walked in put my bag on the floor next to my chair as I sat down and crossed my legs to let my skirt ride up my leg a bit to show that I may or may not be wearing panties on.
So he started telling me that it wasn’t cool for me to talk back in her class and that I was going to have three days detention. He wrote out the slip and everything. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, he got up and grabbed my bag and turned me around. “Miss Thompson, there is something you can do for me that will get you out of detention.” He smiled at the end of his comment. “Oh yeah, what do you mean?” I asked coyly. He told me to have a seat on his desk and then got down on the floor. He shimmied me to the end of his desk and got between my legs. He noticed I wasn’t wearing panties, and so he put his finger on the outside of my slit and rubbed up and down on my bare pussy lips.
Want to know what else he did to me to get him to drop the detentions, then call me and I will tell you all the horny details of our sordid encounter.

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