Just a li’l bit curious

family fun phonesexI was a very curious kid when it came to the nasty things my parents were always doing in their bedroom. I noticed one night after a loud fuck session that their room had this smell to it. Even though it would kinda go away it never fully really left the room. I was so very curious about why my parents room smelled this way that one day when I thought everyone was gone I climbed up on my Mom and Dad’s bed (which they never made) and started to sniff the bed. The smell got stronger! A lot stronger on my mother’s side of the bed for sure!

And so, there I was eating the sheets with my nose and my Dad walks in the room. He sees the picture of my small ass up in the air and my panties slightly in my ass crack. I am sniffing and getting kind of to where I liked the smell when my Dad spoke up and asked me what I was doing with my butt up in the air on his bed. I flipped around and torn my shirt on the night stand. That’s when Dad saw that I was growing titties. He didn’t really say much. Just came over and pinched a rose bud mound and said, “You know you are your Momma’s child because she loves the smell of my cock and balls too.”

I didn’t really understand but Daddy showed me all about cock and balls. He took off his pants and pressed his tighty whities to my face and made me smell the crotch. The honestly smelled of pee and stuff that my dad called cum. I was very curious about this cum thing. So my Dad taught me how to grab a guy’s cock and pull on it. He said if I really wanted to know about cum all I had to do was pull on it a lot and the stuff would shoot out like a squirt gun. So that’s what I did and my dad made cum all over my sweet little face.

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My bestest Daddy! Aimie loves the Daddy/Daughter Thing

Daddy/Daughter phonesexSo I know my bestest phone Daddy will read this before we talk again, but I am SOOOOO fucking happy to have talked to you again.  I love it how we can talk about anything, like shooting bears and buying houses and long nights on OR we can go down that very slippery, wet and oh so hot path that gets both of us going.

I can’t wait to talk again.  Most of all I know you’ll read this blog and get excited knowing we get to talk about forbidden fruits and creamy, hairless, tight little slits.

Daddy’s Lil Tease!!!

Ageplay Phone SexI love being Daddy’s lil tease *giggles*  I walk around the house in my lil booty shorts and tank top with no bra and no panties hehe!  I know he watches me as I walk around the house so I make sure and wiggle my booty a little more and bend over in front of him so he can see the outline of my little cunny!  I watch as the middle of his pants start growing and I can’t help but keep teasing him!  Maybe you want to be my Daddy?  I can be your niece, step daughter or daughters best friend *wink*  Call me for some HOT ageplay!!!

Ageplay Abbe

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Flirtatious, bodacious tight teen phone sex

barely legal phone sexSo guys, you know that you just love to think about fucking that oh so young tight pussy at school. You know, the one who sits in your class and gives you that soft, kitty-cat stare? How about the girl who lives next door? You know the one who is always wearing those short skirts and laying out in her front yard just to tease you into a frenzy?

Well that’s me. I love to flirt with and tease older guys so that they are aching to fuck me hard with a very hard, horny cock. I love to be that sweet, naughty girly-girly of your dreams. You tell me how you want me and I’ll serve you right up fresh and flirty, and ohhh so dirty. I love all the typical barely legal phone sex role plays. I even have some that are different and very naughty so if you don’t have an idea ask me. I’ll be able to cum up with one. In case you’re wondering what my favorite thing to do is, I can tell you that as long as I can mix sweet in with naughty I’ll be happy. How naughty are you? Craving some of this tight teen body? For a good time call me!!

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Naughty School Girl Fantasy

school girl phone sexI was talking to a friend in Academic English, when Mrs. Daniels interrupted me “Miss Emily, I hope I am not bothering you, but would you please pay attention.” I told her she was bothering me, and at that I was sent to the principal’s office. The principal always looks at me like he wants to fuck the shit out of me. So being sent to his office was not scary for me.
“Miss Thompson!” Principal Monsour started as soon as I walked into the door. Apparently Mrs. Daniels phoned him to let him know I was coming down and for what reason.
I had on my little school uniform and my hair up in pigtails. I had on a pair of anklet socks and my little mary jane shoes. (which was the uniform for the girls at my prep school). I walked in put my bag on the floor next to my chair as I sat down and crossed my legs to let my skirt ride up my leg a bit to show that I may or may not be wearing panties on.
So he started telling me that it wasn’t cool for me to talk back in her class and that I was going to have three days detention. He wrote out the slip and everything. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, he got up and grabbed my bag and turned me around. “Miss Thompson, there is something you can do for me that will get you out of detention.” He smiled at the end of his comment. “Oh yeah, what do you mean?” I asked coyly. He told me to have a seat on his desk and then got down on the floor. He shimmied me to the end of his desk and got between my legs. He noticed I wasn’t wearing panties, and so he put his finger on the outside of my slit and rubbed up and down on my bare pussy lips.
Want to know what else he did to me to get him to drop the detentions, then call me and I will tell you all the horny details of our sordid encounter.

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