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Anal phone sex is the best sex around. I was really young the first time I had it, it was with one of the boys at catholic school. He was from over at the boys dorm and we would sneak out at night and go to the nurses room and do it on the examining table. I would lean over the table and he would get on the little step stool behind me and shove it up my ass. The first time we used the nurses tube of KY jelly and forgot and left it laying on the table. Having a huge hard cock being rammed in and out of my ass is amazing. It gets me so wet that I cum every single time. The bigger the cock the harder I cum and the guys seem to love it too. Do you want to call me now to cum with me during anal phone sex fucking?

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I’m A Married Guy’s Phone Sex Slut

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I have always been into older married guys, maybe that’s why I feel like a married guys phone sex slut. I have a friend that used to be on my Volleyball team with me and her dad was  our coach, when I would call over there for her he would answer and I would end up flirting with him. I eventually told him I wanted to suck his dick, I could see the way he looked at me during practice and knew he wanted me to. One day I went over to there house fully knowing that he was working from home and that she was in the next town over shopping with her mom. What I learned that day was how to take care of a married man’s cock. He stripped us both naked and laid on the bed next to me. He took his time kissing and licking every inch of my young teen body. I explored his big dick with my new cock sucking skills. We ended up fucking in each hole before I had to leave and that’s why I think I am such a married guys phone sex slut.

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Fucking My Uncle Phone Sex

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My mamas brother has always been around. When my mama taught me how to be a teen slut phone sex fuck doll, she taught me on my uncle. He would always bounce me on his lap and grind his cock into my sweet young pussy phone sex. He’d have me practice sucking cock like a good girl. He would push his big dick into my little mouth and tell me to breathe through my nose. Mama watched and played with her pussy. They had been fucking forever too. It’s the trailer park way. Wanna come be my dirty uncle for his young voice phone sex niece?

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Sherry.
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I Love Being Daddy’s Twisted Phone Sex Accomplice

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Twisted phone sex is a lot of fun when you have a nasty accomplice. Let’s go back to my school days, I’ll wear my catholic uniform, the one that barely covers my ass cheeks. Every time you see me dressed in it you get an instant hard on. I like to strut my cute ass back and forth in front of you daddy, drop my book and bend over to pick it up. This makes you so excited that you must take your daddy cock out and stroke it, you know I can’t stand to see you stroke it without me sucking it. I love how we get so excited when were playing twisted games that you take my panty’s off and gag me with them, then I can let you rape this little catholic girls ass. Sometimes you just want me to be your little princess and shower me with gifts, kisses and hugs. I love how you like me to pretend I am sleeping and you spread my legs and crawl up between them so you can practice your oral skills, suck that clit, finger fuck my pussy while you drink my juices. Don’t you know daddy, I will do anything for you, especially when twisted phone sex is involved.

Angel 1-888-865-3018

This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Angel.
for Teen Phone Sex lovers like You.
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Babysitter Phone Sex

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Your wife thought she was helping your marriage by hiring a sweet teen phone sex babysitter! She figured you guys could rekindle your spark by having date nights out away from the kids and trying some sexy new things in the bedroom. She didn’t realize that this young phone sex teen would take her husband with my sexy tight pussy and sweet smiling face! We started having a secret affair phone sex when you came home early and caught me masturbating while watching your laptop porn. Oh gosh! I was so embarrassed. You pulled out your cock and the rest is history! What can this tight teen body do for you?

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