Full Bladder Phone Sex…You Know What That Means

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I have a problem holding my pee and have had to take my callers in the bathroom with me many times before. Are you a guy that is into full bladder phone sex? When I was younger I could hold my pee until I almost wet my panties. I think my bladder is the size of a walnut so if I drink a lot, it wont be long before I have to go pee. I have been in some places before where I couldn’t go to the bathroom and had to just cross my legs and doing a little dance in my chair, hoping I didn’t wet my panties. I bet you want to call me now and make me do something like drink a lot of water and making myself go pee. You just want to hear me say, “please let me go pee now”. I think this is why I don’t wear panties a lot, I can just squat and pee outside if I need to. I am needing to relieve myself now, call me for full bladder phone sex, hurry!

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Forbidden Phone Sex Desires

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I know you have some forbidden phone sex desires you want you GET OFF your um…chest;) I’m just the young voiced girl for the job. I want you to moan and stroke and get my pussy dripping wet with taboo phone sex juices. Nothing is off limits to talk about, and I know I look like such a sweet and innocent phone sex girl but I’m secretly nasty. How nasty? I guess you’ll have to call and find out.
Kisses, Kimmy

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This Teen Pleasers blog post written by Kimmy.
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Catching Brothers Friend Jerking Off With My Panties

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I was so into my self pleasure that I didn’t hear you open the bathroom door, of course my brother had dared you to cum spy on me. I didn’t know you were still here when I Continue reading

Blow Your Nose & Get Ready For Panty Sniffing Phone Sex

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I know you dirty guys get so turned on from sniffing stinky panties. I can tell how turned on you are when I answer my phone for panty sniffing phone sex. Do you think about what kind of panties or g-string a young girl has Continue reading

Taboo phone sex fetish


It isn’t that he can’t get hard for her. Lord knows, you try don’t you? You try so hard to resist but the older this kitten gets the more you find you cannot stop from thinking about fondling and fucking your developing kitten. I’ve always been so close to him and I know that if he told me that he needed my help I would more than be happy to help him out. No matter what he asked me to do. That’s why I’m the perfect princess for all your taboo fetish phone sex fantasies.

He can come into the soft, powder pink room with his dick out. He can tell me that I need to kiss it and make it better and I will. When he has a bad day at work, he can ask me to offer all of my willing, tight holes to help him release the stress of the day. He can demand that I do the things that she won’t do, like take it in my tender taboo ass or deep down my taboo gagging throat.

With the way I sound and the way I please there’s no way you can’t go wrong when you bring your Taboo phone sex fetish to me!

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